My Beautiful Man – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of My Beautiful Man whips us straight back to school days, where Kiyoi recalls having wanted to hear Hira admit his feelings. Instead, Hira talks of the fragrant tea olives in front of them.

Back to present with Kiyoi’s head on Hira’s lap, gazing at the same foliage. Instead of asking Hira whether he’ll really stay with him forever, he again feints, mentioning he’s thirsty. This sends Hira into a panic as he’s out of ginger ale. Why does he like Hira again?

At the photo club, to everyone’s surprise, Hira admits he’s only applying for a part time job, even though he’s in his last year of university. Koyama, who has always understood Hira’s insecurities, tries to convince him to enter a photography competition, but he’s reluctant.

At the same time, Kiyoi gets turned down for another drama role. He’d like to try for more stage acting jobs, but his agent tries to dissuade him. Meanwhile a popular actress in his agency, Anna, gives him advice on set. She also notes that it would be impossible for things to remain the same forever.

Taking it to heart, Kiyoi reassures himself that their feelings for each other won’t change. But circumstantially, things don’t go well when he tries to get close to his guy. Then to completely ruin the mood, Koyama calls with a job opportunity for Hira. Well, it’s not like he can say no to that.

The next day Kiyoi wonders whether it’s fine for Hira to remain friends with Koyama. And when he happens to show up, Kiyoi takes the opportunity feel things out. But Koyama turns the tables, accusing Kiyoi of taking advantage of Hira.

Feeling guilty, Kiyoi tries to make dinner but messes up the recipe. Hira claims it’s hotpot of the gods. And it somehow becomes a ‘who’s worse’ party. While Hira apologises (even more), Kiyoi demands he enter the photo competition.

And asks Hira to talk to him rather than Koyama about things in his life – like part time jobs or nervousness over interviews. Hira’s too embarrassed to say such things. But Kiyoi encourages him to win the competition, become a pro and then he can take Kiyoi’s picture professionally – on the same stage. And like that, Hira’s inspired.

The Episode Review

This act, there’s a lot of close and mid shots to get you straight inside their heads, especially Kiyoi. This is his stage now as he takes over the inner-monologue narration.

But just because he’s stepping up doesn’t mean he has any control. For example, there may be a potential stalker in their realm. A self-proclaimed fan of Kiyoi’s senior actress Anna who flakes at the closeness of the two on-set. Perhaps something on which to keep an eye.

And when he’s directing Hira, he’s a bit unsure of what he really wants. Such as commanding Hira to become a pro photographer – then looking upset at the idea. Maybe it is because he’s drunk or is it because Hira would be spreading his wings?

The best part of this Kiyoi-led instalment is when he settles on the idea – as if he hasn’t been saying it for years – that his boyfriend is a creepy guy. He does cringe-worthy stuff, says embarrassing things, freaks out when Kiyoi gets too close and generally doesn’t know where to put himself. However, he’s genuinely and consistently himself. And dedicated to Kiyoi.

The theme of Kiyoi’s chapter is change – as much as he worries over things changing, he’s also trying to evolve and to help Hira climb along too, even if it’s for slightly selfish reasons.

Almost as a throw-away during closing credits, Hira admits he’ll do anything he can to exist in Kiyoi’s world. Think he’ll figure out that all he has to do is remain his weird little self to keep his man? I guess every lid really does have a strange little pot.

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