Mulligan – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Egg Hunt” Recap and Review

The Egg Hunt

Dave is a PCP junkie who bizarrely predicted the alien invasion seconds before it happened. He has since become an urban legend, although that is without any real method of credibility.

This episode unfolds at the Easter party in the White House. Lucy has dressed nicely but isn’t satisfied with how classless Matty is behaving. She seems enchanted by King Jeremy, the British royalty, who makes another fashionable appearance in the show. His clothing, etiquette, and British accent charm Lucy. Bishop Lee and Father Jeff lament how the churches were empty on such a religious day. LaMarr laments and worries about the traditions dying as people lose interest and hope.

LaMarr feels as if they are of no use to the State as they cannot “shepherd” the people. Jeff mistakenly takes Dave’s name and LaMarr brings him to the party to inspire the people and get it rolling.

Axatrax is ovulating and lays a bunch of eggs – 100 to be precise – in the front yard. Matty is annoyed when he sees Lucy talk to Jeremy and goes outside to take in some fresh air. There was going to be no “Egg hunt,” that popular Easter tradition since there were no eggs left in the world. But when Matty sees Axatrax’s eggs, he hides them all so they can be found.

But it is not exactly what he thinks. LaMarr concocts a plan with Dave, who is quite clueless and agreeable to whatever he says. Dave prophecizes that “the eggs will hunt them” instead of the other way around. People laugh at him but it actually materialises in the front yard. Axtarax confronts Braun when he doesn’t find his eggs. Matty joins the conversation and Axatrax tells them that if the eggs are not fertilized within the first hour, they evolve to attack and devour their mother and everyone else in their path.

They begin their mission to destroy all the eggs. Dave gets high on PCP to be left to do what he wants, alone. Jeremy kisses Lucy in private but she runs away due to her obligations to Matty. She feels guilty and agrees to join Matty when he tells her about the mission. TOD has fetched guns for everybody and they start the killing spree in style. Jeremy is scared at the proposition of hunting and announces the situation to everyone and the fact that he is leaving.

The room is positively stunned. The group begins hunting them down. While using the guns, TOD has another vision of memories in its brain. He was previously a soldier when he had his body. But he doesn’t remember more. Lucy confides in Braun and TOD that she is torn between Jeremy and Matty. She likes the former as he is classy but Matty represents her duty as First Lady.

The people and LaMarr rush to Dave to hear his next prophecy. “Satan is coming and he has the head of a goat with red eyes, and one big fang, and an antler. He has the arm of a cat and another one that is a bird’s hand. One of his wings is a bat’s and the other is a bird’s wing. He has a horse leg and has a snake tail.”

Lo and behold Satan manifests. It is the last remaining egg and has turned into a gigantic space dragon matching Dave’s description. Braun comes up with the idea to electrocute the beast, as there is no other way to defeat him. Axatrax will be the bait to lure it in. LaMarr tries to hire Dave for his ulterior motives but Dave is already high. He goes out to confront the beast himself. The electrocution plan doesn’t work as the cable falls short. Dave is electrocuted and the monster eats it. But due to the PCP, it gets hallucinations and rips off its own head, killing itself.

Lamarr has now spread the rumours of Dave’s sacrifice and calls him Saint Dave, to give people hope. A congregation is assembled to celebrate Dave’s death. Lucy is surer of being in love with Jeremy but understands her duty as well. Dave has saved Easter and they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

The Episode Review

The mindless carefree fun that was expected from Mulligan is finally found in episode 7. The creative ingenuity to fashion old Easter traditions into a demon hunt must be appreciated. It was a game but it paid off. The statement of the State and the Church through the final episode and how LaMarr leveraged Dave is the kind of satire that always makes an impact. The series has been lacklustre thus far, embracing stereotypes and borrowing conviction. But this originality to manifest a century-old issue of debate was a fresh change.

Lucy and Jeremy’s romantic entanglement was unexpected and a wrong move. It has derailed Lucy’s arc and the lack of attention to Matty and her relationship in the previous episodes made it jarring. This embodies Mulligan’s central problem. Despite having the goods, lack of courage and presence of confusion makes them sideline their instincts and come up with passable, mediocre content that we will consume solely due to its inherent familiarity.

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