My Dad the Bounty Hunter – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Old Friends

Episode 5 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 commences with Tess and the kids making their way to Veeger-79. Lisa is amazed by the illuminated planet in the distance. Upon arrival, the four head to a club where the security guard insists on scanning them before entry.

The kids comply and enter, but just as Tess is about to scan, she is greeted by an old friend named Dirty Mike. He allows her to skip past the security and enter the club.

Dirty Mike is delighted to see Tess after 14 years. Tess enters the club and finds Adja hosting the party on the microphone. Adja is taken aback as she sees Tess approaching.

The two sit down to catch up, during which Lisa taunts Adja by calling her Janeera asking for permission to explore. Tess attempts to hide the fact that Sean and Lisa are her children.

Sean inquires about their shared experiences with Adja, but Tess insists on keeping her two lives separate. Adja corners Tess by questioning whether she needs something from her or not. They leave the club to head to Adja’s home.

An anonymous robot gains access to the security scans of Lisa and Sean taken before their club entry and traces the group’s location. It heads towards their coordinates to track them down.

Meanwhile, Terry confronts the second trial within a Maze filled with creepers. He successfully navigates the Maze to reach its center, where a massive floating face presents him with a riddle. Instead of solving the riddle, Terry punches the face to complete the trial.

B’Caala attempts to convince His Majesty into handing Terry over, but the Emperor declines the offer.

Pam represents the Conglomerate in front of the Dolorami Royals and B’Caala’s people as they discuss a deal. She showcases the Warp Gate’s functionality, aiming to convince them of its possibilities. Despite Pam’s efforts, the Empress remains unconvinced due to the Conglomerate’s past activities.

B’Caala delivers a persuasive speech, but the Empress maintains her stance. Back at Adja’s residence, Tess updates her on recent events and Terry’s abduction. Tess attempts to persuade Adja for help, but her resentment prevents her from offering any.

Lisa discovers an old photo of her mother and Adja participating in Iku Iwaddi. Adja challenges Tess to a battle. Tess accepts the challenge, engaging in a friendly combat with Adja. Adja’s power manifests through luminescent markings on her skin. Tess lands several hits but is outmaneuvered by Adja’s skill.

The scene shifts to B’Caala conversing with Pam via holographic communication. She questions his ability to secure council members’ support and he requests more time.

Tess and Adja engage in a conversation, with Tess seeking Adja’s assistance to address the Dolorami people.

The Empress confers with the Emperor about the Conglomerate and B’Caala, emphasizing the importance of being present at the moment. The Emperor explains his behavior with the thoughts of their daughter Janeera. She empathizes but emphasizes the importance to focus on what is at hand.

The Emperor sends for Sabo to be presented in front of him. He describes Tess as she grew up, and Sabo sees the resemblance in how she treats him and relates it to the Emperor’s feelings. The Emperor expresses his sorrow over not knowing his daughter’s whereabouts and asks Terry to provide insight.

Adja blames Tess for the situation and refuses to help. She labels Tess as selfish and accuses her of abandoning family, duty, people, and herself.

During their conversation, the robot breaks into the house and captures Lisa and Sean while they sleep. Blobby eventually realizes this and chases the robot down. In a daring move, Blobby clings to the spaceship and grabs onto the terrace roof. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to stop the spaceship and it causes Blobby to split into two.

Tess and Adja rush to the living room, only to discover that the kids have been abducted.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 traces Tess’ journey to reunite with an old acquaintance, only to confront some harsh realities instead. This chapter delves into the immense pressure weighing on Tess as she prepares to reconnect with her people after 14 years of abandonment.

While Tess seeks assistance from her friend Adja, she’s met with a lingering resentment stemming from her past actions.

The chapter takes a unique angle by subverting traditional gender roles in the Iku Iwaddi showdown between Tess and Adja. Additionally, there’s a funny moment in the kids’ show, where chickens are substituted for strippers at the club.

The narrative also aims to deepen Blobby’s character by portraying his voluntary decision to stand by the crew. His choice highlights his true loyalty.

The episode concludes by introducing a fresh predicament: the abduction of Lisa and Sean, setting the stage for a new set of challenges.

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