Murder Mystery 2 Ending Explained – Do Nick and Audrey catch the murderer?

Murder Mystery 2 Plot Summary

After going to a private island for Maharajah’s wedding, Nick and Audrey are involved in yet another murder and kidnapping mystery. The Maharajah’s personal bodyguard – Louis had been murdered while the groom himself had been kidnapped.

Since the closest of the kin – Colonel, Claudette, Sekou and her friend, Saira and Francisco were the only ones that knew about Maharajah’s special entry to the sangeet ceremony, Nick and Audrey narrow them down as the suspects in the case.

The Colonel hires a high-profile detective – Connor Miller to solve the case. The kidnappers ask for a $70 million ransom for Maharajah’s life and ask Nick and Audrey to deliver it in Paris. In Paris, Nick and Audrey are taken to a different location by the kidnappers.

What happens during Nick and Audrey’s ride with the kidnappers?

On their ride, Miller sends Nick and Audrey to deal with the kidnappers and hands Audrey a gun for protection. Meanwhile, their interaction with the kidnappers does not go as planned and the couple is taken on a ride to a different location in order to be united with Maharajah.

The kidnapper threatens to kill Nick and Audrey if they do not hand the briefcase with the money to them. Nick handcuffs himself to the briefcase. After a fight, Audrey ends up shooting one of the three kidnappers while killing the driver of the van with an axe.

While Nick fights the third kidnapper and Audrey tries to navigate the van with a dead man in the driver’s seat, the couple ends up crashing inside a restaurant. There the couple learns that the cheese knife from their room was Louis’ murder and that they had fled with the money which made them the prime suspects in the investigation.

What happens after Nick and Audrey become the prime suspects?

Miller finds the couple in the restaurant and takes away the ransom money. He tells the Spitzes that the news report was fake and leaves with the briefcase. Audrey starts to doubt Miller and wonders if he was the kidnapper because he took away so much money with him.

Just then, the car Miller is driving bursts into flames, killing him and the cash briefcase is taken by a truck driver. Audrey notes down the number of the truck and they leave to go to the opera where they could possibly meet Interpol Inspector Delacroix.

At the opera, Delacroix helps the couple trace the location of the truck. They borrow his car and phone as well. They call Colonel asking him to stall the kidnappers until they trace the person who has the money. The couple ends up reaching the location and is shocked to see Countess Sekou and her partner in crime, Imani there.

How do Nick and Audrey escape Sekou’s attack?

The two women tie the couple up and Sekou kills Imani before fleeing with the money. Sekou burns down the house before she leaves but Imani ends up shooting Sekou before dying of the gunshot. Now, Nick and Audrey are worried about being blamed for two more murders as they try to escape the location while being tied up.

Nick and Audrey are able to free themselves and manage to escape the burning house diving into a body of water from the window. On their way out, the couple finds a Lamborghini, and by chance, Audrey ends up behind the wheel of the luxury car again.

Is the Maharajah alive?

Nick and Audrey call all the suspects for a meeting at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower and start exposing their intent behind the kidnapping.  But to their shock, Maharajah walks into the restaurant with a bomb strapped to his body.  Maharajah claims that the kidnappers had asked for the money to be placed in the elevator.

With only less than a minute remaining, Nick decides to stall because he is sure the bomb is fake. The bomb indeed turns off after the countdown and the Maharajah is safe.

Who is the kidnapper in Murder Mystery 2?

When the bomb does not go off, Miller enters the restaurant from the glass windows. He takes the money away and turns on the timers to the bomb again before escaping. Audrey ends up grabbing onto Miller and joins his escape to the top of the Eiffel Tower while Nick rushes behind.

At the top, Audrey fights Miller trying to turn off the bomb while Nick fights Miller’s men. Audrey threatens to throw away the suitcase full of cash if Miller has done anything to the detonator. Once Nick makes it to the top, he tries shooting at Miller with not one but two guns. Yet, despite all that he somehow fails to shoot Miller.

Nick destroys the detonator which eventually turns off the bomb. Miller pushes Audrey off the roof and snatches the briefcase from her. Nick tackles Miller as Audrey hangs off the tower on a harness that she had sneaked on herself.

How does Murder Mystery 2 end?

Audrey and Nick manage to throw Miller off the top of the Eiffel Tower and the man crashes on top of his helicopter, which was waiting for him. Miller’s fall causes the aircraft to crash.

Audrey and Nick get back to the restaurant, where Audrey notices something peculiar about the henna on Saira’s hand. She reveals that Saira had smeared her henna during the night of the Sangeet when Maharajah was kidnapped.

Now that Saira’s true motives are exposed, she steals a gun from Colonel’s bodyguards and tries to shoot Maharajah. However, Colonel comes in just in time and saves him but ends up getting shot on his only remaining arm.

Claudette helps tackle Saira and the to-be-married couple decides to elope. Nick and Audrey cannot wait to go back home but not before renewing their vows at the Locks of Love bridge. Maharajah sends the couple a briefcase full of 10 million dollars and asks them to finally go on a peaceful honeymoon.

However, the pilot of the helicopter threatens to shoot them and jumps out of the aircraft with the 10 million Nick and Audrey are left in the helicopter as the movie comes to an end.

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