My Dearest – K-drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Jang-hyun Risks His Life for Gil-chae’s Release

Episode 14 of My Dearest starts with Ryang-eum informing Jang-hyun that Gil-chae is in Simyang. Goo-jam and Jang-hyun start looking for her at the slave market. They do not find her, and Jang-hyun thinks that since she is an officer’s wife, she cannot be in a place like the slave market. He then hears the voice of a seller announcing the sale of a Joseon noblewoman, and he approaches. That is when he sees her, and fights to get her back. The seller knocks Jang-hyun out and takes Gil-chae away. 

Jang-hyun wakes up while Ryang-eum is tending to his wounds. As soon as he awakens, he returns to look for Gil-chae. Goo-jam goes in to talk to her, but she turns him away and asks that Jang-hyun forget he saw him at the market. Goo-jam learns of Jong-jong’s sale, so he journeys to get her back.

Jang-hyun arranges a room for Gil-chae so he can talk to her. He is angry that she did not look for her and wants to know what happens in Joseon. Gil-chae holds that they are nothing to each other, and she has no right to ask for his help. She says he is still the same since he pays to have her for the night and wants to know what he needs her to do. She asks him not to show her kindness since she cannot repay him and would feel uncomfortable. Jang-hyun tells her he will not do as she asks this time and instead do what he wants. 

The seller changes his mind and will not sell Gil-chae to Jang-hyun. He sends his men to attack Jang-hyun, forcing him to retaliate. He stabs the seller’s hand with chopsticks and kills the men he sends to attack him. The seller is forced to accept his deal. Meanwhile, the spy sent by the Princess watches the confrontation from the shadows. The seller lets go of all the captives at the market.

Jang-hyun takes Gil-chae back to his house. He sits outside her door and talks about wondering where their relationship went wrong. He tells her he will take care of her release and get the certificate from the Qing finance office. He later falls asleep outside her door, and Gil-chae keeps him company. The following morning, he finds Gil-chae and a change of clothes. Ryang-eum brings him a change of clothes from Joseon, anticipating that Jang-hyun might need them. Jang-hyun thanks him and says Ryang-eum sees right through him. 

Jang-hyun takes the clothes to Gil-chae, but she is not in her room. The slave seller gives back his money and says a royal bought Gil-chae, and he could not refuse. The royal is the Princess interested in Jang-hyun. The Princess thinks she is nothing special. 

Jang-hyun arrives at the Princess’ house looking for Gil-chae. She asks her servant Lai to take Gil-chae away. Seeing desperation in Jang-hyun, the Princess tells him a story insinuating that she would rather kill him than let the man she wants be with another woman.

The Princess pretends not to understand the Joseon language and brings in an interpreter to talk to Gil-chae. Gil-chae says she must persevere and survive since someone risked his life to save her. She tells the Princess she will have to pay if she kills her. The Princess asks Lai to whip Gil-chae for speaking disrespectfully. The interpreter later approaches Gil-chae to ask if she knew Da-jim. 

Elsewhere, Yong Gol-dae goes to see the Qing Emperor. The Emperor wants to know why the provisions from Joseon have not arrived. He is anxious about winning the battle of Songshan. The Emperor is not in good health.

Gol-dae asks for an update from the Crown Prince on the provisions. The Crown Prince tries to explain the situation, but Gol-dae tells him that the Emperor says he will not accept the provisions if they arrive late. The Crown Prince confronts Gol-dae, telling him there will be consequences for threatening the Crown Prince of Joseon. Jang-hyun comes up with a suggestion to solve the issue with the provisions. The suggestion is a plan to get Emperor Khan to release Gil-chae. 

Goo Won-moo tells Yeon-joon he sent someone to Simyang to look for Gil-chae. Eun-ae feels hopeless since she cannot travel to Simyang to rescue Gil-chae, which makes Yeon-joon agree to become the scholar’s student. He joins because he admires the scholar’s power and wants to become powerful enough to help the people of Joseon and the country. 

Jang-hyun arrives to negotiate the provisions deal for His Majesty. Meanwhile, the Princess suggests sending Gil-chae to become His Majesty’s concubine. She thinks Jang-hyun will give up on Gil-chae once he learns that His Majesty has used her. Gil-chae agrees but with a hidden agenda. She speaks to him in his language when she is taken to Emperor Khan. She tells him about the fate of Joseon women and the abuse by the wives of his officials. Khan confronts his officials about it, and Gil-chae saves the Joseon women from torture. He, however, does not believe that she was abducted, so he gives the Princess the right to do as she will with her.

Jang-hyun arrives and learns of Gil-chae’s disappearance after the Princess took her. He begs for Gil-chae’s life. The Princess asks Jang-hyun to put his life on the line and go hunting with her. Ryang-eum tries to stop him, but Yang-chun tells him they can do nothing since Jang-hyun loves her enough to risk his life.

Meanwhile, His Majesty releases Gil-chae and allows her to go back to Joseon on condition that she does not meet with anyone, especially Jang-hyun. If she does, Jang-hyun will suffer. The Princess sets up Gil-chae and asks her servant to give her money when she leaves.

Jang-hyun arrives at the hunting ground and realizes that the person they are hunting for is Gil-chae. The Princess says she stole her money and escaped. Her rules are that if she wins, she will let Jang-hyun and Gil-chae live, but Gil-chae will be her slave forever. If Jang-hyun wins, Gil-chae will be free, but the Princess will kill Jang-hyun. The Princess stabs Jang-hyun’s horse, so he must run to Gil-chae to win. Seeing his determination to give his life for Gil-chae’s freedom, the Princess chooses to lose but shoots an arrow through Jang-hyun’s back. He wins and runs into Gil-chae’s arms but soon loses consciousness. 

The Princess takes Jang-hyun back to his house. Gil-chae confronts her and asks to know what happened to Jang-hyun. The Princess lets her go to keep the promise she made to Jang-hyun. She tells Gil-chae that she will ensure that someday, Jang-hyun will be hers. Outside the Princess’ Palace, Yang-chun meets Gil-chae and takes her to see Jang-hyun. She tends to Jang-hyun until he wakes up. Gil-chae thanks him for helping with her release. The episode ends as Jang-hyun lifts his hand to touch Gil-chae’s face with a smile.

The Episode Review

While watching Jang-hyun risk everything to save Gil-chae, I wondered if he would send her back to Joseon to her husband. Will Gil-chae choose to go back to Joseon? I would not say I liked the feeling of hopelessness when nothing was going right with Jang-hyun’s plans, while I was also envious of his love for Gil-chae. How would it feel to have someone who loves you so much that they risk everything to ensure your safety?

I hope Gil-chae understands the depth of Jang-hyun’s feelings for her. Will their relationship take a different turn where they choose each other? Regardless, it is not easy since Gil-chae is still married, and the Princess has her eyes on Jang-hyun. The episode was the most difficult to watch yet. It was unpredictable and constantly tugged at the viewer’s emotions. In addition, where is Jong-jong? 

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