My Demon – K-drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

The End of Fate

Episode 15 of My Demon picks up with Gu-won leaving Do-hee out of guilt. Do-hee wanted to work things through, but Gu-won didn’t even give her a chance to give her opinion on their situation. Do-hee turns to see him gone and starts crying.

Days go by, and Do-hee tries to act strong. Given the Suk-min situation, it is not easy, but she has a company to run and so much to handle. She visits the Chief Prosecutor’s office, who, in a funny twist, happens to be her original blind date.

He informs her that the case has been closed since Suk-min is legally dead. However, we know that Suk-min’s body is yet to be found. There is a high possibility he is alive; you know evil doesn’t die quickly! Do-hee still asks the prosecutor to look into the case because there are many unanswered questions.

At the office, many workers wonder where Gu-won is. On the other hand, Su-ahn mourns her new reality. We know Su-ahn is not one of our favourites, but it was heartbreaking to see how her kids comforted her as her new reality dawned.

Meanwhile, in Sunwol, Ga-young continues her preparation to leave. She recalls her last conversation with Gu-won, where she found more closure. She acknowledges taking her obsession too far and ended up like this. We are glad she is doing some self-reflection.

The mafia gang also grieves the disappearance of their leader and has a hard time with their new restaurant.On the other hand, Bok-gyu tries to keep the foundation going. He wonders if he should give the cross necklace to Do-hee but decides against it. At the same time, his girlfriend does her best to look after Do-hee.

Da-jeong grows concerned seeing Do-hee throw herself into work to forget her pain. She has been there after her divorce and advises Do-hee to grief. Pain demands to be felt, and it is only after dealing with the pain that healing begins.

Seok-hoon is also worried about Do-hee and regularly drops by to ensure she eats and tries to cheer her up. We owe this man an apology because we thought he was a secret villain. Thankfully, he turns out to be a reliable man for Do-hee. He is now the only family member Do-hee can trust, and they promise to work together.

Seok-hoon also sheds light on what Chun-seok felt about Do-hee. He tells her about an old conversation where his aunt said loving Do-hee brought her suffering because she felt guilty.

As the days go by, we finally get to see Suk-min. He burned half of his face and hid among the homeless. He is planning his revenge carefully and waiting for the right time to strike.

Clueless to this, Do-hee carries on with her life, missing Gu-won. She refuses to acknowledge she is suffering and feeling lonely. She comforts herself, saying she was always alone from the beginning anyway. However, Gu-won always visits her when she sleeps and takes care of her. Even when she got drunk at a company outing, he healed her knee wound and safely put her to bed.

Throughout the episode, we see Do-hee missing her husband and those around her doing their best to take care of her. Bok-gyu gives her the cross necklace, which triggers her to remember her life as Wolsim. Wolsim was a lowly courtesan who wanted to kill herself, but Yi-sun saved her life.

Her meeting with Yi-sun gave her a reason to live, something to look forward to. She then fell in love with him, and even when she was killed for being of catholic faith, she didn’t regret their encounter. After seeing her past life, Do-hee understands Gu-won better but wishes he had stayed with her.

She rushes to their spot at the river bed, trying to find Gu-won, but is kidnapped by Suk-min. Suk-min threatens to kill her if Gu-won doesn’t show up. This evil sucker knew that Gu-won would always save Do-hee. He claims he burned his face to avoid Gu-won finding him.

Suk-min is highly delusional and blames everyone else for his downfall. He wants revenge against Do-hee and Gu-won, yet he was the one who made all these bad decisions.

To make Gu-won show up, he stabs Do-hee in the leg and is about to slit her throat when the demon arrives. Gu-won is furious to see Do-he hurt, and his eyes burn red with anger. He uses his powers to drag Suk-min away from Do-hee and has the roof cave in on him.

Do-hee grows concerned that Gu-won will kill Suk-min and rushes to hug her husband, begging him to stop before it is too late. Finally, Gu-won comes to his senses once she assures him she is fine. He takes the caved-in roof off Suk-min.

As they embrace each other, Suk-min gets his gun, and Do-hee throws herself in front of Gu-won to save him. She gets hit and drops dead, and Gu-won is heartbroken. He quotes a scripture before breathing his life into her. She wakes up in Gu-won’s arms and asks if he saved her.

Gu-won smiles and says he saved himself. He starts combusting and slowly dissipating into thin air. Do-hee is inconsolable, as only Gu-won’s wedding ring remains. All their moments from the first meeting start flashing, and the sadness is tangible in this scene. Imagine if you watched the person you love most disappear like this.

The Episode Review

I am truly sorry, but why in the world would Do-hee take the bullet for Gu-won? He is immortal unless he breaks the rules! I know the writers wanted to give Gu-won this chance to save himself and not repeat the same mistake Yi-sun made, but still!

This episode was so sad. The scene where Gu-won combusts triggered our Goblin trauma, and we just might never recover. Gu-won’s sacrifice was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

As Sadhu Vaswani said, “True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.” Through their sacrifice for each other, they expressed their love. It is tragic, but with one chapter left, there is still hope for a happy ending.

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