Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal Season 2 Review – A fitting swansong for this big true crime case

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The Murdaugh family-related deaths have been a big talking point in the world of true crime. When the first season came out back in February,  it focused on the infamous boating accident and then moved on to the death of Maggie and Paul in episode 3. However, there were some questions left unanswered and the series wrapped up before we got definitive answers. Naturally, Netflix had to bring this one back for season 2.

Maggie and Paul’s deaths are the primary focus here, and the first episode starts on January 23rd 2023, with Alex Murdaugh arriving at Colleton County Courthouse in South Carolina. He’s standing trial for killing his wife and son but pleads not guilty… but is he really innocent? 

Blending courtroom footage, archival shots from cell phones and text messages, along with testimonies from friends, families and those in the community, Murdaugh Murders tries to set out and answer the most crucial question of this case: Did Alex really kill his wife and son? And if he didn’t, then who did?

The three episodes are a decent length and primarily  cover the court case. However, they also expand out to cover Alex’s behaviour before and after the murders, including potential ties with drugs, run-ins with “Cousin Eddie” and misappropriation of funds at work. All of this works to paint Alex as a rather shady individual, with episode 3 blowing the lid wide open on the case with some shocking revelations and evidence.

For those who are unaware of what happens, I’m not about to spoil that here. Suffice to say though, it certainly recontextualizes what we learn earlier on in the season.

The first season did wrap up before everything was over and closure was perhaps needed but there are parts of this documentary, even at 3 episodes long, that feel unnecessary. There are some theories thrown out and episode 2 has a couple of questionable scenes too, before the third actually brings things back on track and we see the outcome. 

However, the documentary is well-made and there’s some good interviews in here that helps to flesh things out. It’s certainly not perfect, but it is a decent documentary series and at least gives closure to a case that’s been big news this year.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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