Munjya (2024) Movie Review — Maddock Films strikes again with the perfect blend of horror and comedy

Maddock Films strikes again with the perfect blend of horror and comedy

After seeing the success of movie franchises in the West, India is finally starting to experiment with the genre of interconnected films. The Maddock Supernatural Universe, which comprises three standalone films, is finally expanding with the release of the 2024 horror comedy – Munjya.

The film narrates the story of a boy named Bittu who goes back to his hometown and unknowingly releases a ghost named Munjya who latches on to him. Now, Munjya haunts Bittu wherever he goes and threatens Bittu, forcing him to perform tasks that are beyond his imagination.

The film is a stand-alone in all aspects. However, the ending of Munjya connects the Bittu’s world to that of Bhaskar and Vicky from the movies Behdiya and Stree. Maddock Films, the production house of Munjya has done a great job at narrating a simple horror comedy that viewers of all ages, especially Gen Z will enjoy.

The film centres around a young geeky boy who fumbles at doing simple tasks. We see Bittu’s journey from being a clumsy boy to finding faith in himself. Abhay Varma does a great job at playing Bittu. We see innocence in his eyes which makes viewers love the character all the more. Sharvari does a fair job at playing Bela.

Mona Singh playing Pammi, Bittu’s mother, is enjoyable but I wish there was more of her in the film. Aside from them, Sathyaraj as Elvis Karim Prabhakar and Suhas Joshi as Bittu’s Aaji (grandmother) are fun characters as well. Bittu’s cousin Diljeet played by Taranjot Singh steals the show when it comes to comedy and the viewers will be left in a laughter riot every time he is on screen.

While the VFX used in the film is obvious, the character of Munjya is hilarious. The lingo Munjya uses in his speech causes instant laugh-out-loud moments. Unlike other films in the Maddock Supernatural Universe, Munjya does not have any singles that stand out.

Aside from Sharvari’s solo dance track ‘Taras’, the film has one romantic track – “Tainu Khabar Nahi” sung by Arijit Singh. The background score of the film is upbeat and enjoyable but the focus of Munjya is on the story and not on its soundtrack as compared to other films in this universe (i.e. Stree and Bhediya).

The film has a really enjoyable post-credit scene that many viewers will love topping off that Munjya is an enjoyable horror comedy, with an immense focus on the cinematography as compared to its soundtrack.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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