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Episode 3 of Muted begins with Ana watching Noa’s videos, trying to work out some sort of pattern. Within one of the videos, it shows Sergio with this ampoule, which we saw him smash up last episode. However, there’s a communication error with the server and she’s unable to continue. There seems to be a clue in this video though, given Blanca is there and she tells Sergio “you’re a monster.”

Sergio wakes up absolutely fine after his run-in with Eneko and the thugs, and heads out to buy some gear. However, he’s stopped by police officers in the store and, more accurately Cabrera.

The sub-inspector decides to arrest Sergio and he is, as always, silent. Unfortunately, footage of the fight shows Eneko on the news acting saintly and claiming that Sergio attacked the gang and they all acted in self defence against a “psycho”. Of course, with Sergio staying silent and his history, he’s presumed to be guilty and he’s thrown into lock-up.

Ana goes to the judge though and explains that the spying investigation is making progress and the video they have clearly shows Sergio is in the wrong. However, that’s not going to stop the media from running rampant with their stories, despite us knowing that he’s innocent.

The wildcard here though is Marta, and despite claiming she’s not going to do anything to Ana, shows up to confront Eneko, telling him this isn’t like her. He’s pissed that she’s cheating on him and promises to continue to press charges regardless of what she says. Oh, and he also spreads the news all over the internet that Marta is with the “Balcony Killer”.

Cabrera is another point of contention too, especially when he shows up brandishing incriminating photos to use against Sergio. It’s here we learn that back at the Detention Center,  Charlie and Sergio both “shared” a girlfriend and Charlie’s scars and cuts are apparently a result of Sergio’s handiwork.

Ana does more investigative work and finds out that there are no records on file of Sergio taking drugs while in the center, outside of the occasional ibuprofen or paracetamol. However, there appears to be something going on with Sergio and one of the guards, who both get into an altercation on the stairs.

Sergio calls him a pedo, the man receives a stiff headbutt for his troubles, and as Sergio is held back, he begins hyperventilating and spiralling out of control.

Meanwhile, Natanael receives a message through with the video footage of Sergio confirming that he didn’t start the fight. However, it now becomes clear that Cabrera is working to undermine and debunk Ana’s work. This would lead one to believe that Sergio is being framed for the murders, right?

Anyway, Natanael takes this video and heads off to visit Eneko, threatening him with his “friends” from afar and showing off the video. He demands Eneko withdraw his statement and it doesn’t take long before he does just that. Natanael and the Greenhouse gang are there to greet Sergio when he leaves, and for Ana, she breathes a sigh of relief, realizing that their investigation is back on.

That’s just as well too as Marta meets up with Eneko and it seems the pair make up in his car. He tries to ring her but she simply tells him that she’s off with her mum. Sergio calls her out for the lies and the pair get into a heated chat. Tellingly, he does get angry and lash out at her or anything, and infact he gets frustrated and claims he just wants to live a normal life and not be a monster. “I did something terrible that will always haunt me,” He says.

Ana gets back the video footage from the technical team, who have managed to uncover more of the home videos we’ve been seeing across this season. Within the video, Blanca belittles Sergio while Noa is filming round the corner, telling him that he’s trash and useless.

Sergio does not take this well and spirals, eventually crashing down to the ground and ending up having a convulsive episode. His mum seems to be recording too because once he’s passed out, she says out loud “test complete”

Sergio always had an inkling that his mum wanted to change him and was being watched constantly. His moments of frailty are enough for Marta to open up and give herself to him. As they begin kissing, that kissing soon turns into so much more, leading into the bedroom and, subsequently, having sex.

After they’re done, Marta tells Sergio that his feeling of being watched is not an illusion and he’s actually correct.

The Episode Review

So Sergio chooses not to talk… except when he does? The rules around what triggers him to speak and what doesn’t isn’t exactly clear and a lot of these issues stem from misunderstandings thanks to Sergio’s unwillingness to speak. It’s something that’s basically a convenient plot trope at this point and it drags the pace and narrative down more than it should.

However, it would seem like Blanca may have been doing experiments on her son, perhaps something akin to A Clockwork Orange and changing a delinquent into a subservient guy who just cannot hurt anyone. But we’re clutching at straws here and will have to wait and see for now.

The long shots and laborious pace are other problems too that have been a consistent mainstay in Muted and haunted the show since the start. Halfway done, it doesn’t seem like that is going to change any time soon.

Despite all that, the ending to this chapter does promise that things are going to pick up so fingers crossed for the future!

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