My Dad the Bounty Hunter – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

This is Doloraama

Episode 4 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter season 2 begins with Terry (Sabo) being brought in front of His Majesty. The guards treat Terry with grave hostility, making him kneel and not letting him directly speak to the King.

Just then Ja Boluu, the Public defender, walks in criticizing Terry and at the same time making excuses for him.

Ja Boluu pitches a self-promotion talk. His Majesty states that Terry is being charged with assaulting the Royal Guard, the Theft of a Doloraami Spacecraft and the Abduction of the Princess of Doloraam, Sa Janeera.

Tess finally tells the kids about being the princess of Doloraami. Sean and Lisa are excited to be half royalty but Lisa is also disappointed they didn’t know all this time. The two end up arguing about it and Lisa walks away and stops talking to Tess.

The prosecutor confirms that Terry was hired to find and return the princess, however, a few days later he reported that she was eluded. His Majesty demands to know where the princess is, as a court member had presented a picture of him and he princess a few days after she slipped from Terry.

Ja Boluu goes on to negotiate Terry’s punishment but only ends up making things worse. He proposes they give him the opportunity to earn his innocence through the Tribulations of Fire, and the Emperor allows it.

Terry is then taken to prison. As he is, B’Caala arrives with a few fancy dancers. He had caught wind about the situation with the princess. His majesty informs him that she hasn’t been found yet, but assures him that he will be the first to know. B’Caala takes his leave.

On entering the prison, Terry gets to hear how terrible of a Pubic Defender Ja Boluu is. All of them lost vital body organs and still haven’t got out of prison. They also introduce him to the treasure of Doloraami, Kalatite. They explain that Kalatite is a crystal that grows at tree roots.

They agitate one of the inmates to fight the other so that the guard walks in and demonstrates the use of the Crystal. He tells Terry that only the Doloraami people have a sacred connection to the crystal and are the only people who can use it.

Terry also gets to know the conglomerate is on Doloraami. Pam visits the Emperor and Empress to follow up on the deal. The empress tells Pam that she hadn’t made up her mind yet. Pam encourages her to take her time and decide as she explores the customs of Doloraami.

The prisoners tell Terry about the Tribunal of Fire and how it’s rigged. Just then the guards come to collect him for the Trials. While leaving one of the prisoners advises him that he should go for the Skull if he wishes to survive.

Terry stands in the arena as B’Caala looks down from above, questioning him about the princess. B’Caala suggests that he would rather have Terry handed over as his planet had a better way to extract information, but His Majesty upholds the importance of the Tradition.

The arena lights up with flames encircling it. Suddenly, a huge ferocious bug enters and Terry is handed 2 handed fans. Terry is terrified of the bug and wonders what good the hand fan is. The Bug begins to dance, and Terry comes to the realization this could be a dance-off and plays along. Terry nails all his moves and wins the crowd’s favor.

For the last move, the bug turns it up a notch doing summersaults all around the arena. Terry decides to go against the grain and perform a few moves of his own. This gets the creature angry and it pounces on Terry. Terry ends up under the tummy of the Bug where there is a huge Skull symbol.

Terry remembers the words of his fellow prison inmates and attacks the skull throwing the bug into the edge of the arena. Terry wins the first trial.

Meanwhile, Tess and the kids are on the way to Doloraam. Tess finds it hard to decide how to handle the situation. Lisa expresses her frustration against her mother.

Blobby requests Sean to let him go. Overwhelmed by the situation Sean releases Blobby from the pod and promises to drop him off at the next stop.

B’Caala encourages the Emperor to consider the deal with the conglomerate. The Empress disagrees as Doloraami would lose everything that makes their 2 people equal. The minister expresses their wish to learn more about the conglomerate before making a decision. Disappointed by the response B’Caala leaves.

On returning back to the prison, Terry is greeted by all the inmates as they celebrate. B’Caala comes to the prison to have a word with Terry and asks him about the whereabouts of the princess. He even offers to pay him for it, but Terry declines the offer.

In the meantime, Tess handles things back in the spaceship. She decides to set course to Veegr-79, with hopes of visiting an old friend.

The Episode Review

This episode finally breaks the silence on Terry’s abduction, revealing the events that transpired after episode 1.

As the scenes transitions to Doloram, we get a glimpse of the developments happening on the other side of the story. Doloram is embroiled in a cold war between the Emperor and B’Caala, with the added complication of pressure from the conglomerate regarding an ongoing deal.

Furthermore, this episode initiates the first of Terry’s trials, setting the stage for a series of exciting and intense scenes in the upcoming episodes.

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