My Brother, My Sister Ending Explained: Do Nikola and Tesla find their spark?

My Brother, My Sister Plot Synopsis

The story opens with a funeral. Patriarch Giulio Costa has passed away and his two children, Nikola and Tesla, are not on speaking terms. When Nik shows up at the funeral looking nonchalant and talking about space and time, it only causes larger rifts to grow between the siblings. However, they soon learn that Giulio has left his house for them both to share.

What follows is your typical out-of-your-comfort-zone drama, with control-freak Tesla struggling to deal with Nik’s carefree attitude. As the movie progresses, it soon becomes clear that Tesla’s two children, Sebastiano and Carolina, are the key to unlocking their stubbornness.

What happens to Seba at the beach?

As Nik and Tesla just start to patch things up, things take a turn for the worst. During the third act of the movie, Tesla heads out for a day with her daughter, Carolina. The pair get along well and after so much animosity between them, Caro finally calls her “Mama”, which is a big step given she’s been calling her Tesla up until this point.

Meanwhile, Sebastiano heads out for day trip to the beach with Nik. They fly kites together and things seem to be going well until they arrive at a bar that night.

Seba has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and asks Nik numerous times to go home but he doesn’t listen.. Instead, he tells the boy to wait while he heads to the bar to speak to Emma. They both discuss Seba and the good day he’s had, but Seba believes that Nik has betrayed him and is romantically involved with the woman he loves. This is what causes Seba to lose control, shouting at Nik that he’s betrayed him and that Kelvin (the voice in his head) was right all along.

Unfortunately this spat also has the knock-on effect of destroying any good will gained with Tesla, who blames Nik and calls out his carefree attitude and how irresponsible he is as the sole reason for this.

What happened to Nik and Tesla?

Nik and Tesla’s fall-out can be traced back over 20 years. Growing up, Giulio was strict and had big expectations for both Tesla and Nik. That pressure ultimately affected both kids in very different ways.

While Tesla became stricter and began living her life by a meticulously planned timetable, Nik became ever-more carefree and gave up his dreams of becoming a musician. Despite being really good at playing the piano, he decided not to pursue it – partly to spite his father one would feel.

We eventually come to learn later on in the film that Nik’s been keeping a lot of pent-up frustrations himself. It turns out Giulio was actually sleeping with Nik’s ex-wife, Giada. All of this is written in a letter to Tesla, which Nik wrote to her when he didn’t think he’d be returning again after their fight.

Nik kept this secret to himself, allowing Tesla to hate him for 20 years because he didn’t want her to suffer this same burden. Nik selflessly decided not to let Tesla think ill of their father. Instead of three people suffering, he put himself in the firing line so only he took the brunt of her anger.

Does Sebastiano die in hospital?

After Nik leaves, Sebastiano decides to go and perform on stage after all. Unfortunately, when he gets there and sees the masses of people he begins panicking and hurries out the front door. In doing so though, he bolts out into the road and is hit by a car. He’s rushed into hospital where we see Caro decline a call from her dad.

Seba awakens and approaches the glass. He reflects on how Tesla has sacrificed her whole life for him and implores her to go out and live hers for him. Seba also tells Emma how beautiful she is and bestows words of wisdom to Nik, simply telling him that he won’t be going on a mission to Mars after all. For Caro, he tells her to choose her own path in life and to be happy.

Given Seba is actually unconscious during this time, it’s safe to assume that our quartet are hearing what they need to hear from Seba, reflecting on their own choices in life.

This devastating accident has caused them all to think back on what’s important to them, with Seba subconsciously speaking the words they need to hear in order to move on and make the most of their lives.

Despite what the film would have you believe up until this point, Seba does not die in hospital.

my brother my sister

How does My Brother, My Sister end?

The next scene reinforces the above statement, as we cut to the beach some time later. Everyone is wearing black – even Nik which is significant given his earlier attire at the church. The family all gather together to honour their father’s passing properly, scooping up a handful of his ashes and dropping it in the water.

They wash his ashes away in the lake, allowing Giulio to move on. Seba drops into the water himself, as the others join him with big smiles and jovial looks. In the end, it’s a happy ending and the song lyrics, depicting the words “we’re born again” work to reinforce the film’s themes about healing old wounds and moving on with one’s life.

That’s the basic metaphor and message here, and it’s portrayed nicely through the water, which is symbolic of emotion.


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