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Episode 2 of Muted begins with Cabrera and Ana watching as Marta heads into Sergio’s apartment. Ana is confident nothing is going to happen, given his ankle tag is showing his heart rate as relaxed.

Marta used to give Noa piano lessons and this little trip down memory lane is enough for Sergio to show a whole bunch of letters he got while in prison. Sergio only replied to Marta because she has connections to her sister. “But you tricked me.” He says, as Ana notices the heartrate monitor speed up and our alleged Balcony Killer getting a knife out.

Sergio believes she gave the wrong number and is tricking him, but Marta holds her nerve and suggests that she might have changed her number. Cabrera wants to send the troops in but Ana stops him, which happens to be the right call as he decides to show her something hidden by the fish tank. It’s Noa’s phone, which happens to hold videos of time with him and Noa. Sergio wasn’t angry after all, but actually nervous about sharing his secrets with her.

Sergio pleads with Marta for help in tracking down his sister. When he tries to kiss her, she grows spooked and leaves the apartment. But why? Well, it turns out her boyfriend, Eneko, rang her during this time and she got cold feet, not wanting to cheat on her boyfriend.

In the morning, the group return to the greenhouse again. Natanael is there to greet him and shows Sergio around before tasking him with writing a list. In doing so, this will help him on his step to recovery.

Ana shows up to see Marta at work and questions why she ran out. She brings up how Marta wasted a great opportunity and her bolting like that could have jeopardized her investigation. Marta shrugs it off, telling her to get someone else.

Ana calls her clever, pointing out that Sergio likes her a lot and there’s no one else who could get this done. She’s still feeling guilty though, especially when she flies over to the estate agency while Eneko’s working.

Eneko grows suspicious of this impromptu visit and in fact, when he leaves work and follows her, he notices Marta and Sergio together from afar.

Eneko jumps in and stops Marta from getting any closer while Sergio watches in silence. In fact, he finishes his list and hands it over to Nathanael, who gives it a read and tells him he’s missing some names, screwing it up and throwing it on the floor. “It’s not only about apologizing to the living.” He says, leading Sergio up to the graves of his parents and dumping a bucket next to their grave. He wants Sergio to wash it down as a way of repenting for his sins.

Sergio shows up to see Eneko, who mistakes him for a new tenant at an apartment that’s on the market. It’s tense and awkward, especially as Sergio starts closing all the blinds and limiting the light inside the area. When Marta shows up too, Sergio kisses her in front of Eneko, who loses his temper and pushes him. “You wanna tell him?” Sergio asks, before smirking and leaving the scene.

Ana picks him out on the cameras outside, followed by Marta and Eneko whose fight spills into the street. Of course, there’s not any audio so they’re left in the dark over what’s just happened. Ana has an inkling though and when she speaks to Marta again, reminds her that Sergio is just like most men, who only think for themselves and that when it comes to Sergio, he’s feeling very alone – which is her ticket into his apartment and life.

Mata heads back in and decides to go all-in with her cheating, straddling and kissing Sergio. She does all this under the guise of being a spy, but her mission here is to try and find Noa’s phone. Unfortunately, she’s caught in the act but she doesn’t lie, and tells Sergio that she wants to watch more home videos – and that’s just what they do.

While all this is going on, Marta and Sergio are interrupted by a drunk Eneko, who shows up and demands he come down to talk.

While Eneko and Sergio “talk” downstairs, Ana quickly rings through to Marta and tells her to transfer all the videos and make a copy. While it’s being transferred, Sergio is blindsided by Eneko and a whole bunch of guys that corner him outside eventually beat him down to the ground.

All the files are transferred, Marta rushes down to the hallway, while Mikel (the man who was initially tailing Sergio all this time) shows up and pretends to be an innocent bystander, causing the kids to scarper just as the police show.

The Episode Review

So the play here with Muted is on Sergio’s inability (or unwillingness) to speak and that sees everyone jump to conclusions over exactly what he may or may not be hiding.

Quite how his parents’ death ties into what’s happening with this secret investigation is still to be decided, given it seems to be a social experiment to determine whether Sergio really is dangerous or not.

However, the pace is so laborious at this point and there’s a good deal of information being kept at arm’s length from us to keep this mystery going. Some of that stems from the way this story has been told, with a profound lack of flashbacks which, ordinarily would seem like a cheap gimmick, but here it’s almost necessary to try and understand the full extent of what happened to Sergio’s parents. Hopefully we learn more over the coming episodes but this one is wobbling a bit.

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