Muted – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Tumble

Episode 1 of Muted starts with a married couple crashing down from the sky and hitting the ground hard. They’re not alone though, and as a bystander looks up at the balcony high up, a dumbfounded man breathes heavily, heading back into his apartment and stepping over broken glass. His hands are bleeding, he calls out for Noa and eventually finds her cowering in her room.

This is Sergio, and as a result of his parents’ deaths, he’s imprisoned for six years. Fast forward to his day of release and Sergio is let go from juvenile detention, nine months earlier than expected. Quite why he killed his own parents, remains a mystery. For now, a woman called Ana shows up with her goons and begins bugging his apartment, placing cameras everywhere.

As for Sergio, he’s allowed to go with a new lease on life and he signs his release permit. However, he still has to wear an ankle tag to make sure he doesn’t run. Oh, an there’s also Ana who ends up watching his every move too. They’ve begun a “program” to watch his movements and they’re tasked with determining Sergio’s threat level.

Sergio is infamously known as the “Balcony Killer” after killing his parents, and Ana wants to see if he’s unstable and will snap. Oh and that ankle bracelet? It’s got a heartrate monitor installed. Part of this mystery stems from the fact that Sergio has barely spoken for the last six years.

According to the crime reconstruction team, the blood stained hand on the wall is from Sergio’s mother, who was attacked with a box cutter by Sergio who stabbed her constantly, and caused massive cuts across her ankles and wrists. Eventually, this prosecutor’s version of events is what they go with and then as a result of falling backwards, she tumbled off the balcony. When his father arrived to check on her, Sergio pushed him over too.

Sub-Inspector Cabrera shows up Ana’s the base of operations, and he too is going to be part of this investigation. He’s here to oversee the investigation and make sure everything runs smoothly. While they all watch on the monitors, Natanael shows up at the door. He’s an evangelical priest; a tutor assigned by the judge that specializes in rehabilitating ex-convicts.

With Natanael at hand, the pair head out and across to the greenhouse where Sergio is going to be working. In the midst of this, Sergio messages a young woman and asks to meet at 4. This greenhouse is where Sergio is scheduled to work during his release, and Ana is reassured that they have cameras everywhere so they should be able to keep an eye on him at all times.

When a guy called Guillan shows up and antagonizes Sergio, the latter pushes the guy down and stamps his authority. While the greenhouse is being fumigated, Guillan shows up and corners Sergio by the crops, sporting a scythe. Sergio doesn’t do anything though, and instead watches from afar as Guillan chokes on the poisoned air and is carted out on a stretcher by paramedics. Given there’s no cameras inside, Ana immediately jumps to conclusions and believes Sergio is directly responsible.

Sergio is dropped off after the incident, where he reunites with that young woman from earlier. It’s not Noa, as we first thought, but a girl called Marta, who happens to be a superfan. She hands over a phone number and takes off. Ana decides to have her tailed, while Sergio messages that number we saw from before. This used to belong to Noa, his sister, explaining his involvement with her.

Ana shows up in person to see Marta, wanting answers. With little other choice, Ana leads Marta to their secure headquarters, where she tries to open up Marta to revealing everything she’s been up to with Sergio. Ana wants her help but before they can continue the conversation, Cabrera shows up and he questions her decision to use Marta.

Ana notices Marta heading up to Sergio’s place on the cameras. It’s touch and go for a while but when Sergio sees her, he invites Marta in and she casts a glance up at one of the cameras.

The Episode Review

Netflix’s new Spanish series feels like a blend of Rabbit Hole and The Capture, two similarly espionage-centric shows. While there is intrigue with this one, it’s a bit of a slow burn too. You can immediately tell that this show is going to take its sweet time getting to the crux of the drama but the characters are at least intriguing enough to follow for the time being.

The opening scene in particular is great and it’s a decent hook to really sink into this world and become engrossed in this Spanish thriller. However, it is undermined somewhat by so many long shots. The sheer number of establishing shots, panning across landscapes, showing people walking, watching etc. is a bit overkill.

However, there’s enough here to remain engaged and with all 6 episodes ready to go on Netflix, we thankfully don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens next.

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