My Dearest – K-drama Episode 19 Recap & Review

Jang-hyun has Amnesia

Episode 19 of My Dearest starts with Gil-chae carrying Jang-hyun from the heap of dead bodies. She comes across a man who offers to help her. The officials find out that the corpse of the person they think is Goo Yang-chun has disappeared. The man helps carry Jang-hyun to Gil-chae’s residence, where Jong-jong takes over. King Injo gets the news that the Crown Prince has fainted from his illness and sends a physician to treat him. 

A physician checks on Jang-hyun and tells Gil-chae there is no hope for his survival. Gil-chae fears for Jang-hyun’s life and suggests that they move him. Meanwhile, Ryang-eum sneaks into the palace to look for Jang-hyun. He overhears the Eunuch who helped Gil-chae tell of his location. He rushes over and takes Jang-hyun out before the men searching for him arrive. 

The men search the house. One of them finds blood on the sheets, but he hides the fact from the others. The Eunuch who helped Gil-chae says he did not take the man into that house. Another man arrives with news that they have seen a man carrying another leaving the village on horseback.

Ryang-eum takes Jang-hyun to a noble’s house. The men arrive at the location but turn back upon seeing whose house it is. Ryang-eum realises that Jang-hyun has always cared about him and feels guilty. Therefore, he goes to find Gil-chae and takes her to see Jang-hyun. 

While unconscious, Jang-hyun dreams of his older sister. She fell in love with a servant, and their father killed him. Suddenly, Jang-hyun wakes up, but he has no memory of Gil-chae or Ryang-eum. However, Jang-hyun thinks that it is fun to watch Gil-chae even though he does not remember her. In addition, he wonders about Ryang-eum since he knows that he gave his servant a similar nickname.  

Elsewhere, the Crown Prince regains consciousness. He asks for a writing tab as soon as he wakes up. He writes something, puts it in his pillowcase, and then goes back to rest. The Crown Prince passes away. While in mourning, the Crown Princess finds the letter hidden in the pillow. The letter addresses Jang-hyun. 

The Crown Princess sends her Royal Servant to visit Gil-chae. She gives her a gift from the Crown Princess and insists that Gil-chae always keeps it with her. Meanwhile, the officials use torture and blackmail to accuse the Crown Princess of involvement with the scandal of the cursed objects. Therefore, King Injo refuses to name the Crown Prince’s son as the Kingdom’s Grand Heir. Instead, King Injo plans to send the Crown Princess away. 

Nam Yeon-joon stands up for the Crown Princess. He says King Injo cannot drive her away because of rumours spread in the palace without evidence. King Injo tells them that the Crown Princess’s maid confessed to the crime and said that the Crown Princess has been burying cursed objects in the palace to curse her elders. 

King Injo’s paranoia heightens, and he starts walking around the palace barefoot. He is still paranoid about the captives freed by the Crown Prince. He thinks they are working with the Crown Princess to kill him. He orders more patrols on the streets, and guards go around with Jang-hyun’s portrait, searching for the rebels’ leader. The King’s officials ordered that Jang-hyun be killed on sight. 

Meanwhile, Jang-hyun still struggles with his memories. He wanders the streets and almost runs into men looking for him, but Gil-chae arrives in time to take him back. Back at the homestead, Gil-chae decides to switch things up and show Jang-hyun the kind of relationship they share. She starts getting closer to him, holding his hands, playing silly games, doing laundry together, feeding him while sharing a meal with Ryang-eum, and kissing him in broad daylight.

Gil-chae says that the few days she has spent with Jang-hyun have been the happiest in her life. She will never abandon him even if Jang-hyun doesn’t remember her. 

Gak-hwa and Gol-dae arrive in Joseon. She has come to take Jang-hyun back with her. Meanwhile, King Injo holds an oath ceremony to make his officials pledge their Royalty to him. During the ceremony, King Injo orders the Crown Princess to be excommunicated and executed in her original residence. He still thinks people are supporting her and want to start a rebellion. King Injo orders the officials to find and kill all of her supporters. The Crown Princess commits suicide. 

Next, King Injo goes after the interpreters since they were the people closest to the Qing in Simyang. He wants to know everything about the interpreters close to the Crown Prince in Simyang. King Injo suspects the Joseon Nobility and, among them, his most Royal subject, Choi Myeong-gil. When he hears the King accuse him, he passes away. 

Jang-hyun feels uncomfortable with Gil-chae touching him and yells at her. Gil-chae walks from him but leaves the rings. Jang-hyun takes the rings and sits outside. He intends to put one of the rings on his finger when it drops off his hands. The sound of the ring hitting the ground reminds him of when he dropped it in prison and reached out to take it back. Suddenly, he has a headache and, consequently, all his memories.

When Gil-chae comes out to check on him, he asks if he did anything to regret this time. Gil-chae realises that Jang-hyun has his memories. Jang-hyun apologises, and the episode ends as Jang-hyun and Gil-chae hug each other tightly in tears. 

The Episode Review

Emotions run high at the beginning of the episode when Jang-hyun wakes up with no memory of Gil-chae. However, we got to experience a carefree Jang-hyun and Gil-chae enjoying each other’s company without worrying about the world. They eat together, do laundry, banter, and play silly games. The sight was invigorating.

On the other hand, the political storyline is on a spiral of constant mess and distressing scenes. When did the plot change from fighting the intruders to treason in Joseon and sabotage for the sake of the throne? The treason and paranoia plot is weak and frustrating, and the constant death of most of the characters is not helping. With a few more episodes to go, will the story pick up and offer a thrilling finale?

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  1. The slave in his memories was sir Lee himself. The owner who beat him was the king. The little boy who begged his father to stop was the crown prince. He saved his life,, because they were like brothers.. Now we know why he was willing to follow and advise the crown prince in exile, and why he always believed in him. This also explains why he hates the king. It makes me wonder if the king actually forced his daughter to drink poison like he did to the crown princess or if he took her out himself. The reason she passed away wasn’t clear, except that there was always an implications that she had been assaulted. Either way, these memories all prove the king has always been THE WORST. The name thing made me think he renamed the boy he rescued, which became his little brother, since he loved the nickname the crown prince had given him. It also made me think he changed his own name. Since thew were both runaways and his title of nobility was fake, I believe he must have.

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