My Beautiful Man – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

My Beautiful Man Episode 6 drops us at the moment where Kiyoi leaves Hira with Koyama. Hira’s frozen, believing Kiyoi meant that goodbye, that things are over.

At rehearsal, Koyama stops to see his brother who asks him to fill in at the next show. Koyama approaches Kiyoi, testing the waters and noting he told Hira he loves him. He slyly criticizes Hira, spotting that Kiyoi seems to care. So he indicates that Hira loves Kiyoi, stating he wants the person he loves to be happy, leaving Kiyoi befuddled.

Hira agrees to help the Director with the show, managing the spotlight. Kiyoi looks straight at Hira for his key line while Hira thinks ‘he’d never say those words to me.’ He wishes he could be Kiyoi’s spotlight forever.

After the show, Hira helps Kiyoi carry boxes, stacking them out of the way. Once alone, Kiyoi asks why he’s hanging around again. Stuttering and unable to answer, Kiyoi gets annoyed with Hira. He kicks the table, in turn toppling the tower of boxes on himself but Hira jumps in to take the impact.

Kiyoi’s hand is bleeding so Hira sucks the blood from his finger, pulling himself back from kissing him and apologising instead. Meanwhile, Kiyoi looks like he doesn’t know how to feel – aroused? Insulted? Confused?

He questions Hira, forcing him to speak, but he’s getting weird answers. He can’t believe this is what Hira does with someone who’s not his boyfriend. And Hira is back to apologising. Kiyoi tells him to chase the ideal him if he wants but to leave the real him alone. Kiyoi knows he will never understand his feelings – and Hira agrees.

As Kiyoi spouts more anger, Hira panics – this might be the last time. Kiyoi asks if Hira’s ever considered that he loves him. To Hira, it’s impossible. In tears, Kiyoi shoves him and leaves.

Kiyoi receives multiple texts of apologies but none show Hira understands, so he decides to forget him. Hira leaves a final message suggesting they meet at the beginning; that it will be the last time he thinks about him. Kiyoi tells himself he’s done, making other plans for the evening.

At school, Hira believes Kiyoi won’t show but waits anyway. Finally exiting, he sees Kiyoi take off and chases after him. Kiyoi screams that he meant to put an end to it, but then Hira stopped contact.

Kiyoi doesn’t want to be king, he wants to be with the person he loves. Hira misunderstands, of course. In tears, Kiyoi shouts ‘it’s you!’ reminding him that he kissed Hira on graduation day – and though Hira claimed to love him, didn’t bother to go after him. And then changed his number.

Hira confesses saying he never thought he could be with Kiyoi while Kiyoi reiterates that he’s not a god. With another confession, Hira kisses Kiyoi passionately. Cut to a tandem bike ride. Kiyoi asks Hira about items he cherishes. Hira notes the flask where he collected coins from Kiyoi. With a mixed message, Kiyoi wonders why he fell in love with a creepy guy like Hira. Hira pleads with him to say it again.

Does Kiyoi give in?

In a word, yes. It’s surely a battle of iron wills with this pair. But he realises he loves Hira and must bend to have a chance at being together. And speak his love, out loud, more than once.

Why does Koyama give up?

Poor Koyama. He decides to put Hira’s feelings above his own at the same time realizing that Hira can’t see what’s in front of him. So he opts for friendship over nothing, proving it by dropping some facts on Kiyoi to help things along.

Does Hira’s character develop?

In a way, he does. When Kiyoi shows up at the school everything he wants is suddenly within his grasp, so, believing it’s his last shot, Hira goes for it.

What does Kiyoi mean by ‘not if it’s the way you did before’?

This is the line that lays out what Hira needs to do to win him. He’s so close, but if Hira continues to worship rather than transform into a lover, Kiyoi will surely give up and walk away.

How does My Beautiful Man season 1 end?

They change to give their love a chance. Kiyoi states his feelings and Hira chooses to believe – a stretch for them both. The final scene confirms they’ve indeed become lovers. How long Hira can hold it together is another story…

The Episode Review

At the performance, Kiyoi gets the opportunity to road-test speaking his feelings to Hira. Under the spotlight, he’s able to say it to his face without having to say it to his face. Could that moment have helped him spit it out later? Certainly thinking about never having said it would have given him some food for thought as well. He’s also come to the conclusion that going on the attack silences Hira. The man is so used to knuckling under, he’s not equipped to fight.

When Kiyoi asks him if he’s ever considered that Kiyoi loves him, Hira believes it’s not possible. From Kiyoi’s perspective, what – he doesn’t believe him? Does he think Kiyoi is incapable of love? At the school, it all comes out – how he’d felt strung along by Hira, who’d confessed to him first. Once Hira got him to the point of initiating a kiss, he ditched him and changed his number. Wait what? Kiyoi – ghosted?

So, Hira has a lot to make up for here. While he is wallowing in his own self-pity, Kiyoi is hurt and Hira doesn’t even realize it. When he’d stood by him back in the day, he acted like he understood Kiyoi, even told him he loved him. But he didn’t really. He worshipped him from a safe distance, polishing his marbled feet.

Push. Pull. Finally, Kiyoi and Hira make themselves clear. But ultimately, Hira is still Hira and Kiyoi still Kiyoi. Can they instantly transform? Fight against their own nature? Well, to please the other and build a relationship, maybe they can. They’ve spent six episodes and several insipid years thinking about it. Are we all cheering for them?

Bring on Season 2!

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