My Dad The Bounty Hunter – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Wolves and Sheep

Episode 6 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 begins with a flashback to the past when Tess decides to permanently stay with Terry. Adja tries her best to call Tess back, but Tess remains adamant about her priorities.

Returning to the present, Adja reassures Tess that she will help her find her kids. Just then, Blobby’s other half returns home. Reflexively, Tess shoots at him but misses. Blobby proceeds to gobble up everything in the fridge. He tells them about the Bot that abducted her kids and attempts to connect his mind to his other half to telepathically see what’s happening around him.

He sees the bot carrying the kids away and stealthily follows them into the control room. Tess urges him to check on the kids. Blobby uses his other half to confirm and reassures her that they’re alright. Adja asks Blobby to find the coordinates of the ship.

Blobby decides to attack the bot and beheads it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t disable the bot as it stands back up, reattaches its head, and attacks Blobby. Blobby regains consciousness and reports the coordinates. Tess and Adja suit up and arm themselves to rescue the kids.

The bot contacts Pam to inform her about the captives, but Pam dismisses it, claiming to be busy. Sean tries to win the bot over by offering compliments. Pam angrily walks down the corridors, expressing her frustration about the failed deal, until she finally reaches the control center where the kids are held.

Meanwhile, Tess and Adja prepare to approach the ship. KRS advises them to use a stealthy approach, but Tess is too furious to be cautious. She makes a bold statement by almost crash-landing and blowing their cover. The two engage in a fierce battle against the guards and easily overpower them.

Suddenly, Pam is alerted, and she sends the bot to deal with them. She witnesses the events unfolding and realizes that Tess is the Princess of Doloraam, and the kids are heirs to the throne. Initially, the bot overpowers them with sheer speed and strength. However, they split up and fight it. During the battle, Adja discovers that the energy from Kalatite can short-circuit the bot. She realizes that by charging it sufficiently, she can defeat the mech.

Tess tries to keep the bot engaged in combat, but it’s too powerful to fight. Adja throws a charged blade, managing to sever an arm. She then hides as the bot searches for Tess. With words of encouragement, Tess taps into the Kalatite energy inside her, but it isn’t enough. Adja intervenes just in time, blocking the bot’s attack and firing the Kalatite energy, which shuts down the machine.

With the bot defeated, the three rush to reunite with the kids as Blobby rejoins his two halves. Realizing who Tess is, Pam awaits her arrival and acts hospitably with the intention of using them in the future.

The Episode Review

This episode continues the storyline following the abduction of the kids, showcasing Tess and Adja’s mission to retrieve them. Along the way, we witness explosive battles between the Conglomerate Guards and the Doloraamis.

This chapter also introduces another powerful weapon of the Conglomerate, the bot Beta, in full-blown action as it effortlessly takes on both the Dolaraamis. This sets the stage for exciting future battles.

While Pam’s underlying sly tones are apparent throughout the season, they become even more pronounced in this episode as she devises a plan to feign kindness towards Tess and the kids.

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