My Dad the Bounty Hunter – Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Tales of Doloraam: Part 2

How Does Pam Take Control Of The Quarry?

B’Caala watches from the shadows as the EHC drillers begin to drill at the mines. Just then there’s a huge explosion as Sean manages to close the Warp Gates, slicing the passing Vessel into half. Pam is infuriated by this and takes manual control of the swarm.

With a click of a button, she has control over each and every troop there. The empress is notified about the updates at the Quarry.

Adja and Lisa fight the endless swarm of bots taking them down one at a time. Adja informs Tess about the Quarries via the coms and Tess decides to go and handle things back there. Just then, a fellow Doloraami swoops in with a jetpack and Tess uses it to take off.

Adja and Lisa fall fighting are left defenceless as the bots swarm in. In a split second, Glorlox takes them down with a shower of bullets. Glorlox and his team cruise through the sky firing at any EHC unit they see.

How does Sean realize Pam is in control of the Swarm?

Sean sits in Glorlox’s ship pondering upon why Beta turned his back on him. Blobby tells him the manual override over any AI helping Sean come to the realization Pam is controlling the units manually. He informs Tess about it and she decides it’s worth giving a shot and finding Pam.

Meanwhile, Terry and the Emperor fight side by side to take down the bots. The bug from the first trial also participates, displaying its dance skills while taking down the bots.

How does Tess find Pam?

Tess uses the Jetpack to check every EHC vessel possible. Adja and Lisa along with some guards storm into the quarries to stop the drilling. Fortunately, they are able to shut down the drilling, but Lisa is attacked by a bot.

Pam is alerted about the quarries. Lisa has a fight to the death with one of the bots but emerges victorious. This victory is short-lived though as Pam deploys another set of bots.

Tess checks every EHC vessel possible but is unable to locate Pam. Just before all hope is lost, B’Caala radios in to inform her the exact coordinates. He also tells her to be careful as the ship is wrapped in an invisible cloak.

How does Tess manage to disable the entire EHC Bot Squad?

Tess is able to find the ship but is spotted by a few EHC guards. B’Caala and a few Vunaari attack them, letting Tess sneak inside. Upon entering Tess sees Pam operating the bots and right before Pam is about to shoot Lisa, Tess slams her onto the screen causing her to lose control of the bots.

A fight erupts between the two and Pam loses control over all bots that were invading. Tess pulls out the chip from Pam’s head which allowed her to control the bots, leaving her unconscious. With Pam unconscious, their ship begins to freefall and crash lands in the canyons.

In the quarries, Adja and the guards set down explosives to destroy the mining equipment and the city is safe from the bots. Lisa radios into Tess, but receives no response. They realize something’s wrong.

Why does Tess enter the Swamps?

As the spaceship containing Tess crash-lands, she attempts to crawl out of the hatch and finds footprints leading into a marshland. Tess follows the footprints to find the displacer skin of Pam. She notices something lurking in the shadows.

She hears a voice echoing as it speaks to her and tells her the old Doloraami folk tale of the crocodile who ate the young girl. In the wake of this, Terry learns about Tess’s disappearance from Lisa.

Who is behind the voice in the swamp?

Just then, a giant reptile emerges from the water and attacks Tess while holding her in its jaws. Tess manages to break free but is wounded. She attempts to awaken the Kalatite powers within herself, and she uses the power to clear the mist, allowing her to see movements in the swamp more clearly.

The reptile once again attempts to pounce on Tess and she manages to dodge it while grazing it under its belly with her spear. The reptile once again attacks her, but this time successfully grabs her in its tail. It also snatches her weapon and snaps.

The reptile attempts to eat Tess as it spreads its reptilian jaws around her face. Tess has a sudden adrenaline rush and channels all her strength into a massive pulse from the necklace, setting her free. She uses the power to slash through the reptile, cutting it in half.

Gravely injured, she crawls out of the swamps and is found by Sean and Lisa running a search around the crash site.

How does Season 2 of My Dad The Bounty Hunter End?

Fast forwarding to a month later, Tess and Terry are cooking a meal together back at their homes. They prepare for the arrival of her parents as they visit their house for the first time. The family insists she doesn’t work due to the injuries.

She has a quick conversation with Adja, where Adja keeps Tess’ expectations of the visit low but tells her it’s alright to sit back and watch.

The Emperor and Empress finally arrive and greet Grandma. They bring along gifts and food to celebrate and bond with their family on earth. The empress also compliments their house describing it as earthy.

Meanwhile, Sean shows his completed story to Blobby. Blobby appreciates the story and encourages Sean to write it into a script for a movie.

They end the day with a game of rugby and have a fun match with their friends and family as the camera pans to the Warp Gates frame come back together allowing a huge ship through itself.

The Episode Review

This episode concludes the two-episode-long battle between the Conglomerate and the Doloraami with a jaw-dropping action sequence, sprinkled with some brainy moves made by Sean and Blobby. Tess breaks out of the shell she had created around herself over the past few years and stands up to be a warrior.

The end of the war on Doloram depends on a single fight between Tess and Pam, which decides the fate of the EHC. Soon, we are expected to believe that Pam was only a displacer skin for an entire reptile hidden beneath it. But hey, don’t forget the “fiction” from sci-fi!

Tess’s reunion with her parents is now complete as they visit her home on Earth, and the season ends in a beautiful, happy ending as everyone puts their differences aside and comes together to celebrate their bond.

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