Mr Villain’s Day Off – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4 When Spring Comes to Town

Episode 4 of Mr Villain’s Day Off begins with a tired young man heading back home from work. He stops by at the convenience store. He laments about the way his life has dulled down. He has to stay at home on his day offs to do the house chores. There is no fun, relaxation or entertainment for him. He spots Mr Villain fuming at the next aisle.

He is surprised to see his anger dissipate when the store worker approaches. Mr Villain is angry and sad that the Chinese buns are discontinued. The young man is surprised to see that there are others too who stop by the convenience store after work. Mr Villain says the buns were his reward after a hard day of work. The store employee tells him of new frozen snacks in stock and Mr Villain promptly follows her.

The young man overhears the conversation and realisation dawns on him that he could also look at his day end activities as a reward instead of something negative. He buys some pudding to reward himself, and he returns the next day to buy another reward for himself.

The store employee informs him about the cherry blossom tea and we see Mr Villain enjoying the same a little while later. Cherry blossoms fall from the trees and Mr Villain eats one petal. Then we again see the young man and Mr Villain at the convenience store buying their treat for the day. The store employee tells Mr Villain about new ice cream products.

The young man does not want to intrude but tries to eavesdrop on the conversation. She recommends one flavour and Mr Villain chooses another. So Mr Villain buys both new ice cream flavours to do a taste test since he trusts her judgement too. The young man also tries both ice cream flavours.

Mr Villain departs with glee for the next day will be his day off after a while.

On his day off, he visits a café to look for some latte art. He is surprised to see the coffee-making equipment at the café. He feels terrified and the coffee he gets has a cute panda foam art over it. He is not happy that the panda foam melts the more he drinks the coffee. The customer next to him orders him a panda latte just to put him out of misery.

Next, we see Mr Villain trudging along heavy grocery bags containing milk He thinks about the food that he would prepare in advance since he has to work continuously for the next few days. He plans everything around a panda theme – from decorating the food to setting it in panda design plates. Climbing the stairs up to his apartment is a Herculean task even for such a strong villain. He celebrates when he reaches the top and is met with another fellow leading to some embarrassment.

Next, we see him heading to the cherry blossoms park for a picnic. He had packed lunch too, but the petals have already fallen. He finds a little young girl collecting the petals. She takes the lunch from him and gobbles onto the onigiris. She scatters the collected petals into the wind.

Mr Villain is surprised to see that the humans are amazed by the phenomena of falling cherry blossom petals. Suddenly, the girl goes away. Mr Villain’s voiceover tells us that he went back to the same spot after that day but the child did not return. He thinks to himself that he might go the next year as the episode comes to a conclusion.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of Mr Villain’s Day Off shows us that Mr Villain is human like any other on this Earth. He is a creature from a distant star, but his way of living is beginning to mirror a lot of what humans do. He is slowly becoming consumed in the worldly pleasures the Earth has to offer. So much so that he has to remind himself that he is a member of the Evil League. 

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