My Dad the Bounty Hunter – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of My Dad the Bounty Hunter opens with the crew plotting how to break Terry out of the bounty containment facility. The crew comes up with a simple plan to break into the prison, however they fail to realize the firewall systems that can prevent them from even reaching Terry.

They devise a plan to use Glorlox as a decoy bounty to get into the prison and promise to break him out immediately after. Sean has already kept their comm systems ready, and the crew decides to use Blobby to get them through the firewall.

The crew enters the prison and Glorlox gets scanned and identified before entering. The guard escorts them in. Walking past the cells, they come across many familiar faces, including Glorlox’s team. Lisa and Blobby then slip off into one of the passageways to get to the control room.

Tess and Glorlox are stopped by Pam as she compliments Tess’s necklace. Sean overhears Pam’s conversation with the investors and finds it interesting. He breaks away from Tess and Glorlox to follow them.

Lisa and Blobby find the control room. Blobby slips under the door to enter the room and let Lisa in. He proceeds to hack the firewall to access the prisoner database.

Sean follows Pam and the investors to a secret presentation. Pam presents a brand new technology that the conglomerate has been working on – the Warp Gate. Sean also gets to see it in action as it successfully teleports Beta. The Investors are thrilled with the possibilities and implications; however, they’re concerned about the resources required.

Tess and Glorlox wait at the prisoner check-in and stall the process as Blobby and Lisa check the Database.

Glorlox comes across another bounty known as Zeitler.

Blobby manages to break into the firewall. He checks on Sabo’s name; however, Sabo wasn’t in custody. In casual conversation, Zeitler breaks it to Glorlox that Terry was nabbed on a private contract by a freelancer named Widowmaker who is currently on Ocanom Cost Casino.

Glorlox and Lisa both radio in to inform Tess. Suddenly, a guard walks in on Blobby and Lisa setting off the alarms so the duo make a run for it.

Tess and Glorlox also partner up to escape and fight the guards together. Tess realizes Sean isn’t with them and radios him to come over.

The executive assures the investors that it’s only a Drill. She sets Beta to manual mode and uses it to look into the matter.

Tess, Glorlox, and Sean run through the waiting room while knocking a guard down. This enables the prisoners to erupt into a frenzy, blocking Beta.

Everyone makes it back to the spaceship but Glorlox decides to stay back to rescue his team. He tells Tess to head for Ocanom Coast Casino before heading back.

They take off with Glorlox’s ship, leaving Beta behind. Upon take-off, KRS is unable to locate the casino on any intergalactic database. Blobby interjects that it is a safe haven for many criminals and cannot be found so easily. He advises KRS to manually set paths to the coordinates.

Pam orders for the facility to be cleaned up as she checks the screen Lisa and Blobby are working on.

The Episode Review

In this episode, the investigation to retrieve Terry takes a deeper dive, showcasing the determined efforts of his wife Tess and their children as they strategize the rescue.

Beyond the intriguing plot twist, a significant focus of the chapter revolves around the return of Glorlox. Throughout the series, Glorlox has been portrayed as a formidable and powerful bounty hunter. However, this chapter delves deeper into his multifaceted character, revealing his softer, selfless, and loyal side as he places himself in jeopardy to aid Terry and his own team.

Lisa and Sean, the persistent and headstrong kids, once again find a way to make their mark as they join their mother Tess on this rescue mission. Additionally, the episode presents a juxtaposition of Tess’s roles as a fierce fighter and a caring mother. She navigates the challenge of pursuing her husband’s rescue while safeguarding her children’s well-being, showcasing her complex emotions and priorities.

As the episode draws to a close, a new piece of information leads the crew to deviate from their original plan. The narrative takes an unexpected turn, redirecting them towards the Ocanom Coast Casino. This shift adds an intriguing layer of anticipation, leaving viewers eager to see what unfolds in the next chapter.

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