Muted – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

All Falls Down

Episode 4 of Muted starts with Ana checking the monitors and realizing Sergio’s heartrate is unusually high at 160. He’s sussed out Mikel, who’s getting too close and blows his cover. He’s not exactly subtle and his idiocy causes Sergio’s heartrate to blast up to 205.

Sergio eventually gets in the same car and Ana doesn’t have footage of this either, despite the camera pointing right at them, but there we go. Sergio doesn’t linger but he tells Mikel to stop following him, subsequently leaving the car and taking off.

Ana next speaks to Marta, blaming her for causing the whole operation to almost collapse. Following her stunt the night before, telling him that he should be paranoid about being watched, she’s concerned that all of this could be for nothing. Of course, that’s just what Cabrera wants and he listens in and decides they should quit the investigation and just bring Sergio back in as the killer that he believes he is.

Ana is getting way too invested in this work and the others silently contemplate whether she’s the real problem here. She believes their duty is to help him but just as things grow heated, a system failure sees all of them in complete blackout as someone appears to have tampered with the cameras. Could it be Cabrera?

Given his sly little wink toward Mikel, you would be correct to assume that. And he’s even bugged Ana’s office too, overhearing Greta suggest that they refocus their efforts to finding Noa instead. She’s the key to all of this but Ana is reluctant.

Ana heads off to the school and starts asking questions about Blanca, hoping to find some sort of connection to Noa. Ana points out the videos she’s seen about the experiments, which is enough for the teacher to open up and reveal more details.

Blanca used to do experiments at home, using Sergio like a lab rat. He hands over all her files to him, which happen to be in a large briefcase and it could hold the answer to what’s going on here.

Part of this includes audio and video recordings of Blanca doing trials on Sergio. She medicates him with some serum called A-23 and has done for the last two weeks. The level of hostility has decreased by 17% and she’s determined to continue on this path. Javier (Sergio’s father) is uncomfortable about experimenting on their son like some zoo animal.

Ana though is a woman possessed and she breaks into Sergio’s apartment, where she finds a door hidden in plain sight by the bookshelf. Inside happens to be Javier and Blanca’s “lab” where they experimented on Sergio. Ana sees all of this and begins snatching up as many documents as possible.

With her fingerprints all over the place, Ana tries to leave but unfortunately finds herself trapped when Sergio returns home. It’s touch and go for a while but she does manage to get out.

However, she’s spotted inside the apartment by Greta and the other investigators, who manage to get the cameras back up and running again. Thankfully Cabrera doesn’t see this but Greta questions what Ana has been up to. Greta has her doubts over the validity of the whole story despite the fact that there is literal physical evidence before them. Greta believes this is unethical but agrees to follow through all the same.

As the episode closes out, Ana returns home to her family whom she’s been ignoring calls from for most of this season. As she greets her daughter, she runs upstairs and the camera pans around to show the name of Ana’s daughter on the door upstairs. And that name? Noa.

The Episode Review

And this is the episode where everything starts to fall apart. The profound lack of attentive police work, not to mention the descent into fantastical drama, is enough to swing Muted from endearing to something farfetched and far less appealing.

So the moral line with this investigation has been crossed by Ana heading in and finding crucial evidence that could help them learn the truth about Sergio… but bugging his apartment and spending tax payer’s money to watch this guy’s every move is absolutely fine?

It’s now revealed too that Ana has adopted Noa, throwing into question exactly what she’s up to with Sergio and why. And more importantly, how all the other police officers haven’t been aware of this.

Either way, Muted has failed to impress and with 2 episodes left, this one’s in danger of completely falling apart.

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