My Beautiful Man – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Japanese BL drama, My Beautiful Man (Utsukushii Kare) Season 2, Episode 1, kicks off right where Season 1 left us – Hira has Kiyoi in his arms and he can’t believe it. But he’s willing to pay for all his sins to have as many moments as he can. As before, Kiyoi is not interested in hearing this kind of worship from Hira as he wakes in Hira’s bed.

By now Hira is a university senior and still involved in photography. So is his friend Koyama, the guy who tried to date Hira in Season 1. He avoids Koyama’s questions about Kiyoi.

Meanwhile Kiyoi’s career is beginning to take flight. At the company, they talk about his numerous fans including ‘Mr Suspicious.’ Yes, one guess. After a day of reading scripts, he returns to Hira’s house.

The next day they shop for some cooler clothes for Hira and hang out. Hira’s inner monologue worries about all the things that can go wrong – if it’s true that one’s amount of happiness is predetermined. He troubles that he may have had more than his share already.

It’s push-pull as Kiyoi compliments Hira but then feels the need to take it back. Hira’s the same – he’s way more comfortable apologising and being insulted. Though he can’t hold back a little smile as Kiyoi displays a dip into his feelings.

They finish the day at an event where Hira feels like a fish out of water. Especially when girls start talking to him. Hira tries to make an escape, but gets cornered by one of the women only to be rescued by an angry Kiyoi.

Their heads are in two different places – Hira regrets being awkward and lowering the tone. But Kiyoi is losing it as he finds the woman’s digits tucked into Hira’s pocket, leaving Hira clueless and begging forgiveness yet again.

The next day Kiyoi apologizes. And thinks about his out-of-character behaviour whenever Hira’s involved, perpetually worried he’ll be abandoned again. He asks Hira not to go anywhere.

The Episode Review

After season 1’s dramatic ending, Hira and Kiyoi return several years later but are now in a relationship. However, it feels like the day after the first story, as they have not evolved from their previous ways of thinking. Hira is still continually consumed with the belief that Kiyoi can and will ditch him at any moment. And to Kiyoi’s annoyance, cannot stop his contrition.

Kiyoi, meanwhile, is starting to see the beauty in Hira – or at least catch on to other people noticing him. In one way, he wants to show him off. Yet in another, keep Hira all to himself. Filled with green-monster-shaped emotions, he’s irritated at Hira’s obliviousness.

Upset that Hira doesn’t act like a boyfriend; scared that it feels like someone else can steal him away. He’s edging toward the idea that if he doesn’t show Hira his feelings, he might lose him. But that’s getting close to the bone – on both sides – and we’re only on episode 1.

Lots to come for our completely-and-ridiculously-opposites-attract couple and both will need to change to make this work. Either may drown in their own self-doubt before that happens. Here’s to keeping it real, Folks. At least on an emotional front.

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