Mummy Reborn Film Review


A Tonally Confused Comedy/Horror Mash-Up

Given the amount of content I get through every single week, sometimes it’s a refreshing change of pace to dip into the Indie film market and discover a hidden gem. Unfortunately, Mummy Reborn is not a hidden gem. Nor is it a particularly good or enjoyable film. It’s simply a cheap, tonally confused comedy/horror mash-up that can’t quite decide what it wants to say or do.

The story revolves around Brenda, a troubled English teen who finds herself struggling for money after being laid off from her job. To make matters worse, her Mother’s passed away, leaving her the mortage on the house and her mentally challenged brother Max to look after. When an opportunity arises to make some money, thanks to an idea from her boyfriend Luke, Brenda decides to rob the antique store she’s been laid off from.

Stealing an antique amulet and coffin which could be worth a lot of money, they bite off more than they can chew when they awaken an ancient spirit within. From here, the film then falls into the slasher genre, as the Mummy begins terrorizing the teens, leading to a climactic showdown in a backyard between the remaining survivors and the Mummy itself. At this point, the entire script is thrown out the window and the film ends with the same tonal confusion it begun with, unsure of what sort of film it wants to be.

There’s a thin line between a funny horror and an outright bad production and unfortunately Mummy Reborn tries to walk this tightrope and fails, dramatically. The moments that are supposed to be funny end up feeling awkwardly contrived while the dramatic moments involving the Mummy are unintentionally humorous, especially late on when it goes on a murderous rampage.

Aside from the aesthetic of the Mummy itself and a surprisingly good, but slightly misleading, movie poster, there really isn’t anything worth checking out here. The acting is poor, the camera work unremarkable and the tonally inconsistent narrative makes this a film more wrapped up and cobbled together than the Mummy itself. As a comedic horror, I really think Mummy Reborn could work but in its current format it really doesn’t.


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  • Verdict - 1/10

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  1. possibly the worst film ive ever watched…and wow the portrayal of stoners in the woods its ridiculous….the worst film ive ever watched

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