My Stand-In – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

My Stand-In Episode 10 and we’re back at Joe’s apartment where Ming tells Joe he’d kept things the same, waiting for him to return. Aloud, Joe ponders if Ming missed him, why would he have wanted the new Joe as his lover? He claims to have recognized something in the new Joe, that he had feelings he couldn’t ignore.

But when did Ming start to suspect? The first night they slept in the same bed, was Ming’s first restful sleep since Joe had left. With Joe still angry, Ming promises to stay and remind him of their memories together. But Joe won’t let him kiss him – neither does he push him away.

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The next morning, Tong calls Ming, waking Joe who hangs up on him. Noting Tong’s call, Ming replies that he’s probably calling to borrow money as he’s fallen into debt. Ming marvels that Joe hung up on him – he wouldn’t have done that in the past. But Joe says he and Tong changed him. Consolingly, Ming insists on fixing breakfast and giving him a ride to work.

Dropping him off, he offers to pick him up later but Joe has to meet his mother. When Ming asks why he takes care of someone who’s not his mother, Joe explains that she looked after him for 2 years and is now his family. Ming says he’ll consider her as his own mother as well.

But at the hospital, she’s not there. At home, Joe finds her happily sorting dinner after Ming had taken her to his family’s hospital. Ming notes that the doctor didn’t think her current treatment was effective and she admits to feeling tired. As Joe tries to claw it back Ming claims to have plenty of time to help in future. As they sit to dine, Joe’s left standing there.

When Ming finally leaves, Joe wants to know what happened, why she didn’t call him. She believes Ming genuinely likes her son and offers her support. Later Ming calls from outside Joe’s house claiming all sorts of excuses. Eventually, Joe lets him in and in the face of Joe’s anger, Ming appeals that he’s scared to lose him, finally softening him with sweet cuddles and light kisses. Finally, Joe leans in and they make love, Joe face-up.

The next morning Joe wakes to find Ming in his bed checking to see if it was as good as before. Without responding Joe tries to kick him out before his mother sees. He’ll have to marry him to be seen like this by his mother and Ming is ok with that but he’s still kicked out of bed.

Too late, his mother knocks and Joe’s horrified when she discovers Ming has obviously slept there. At breakfast she wants to know how long they’ve been together – Ming says 4-5 months – and whether Ming has told his parents. He has not but promises to do so soon.

At Tong’s office, loan sharks show up to collect but he’s not yet been able to reach Ming. The lender gives him one more week but he’s a mess when May immediately arrives to join him for lunch.

Ming takes Joe to a meeting with the top agency and admits the reason he blocked Joe from the press conference back then was because he didn’t want him to act with Sol. When Mr. Wisit arrives, Ming introduces Joe as the actor he had in mind for the movie in which Ming is investing. He’ll replace Tong as the lead actor in a script titled My Stand-In.

Joe mentions having been previously cast by this agency but was later replaced by the director’s kid. Ming says Tong has other movies and wants to give back a stolen opportunity. As they ready to depart an angry Tong shows up but Mr Wisit says he has another role for Tong. However, he wants a word with Ming first.

Tong is miffed to see that Ming’s been busy with Joe instead of helping him and Ming confirms Joe as his boyfriend. As an apology, Tong invites them to the opening of the movie they were in together and Joe quickly accepts to placate things.

Arriving at the premiere, Joe just wants to keep things pleasant, since Tong is Ming’s in-law. Ming notes that Joe is still kind while Joe believes Ming has changed as he’d never wanted to enter showbiz before. Ming joined the industry for Joe, so he could find him someday, trading his privacy.

Watching the film, It’s the opening of Nine Swords 2, where Joe plays Tong’s stand-in for a second time. Ming gets ready to snap Joe’s name in the credits, willing to pay the fine for taking pictures in the cinema. But his name doesn’t appear and Ming instantly blames Tong. Speaking to the press, Tong notes he’s done all the action himself and Joe doesn’t let Ming interfere.

At the apartment, Ming is furious finally calling Tong to shout at him. Tong claims Joe’s agency removed his name in a trade to promote the film but that he can add it back. He’s glad Ming has finally realized who he should call family. Ming says he’ll give him the money if he apologizes to Joe directly.

A crazed Ming can’t believe Joe isn’t furious but Ming is angry enough for them both, swearing he’ll make Tong apologize. Waiting at the office, they have a heart-to-heart about Tong and Ming says he’s changed his view of him since seeing his true colors.

When Tong does arrive, he ushers in Ming’s determined-looking mother. She demands a break-up from the gold-digger and that Ming help Tong or she’ll tell his father. Joe assures her they only have a limited contract and he’ll disappear afterwards.

Following Joe, Ming promises to set things right but Joe claims he’s tired and wants it all to end, walking away. Tong believes he’s obsessed with Joe but notes that he’s finally seeing clearly. Arriving home, Joe tells his mother that it’s all as she’d said. He’s hurt again.

Regrouping, Tong and Ming’s mother are relieved that Joe has left – especially after the other Joe. Ming joins them but says he won’t give Tong the money. When his father arrives, Ming instantly confesses to dating a guy named Joe.


The Episode Review

So, wow. I mean… wow. Ming turns a huge corner growing the vegetables to confess his love to his parents. It’s an effective way to get Tong off his back. And prove to Joe that he’s serious. But what will his father say if his mother is that scary? We’ll have to wait to see after ANOTHER cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, let’s have this conversation. As noted last week, how can a blood-red flag like Ming turn green? Do people have the capacity to change this much? Admittedly, I’m super-cynical on this. But luckily, we’re in TV-land where we can hope for big change in the face of big love. Ming’s not wrong. With his background, apart from his sister, Joe probably is the best thing to ever happen to him. Twice.

The fact that this miracle of a second chance paired with an ability to change has been given to them both – well, it must be worth something. IF Ming has actually changed. Do we believe he truly has? Let’s not forget he became an actor while Joe was away and he’s a guy who plays to win. What do you think? Are you suckered in by fate x handsome man?


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Have you fallen for My Stand-In? Anyone else awed by this well-developed story? It’s time to confess in the comments below. And before you go, be sure to check out our interview with the actors behind Joe and Ming.

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  1. Christine, hello! So pleased to see you’re still watching this with me. Interesting to see that you believe Ming has already changed. I have my doubts, but I do hope you’re right. Completely agree, he’d be a fool to miss out on a guy like Joe. Maybe it’s a good thing that Joe’s skills are not in hiding people ;). Yep, holding on tightly until next week….

    Thanks for reading & for commenting! Catch you next Friday, right here 🙂

  2. No wonder it was so easy for Ming to catch Joe, how do you hide a grown man by making him stand under the blanket in the middle of the room? 😂 As for Ming, he went from being a whole red carpet to a green forest. He is earning his forgiveness and honestly if I had a man like Joe come back from the dead, I would do the same. Ming ain’t gonna fumble the bag twice! Loved that cliffhanger, but next week, we will be crying. Loved the review too.

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