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The Most Anticipated Thai BLs Series Coming In 2023

Thai BL series continue to surge in popularity and have garnered support from fans worldwide. Dedicated fans like to keep track of new bl series that will air and be in the know about the upcoming dramas to get ready for the inevitable hype! Whether it is a new series, sequels, or spin-offs to existing major franchises, this list includes all the BLs to look forward to, from GMMTV, Be On Cloud, and Domundi.

Of course, if there are any in here we’ve missed or that you’re particularly excited about, do let us know in the comments below!

A Boss and a Babe

The Enchante couple, Force and Book, will star in this GMMTV series about an office romance between a boss and an employee. Office romance Bls are rare, and fans are excited about this one. Book plays the role of Chay, a gamer with a passion and dream of entering the e-sports industry. He lands an internship in a company where Force, starring as Gun, is his boss. Gun likes the new intern and asks Chay to perform unreasonable tasks. Chay is clueless about the hints sent his way by the flirtatious boss and is left confused.


Hidden Agenda

This GMMTV series will star the popular Star in my Mind couple Joong and Dunk. Set in a university setting, a popular Thailand Bl series setting, the series tells the story of Zon (Dunk), who crushes on a popular girl Nita. Zo is inexperienced in love and seeks the help of Nita’s ex-boyfriend, Joke (Joong), to help flirt with her. Joke agrees to help with certain conditions, implying his “hidden agenda.”


Cooking Crush

Gmmtv veteran and fan heartthrobs OffGun couple will star in this series as each other’s love interests. The series explores the lives of a chef with a dream of big success in the culinary world, but his cooking skills are nowhere near good enough. Chef Prem (Gun) is approached by Ten (Off), a medical student wanting to learn to cook from Prem. It starts as a scam cooking, but what happens next?



Last Twilight

This GMMTV series will star the Vice Versa couple Jmmy and Sea. Mork (Jimmy) is a mechanic drowning in debt. He takes a high-paying job as the caretaker of a partially blind heir, Day (Sea). Day likes that Mork does not pity him, unlike previous caregivers, and agrees to hire him. Days condition worsened, and his doctor said he only had 180 days left of partial blindness and would become completely blind. Mork decides to help him do everything he ever wished to do within the 180 days so Day can have a mental picture.


Only Friends

This one is among the most anticipated 2023 GMMTV BL series. The storyline transcends beyond the known GMMTV safe plots and depicts friends-with-benefits situation-ships among six friends. The series trailer amazed the fans with the dark themes and toxicity in the series ploy that leaves no barriers untouched with back-stabbing, betrayals, and cheating themes. The series will star Force, Book, Khaotung, First, Mark, and Neo.


Dangerous Romance 

The series will star the new GMMTV sensational actor Perth who joined the company in 2022 acting as a troublesome rich kid and school bully, Kanghan. He stars alongside his love interest Sailom, a poor nerd who works several jobs to help his elder brother keep afloat, played by Chimon. Kanghan and Sailom start with a great dislike for each other. Sailom is hired as Kanghan’s tutor, bringing different dynamics to their interactions.


Moonlight Chicken

The veteran GMMTV bl couple Earth and Mix will star in this series. Earth plays Jim, a guy who sells Hainanese check to make a living. A chance meeting brings Wen (Mix), a drunk customer, to his diner, and their relationship starts as a one-night stand. Feelings they cannot decipher develop and bring complications in their lives since Wen has a boyfriend.


Cherry Magic Thailand

Another veteran GMMTV BL couple, Tay and New, will grace the screen in the Thailand adaptation of a manga series by Toyota Yuu. Bl fans who have already watched the Japanese adaptation of the same series are excitedly waiting to see the spin GMMTV will put into this story and looking forward to seeing TayNew after the long wait since the Dark blue kiss franchise.

Our Skyy 2

This anthology will be a continuation of 8 different GMMTV series giving a glimpse of what has been happening in the stories of the various bl couples. The series includes the stories of KhabKluen and Daonuea from Star in My Mind (2022), Pran and Pat from Bad Buddy (2021), Talay and Puen from Vice Versa (2022), Tin and Gun from the currently ongoing series My school president, Akk and Ayan of The Eclipse (2022), Chay and Gun of the upcoming series A Boss and a Babe, Tian and Phypha of A Tale of 1000 Stars (2021), Palm and Nuengdiao from the ongoing series Never Let me Go.

Wuju Bakery

After the overwhelming success of KinnPorsche the series, fans are excitedly waiting to see Jeff and Barcode take up new roles in this upcoming BoC series. The plot will explore the relationship between a young baker, played by Barcode, and an Alien who crash lands, ruining the bakery. Fans are still waiting for BoC to release more information on the series.

Bed Friend

This upcoming Domundi Bl series starring Net and James will premiere on 18th February. The plot will explore an office romance between the private Uea (James) and the flirtatious colleague King (Net). King and Uea dislike each other but are somehow behind in having a particular situationship. They decide to be bed friends, have no strings attached, and set rules of engagement. However, rules are made to be broken, and feelings change.

The teaser:

Naughty Babe

The trailer shows that the series might be a spin-off of the popular Domundi series Cutie pie, telling the story of Hia Yi, played by Max, and Khondiao, played by Nat. It will expound on the circumstances that led to Khondiao living in Hia Yi’s house and give an in-depth of the relationship development from being a business engagement to a lover.


Middleman’s Love

This Domundi series will tell the story of Jade, played by Yim, who always finds himself in the middle. He is a middle child, is average in life and school achievements, and is always surrounded by extremely good-looking people making him average in looks and constantly overlooked.

He is the guy that people approach when they are interested in either his friends or his siblings. That is until an intern joins his workplace, and initially, Jade thinks he is interested in his friend Uea just like everyone else and thinks he is to be a middleman for another love story. However, who is Mai, played by Tutor, really interested in? Will Jade still be overlooked?


The Next Prince

The sensational Cutie Pie Bl couple Zee and Nunew will star in this upcoming Domundi series. Nunew plays the role of the crown prince Khanin and his royal bodyguard Charan played by Zee. Khanin loves to live freely and hence lives far away from his home Emmally and is not interested in the throne or the politics of succession. Charan is tasked with bringing Khanin back home.


Love Upon a Time

This Domundi series will explore the themes of superstition and time travel. The series stars Net, playing the role of Phob in the past and Tinnaphob in the present. His Bl partner, James, plays Klao in the past and Nakhun in the present. Fate leads Nakhun to travel 400 years into the past to Ayutthaya Kingdom, where the people mistake him for Klao.

He will assume this identity, solve the mystery around his disappearance and try to find a way to get back to his time.


Love Syndrome

Fans are already buzzing about this show and the trailer quickly became a hit on TikTok. The drama is scheduled to premiere in April and we are all praying it is not pushed further.  Love Syndrome is the story of  Day who suffers serious injuries after an accident. His boyfriend, Itt blames himself for the accident and tries his best to help Day recover his memories. However, the accident has changed Day’s personality and Itt can no longer recognize the kind and caring person Day once was.


Of course, we will keep you updated once we hear from fan favourites such as BossNoeul, FortPeat, YinWar and BounPrem but in the meantime, those are our picks for BL series to keep on your radar!

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