My Beautiful Man – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 4 – the Final Ep

My Beautiful Man episode 4 begins, surprisingly, with Kiyoi sleeping on Hira’s floor. Hira is relieved, believing he’s come back to punch him. Kiyoi vows to withhold kisses until Hira takes him seriously. He tells him to face him head-on, rather than from below.

The guys head to a school reunion and Hira observes that everyone else has grown in some way as he watches from outside the circle. Afterward, Kiyoi tries to drop a few hints about their future but realizes that Hira just doesn’t pick up that sort of thing. If he wants to be understood, he’ll have to be direct. Or as direct as he’s able.

He asks Hira if he’s already decided how long he’ll stick with him. But Hira’s back to being a pebble. He talks about his list of failings and wonders if it’s ok to stay. Kiyoi, for the first time, takes the Koyama approach and tries to comfort him, rather than getting angry.

Kiyoi finally confesses and tops it by says he makes enough money to support them both, but Hira squirms at the idea. So Kiyoi takes the psychological route and takes it all back – he’ll have to work for it instead. Hira prefers this solution and keeps saying it’s his first relationship but it’s a first for his other half as well.

At photo club, Koyama tells Hira he needs to go apologize to the famous photographer Noguchi, for not including his work among the photos they’d submitted as a club.

Meanwhile, Kiyoi has another heart-to-heart with co-actor Anna, who suggests he should live for today while he can. There’s an undercurrent of ‘everything changes’ in the conversation that plays straight into Kiyoi’s fears.

Hira drops in on Noguchi and starts his rapid-fire apologizing but the photographer parts the wave and has a look at Hira’s portfolio. And just like the guys at the photo club, he sees something in Hira’s work that reminds him of his younger, arrogant self. So, he hires him as an assistant.

Kiyoi is impressed. And even more so when Hira claims his goal is to publish a photo of Kiyoi while working in the same industry. He receives a Valentine’s Day gift in response and wants to keep it sacred, but Kiyoi forces him to eat a chocolate. And finally, they seem to connect.

Why Does Kiyoi Return?

He can’t help himself. He’s clearly decided where he wants to be. And even after his emotional outburst, he wants to try again with Hira, the person he loves.

Do Hira & Kiyoi Finally Get Back Together?

They do. Kiyoi finds the key to move them forward together. In short, he comes to understand Hira. There’s a wonderful moment where he internally refers to him as ‘Lord Hira.’ Hira acts like he’s a pebble but he sees the world differently (as Noguchi points out) and has to have things his way or it’s just not right. So Kiyoi figures out how to apply that understanding to building a more stable relationship that satisfies them both.

Does Kiyoi Spell It Out for Hira?

He sure as hell tries. Though throughout the 2-season series Kiyoi has avoided talking about his feelings, he finally realizes that the only way to get through to Hira is to be clear. Hints don’t work – that’s way too outside Hira’s realm. So, he lays it out there – the question that burns him the most: How long are you gong to stay with me? Even that is a little abstract for Hira – he’s not worthy, blah, blah. But it helps Kiyoi get to the point and to say what he really wants.

Why Does Kiyoi Change His Mind About Supporting Hira Until he gets a Job?

I don’t believe he has. He’s just satisfying Lord Hira’s need for control and to be the one doing the serving, as he believes is appropriate. You can bet Kiyoi will stealthily just make things happen as needed.

What Does Noguchi See in Hira?

If Noguchi sees his younger self in Hira, than Hira must have some decent potential. With a solid dream and master to teach him, he’s on his way to greatness.

Is Hira Finally Able to Move Forward?

Having a Hira must be awfully frustrating. He’s a bit two steps forward, three steps back. Kiyoi will have to drag him along. But maybe after enough time he’ll be able to normalize things. The real question is, can Hira change? The magic 8-ball says: ‘Maybe, ask again.’ Expanding his horizons and working toward his goal will certainly help.

The Episode Review

My Beautiful Man Episode 4 is tighter and more focused as it rounds out the series. While the guys’ relationship is nowhere near equal, it does seem that there’s now an improved understanding between them. Or at least a path.

Kiyoi finds the strength to voice what he wants and also comes to understand his man. As much as he wants Hira to change the way he sees himself, he’s now considering how he can assist that transition. Not by getting angry and accepting blind apologies – but by expressing his feelings and asking for what he wants specifically, speaking Hira’s language.

Now he’s not just waiting for Hira to rise to his level. But making a move himself – spending time in Hira’s shoes and finding ways to understand, comfort and support him in a way that’s acceptable to Hira.

There’s a lot of room still to grow for these two – and hopefully more to come. But the understanding is a massive first step. Let’s see if they come back to us with a Season 3 and more antics.

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