My Stand-In – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

My Stand-In Episode 11 drops Jim at Ming’s brother Mike’s office where he reminds him of his promise to Ming. While at Joe’s house, they’re celebrating his mother’s birthday with Sol. But Sol wonders why Ming isn’t here, not terribly surprised to hear it’s about Ming’s family. Neither was he staggered that Joe still cared for Ming, while Sol admits his feelings for Joe. But he’ll still support him like a brother.

When Joe hears that Ming is waiting at his apartment, he’s off running. But it’s Mike who meets him there, explaining that Ming is imprisoned at his house for admitting to a relationship with Joe. While Joe is willing to break up with Ming, he doesn’t want to just disappear like the old Joe and asks Mike to arrange for them to meet.

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Returning home, Joe finds his mother with a copy of Joe’s paramour agreement. She’s appalled at the whole thing wanting to move out immediately and not see him until he’s paid off the debt. Mike defends that he didn’t send it but can check around and ensure a meeting with Ming.

As promised, Mike gets Joe to Ming who’s falling apart, not having eaten in a week. He doesn’t want to split and says Mike promised to help if the old Joe returned. As they convince him, Ming’s parents enter starting a fight. He quickly falls ill so they take him to the hospital.

But Ming was faking it to escape their house. With all the drama, Mike confirms with the Seer, finally agreeing to help the pair. Soon Ming’s mother joins them but she allows Joe to stay for Ming’s sake. She admits she sent the lawyer and Joe promises to pay back the money used to care for his mother. She also agrees to allow their relationship but they’ll have to deal with his father themselves.

Visiting his father, Ming has evidence that Tong used their family name to clear his own debt, but Tong halts the conversation – Ming wouldn’t want to hurt his nephew with that news. May sides with Ming so their father says he can be with Joe if he leaves everything behind, even his business, never to return. So, Ming walks.

Waking next to Joe in his old apartment, they’re finally together. The last item to sort, Joe’s mother. While on the other side, Tong serves May divorce papers for choosing her brother. He also admits that he married her for money. As she exits, the debt collectors arrive.

Showing up at work, Tong meets Joe to beg for money for the sake of his kid. The guys take Joe just as Ming pulls up looking for him. The debt collector tells them to kill Joe since they don’t have Tong. But Ming calls just in time to stop it. Tong owes 500M Baht (about 14M USD) and must pay by midnight, so they go to see their father.

Fed up, their father says he’ll clear Tong’s debt but he’ll have to deal with the loan shark himself. Ming, Tong and Mike go to the meeting point to trade 10M Baht plus Ming for Joe, saying his mother will pay the 500M if they have Ming. Just as they seal the new deal, the police arrive with sirens whirring. Believing they’ve been had, the men start shooting, hitting Joe instead of Ming. The police stop things before anyone else is shot.

But Joe passes out in Ming’s arms. Waking in a dream, Joe finds himself in a waiting room. He can see Ming and his friends surrounding Joe’s body. The Seer addresses him, telling him he’s between life and death again, but this time he can choose what to do. Choose to remain in this loop and re-enter his body or end the cycle and exit through the door.

Watching Ming cry, he moves toward his body. But the Seer wonders if he’s tired, always a stand-in for someone else. Recalling the tough times with Ming, Joe walks toward the door. And out he goes.


The Episode Review

For just a second – and I know that’s not why you’re here – but let’s talk Tong. Did you catch his moment of regret after telling May he married her for money? Maybe he’s trying to protect her this way. Or is it my wishful thinking? Admittedly, I like this actor from previous shows. Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Meanwhile, our man Joe cannot get a break in any life. But I’m surprised that he’s chosen to sever the cycle and abandon his second Joe-dom. Just when he was so close to having a life with the reformed Ming. Humans aren’t good at letting go. I bet he’ll be back – now that he’s taken the reins, he’ll find a way. But in a way, wouldn’t you wish for him to get some well-deserved peace?

As ever, loving this series. One more to go… who’s twisting in anticipation?


Already awaiting next week’s episode? There’s no teaser this week on iQIYI, keeping us all in suspense.

Have you fallen for My Stand-In? Anyone else awed by this well-developed story? It’s time to confess in the comments below. And before you go, be sure to check out our interview with the actors behind Joe and Ming.


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