My Dad the Bounty Hunter Season 1 Review – A galactic kid’s show with a satisfying ending

Season 1

Episode Guide

THE Bounty Hunter
Bucky Quanto’s
Pit Stop
Chillion-5 Pt. 2: Rise of the Chillas
Planet Fall
Bizarre Ride
The Bounty Hunters


Netflix’s latest animated kid’s show is a hoot. 8-year-old Sean and his big sister Lisa go over to their Dad’s place to spend the weekend together. But when Dad gets a work call, they try to avoid boredom by sneaking into the trunk of his car, only to find that they’ve ended up in space. It turns out that Dad is not the truck driver they thought he was but actually an intergalactic bounty hunter. Much to Dad’s dismay, they tag along while he tries to nab his next target and get home before Mom finds out.

My Dad the Bounty Hunter has a great cast of voice actors, including Stranger Things actress Priah Ferguson, who voices Lisa. The voice of Sean, voiced by Jecobi Swain, is also especially well chosen. It also has some mixed art—when the story cuts to the past, it oozes more cartoonish animation and then reverts back to modern animation for the present which adds to the appeal.

Some other great aspects come from the concept and storyline. A couple of the best parts of the show stem from Dad choosing to give up his bounty because it is the right thing to do, and Lisa helping to free an endangered population of enslaved Chillas.

There is some slightly heavy stuff for a kid’s show—the kids’ parents are separated, and it gives some of the episodes some uncomfortable tension. Dad also loses his temper with the kids at one point. The tension in their family dynamic starts in the first episode and resurfaces a couple of times throughout, and at the end of the show. The long dialogue scenes that go with these parts of the story might cause young children to lose a little interest, but the show usually adds some excitement soon after. It also has some humorous parts that are likely to draw out a laugh.

Dad usually doesn’t spend a lot of time with the kids, and Lisa resents him for that, but everything comes around at the end. Overall, this is a really entertaining kid’s show with a great concept. It shows how we should never ignore extreme wrongdoing and should always do the right thing. The family’s dynamic does add a bit of uneasy tension, but it helps give the story a great ending.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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