My Dad the Bounty Hunter – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Ocanom Grind

Episode 3 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter unfolds with the crew’s journey to the Ocanom Coast Casino. Tess grapples with anxiety over her lack of knowledge about Terry’s whereabouts. KRS attempts to lighten the mood by altering the lighting.

Meanwhile, Sean discovers a spy camera and begins playing with it. Blobby, in an arrogant display of knowledge, explains its functions to Sean. He also boasts about a job offer he received as a game developer. Lisa becomes bored of the dorky talk and exits.

Lisa settles in the cockpit, captivated by the beauty of the endless darkness. She engages in a conversation with Tess, expressing her sense of missed opportunities. Tess counters by emphasizing the importance of ensuring the family’s safety.

Just then, KRS searches for Widowmaker but, unfortunately, finds no results on the database. Sean manages to locate Widowmaker’s website and obtains a picture of him.

The crew arrives at the Ocanom Coast Casino to track down Widowmaker. Blobby suggests they change out of their space attire and don more stylish clothes to bypass security. The kids are astonished by their mother’s outfit.

The group attempts to enter the Casino but is halted by a guard. The guard suggests leaving the kids at the daycare, and Tess agrees. Sean attaches the spy-cam to Blobby for audio-visual access to the interior.

Blobby and Tess enter the Casino, purchasing chips to blend in. They spot Widowmaker playing Poker and decide to join the game.

Meanwhile, Sean gets sidetracked and plays with other kids at the daycare. Tess tries to engage Widowmaker in conversation about Sabo, but unfortunately, the conversation yields no valuable information.

Widowmaker challenges them to a game of Intergalactic Poker. Lisa guides Blobby using the Spy Camera’s feed. Throughout the game, Philip continually flirts with Tess, only to be dismissed.

Lisa advises Blobby to go all-in during a hand. Blobby wins a massive hand against Widowmaker, and costs him all his money. Disheartened by the loss, Widowmaker departs. Tess decides to follow him, but Philip obstructs her path and continues to flirt.

Tess’s anger escalates due to Philip’s comments, and she proceeds to physically confront him and his guards. She then rushes out to search for Widowmaker. In the meantime, Philip’s guards capture Blobby.

Sean and Lisa leave the daycare and locate Tess. They share the footage from the spy camera and insist on rescuing Blobby.

Meanwhile, Philip and his guards subject Blobby to torture in an attempt to extract information about Tess. Blobby remains resilient, and his blob-like physiology protects him from the torture.

Tess and the kids locate Blobby’s location and storm into the spacecraft. Simultaneously, Philip’s mother enters from the opposite direction. Tess informs her about Philip’s inappropriate behavior which infuriates her. They successfully rescue Blobby from the thugs.

Tess regrets not pursuing Widowmaker, recognizing it as their sole chance to find Terry. Just then, they spot Widowmaker attempting to recharge his ship. They overpower him but offer a deal. He agrees and discloses Terry’s location in exchange for Lisa’s casino winnings.

Tess is stunned to learn that the High Council of Doloraam had ordered for Terry’s abduction. On the journey back, Tess reveals to the kids that she is, in fact, the princess of Doloram.

The scene transitions to Terry being presented before His Majesty.

The Episode Review

This episode hones in on Tess’s relentless pursuit of the bounty hunter responsible for abducting her husband, armed with her newfound information.

The chapter interestingly demonstrates Tess’s problem-solving approach. She consistently seeks solutions that minimize collateral damage while achieving her objectives. This character-building aspect has been a consistent thread throughout the animated show, but it becomes prominent in this episode.

Unfortunately, upon entering the Casino, Tess is compelled to leave her kids at the daycare, resulting in Sean’s absence from the action for the majority of the episode. Nevertheless, he still plays a important role by strategically placing a spy cam on Blobby, contributing to the mission.

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