Mr Villain’s Day Off – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2 Earth is Formidable Indeed

Episode 2 of Mr Villain’s Day Off begins with a young boy’s voiceover narrating his latest achievement to his mother. He mentions that he has been picked to work on Earth with the General. The General is someone who is highly revered within the League and is respected by everyone.

The scene cuts to the Villain sitting in his chambers, when a colleague invites him to lunch. The Villain says he is busy but actually he is just occupied over missing out on seeing the new baby panda in person. He contacts the rookie recruit whom we heard at the beginning. He is working late, but the Villain tells him to go home. He advises the rookie to relax and rest, finishing the work tomorrow as it is not a priority for today.

The Villain tells him to make the most of his day off which is on the next day. The rookie is just stunned and surprised that the Villain aka. the General spoke to him. He wonders how to spend the day off and launches into a search. He ends up visiting the zoo and tells the Villain about it too. He is also enamoured by the pandas so he gets Mr Villain some panda-shaped chocolates and the Villain is happy.

At home, Mr Villain opens the chocolate packet and is scandalised that the chocolates are in mini panda shape and size. We are told that later he decorates the place with those chocolates until those expired.

In the next scene, we see him come back home late and throw a tantrum over having a pet panda. He dreams about cuddling with a panda after coming back home. He dreams about all the things he would do with a pet panda. It is soon day time and he takes a paid vacation day off to visit the zoo. He is in a dilemma about the color of panda’s tail. To verify that, he even bought an annual pass at the zoo so that he can come back several times.

He and a kid next to him wait anxiously staring at the panda for hours together. People come and go, and he notices that it has been two hours and that his phone is about to run out of battery. He stands there still until he can find a glimpse of the panda’s tail. Then we see a few scenes of people going about their day at the zoo.

Three hours later, Mr Villain and the young boy next to him exclaim when they finally get to see the panda’s tail. They fist bump over the achievement and Mr Villain thinks to himself that in his report, he would mention the day as one of a long struggle. He then finds his way to the petting zoo.

Mr Villain is surprised to see rabbits in various colors, especially the one in black and white. Hesitantly so, he proceeds to pet the rabbits. He is glued to his spot when the rabbits hoard him. He is terrified of moving without stepping on any. The zoo staff members clear Mr Villain’s way for him. The young boy from earlier joins in too and he gives tips to pet the rabbit.

Mr Villain strikes up a conversation with the kid. The kid wants to become a vet when he grows up, but his mother does not support the dream. Mr Villain addresses him as ‘Doctor’ and asks him to show how to pet the rabbits again. The kid is delighted. Mr Villain is lost in the soft sensation of stroking a rabbit.

Both of them wonder the same thing – if pandas would be similarly soft to touch. They fist bump again and go their separate ways as the day ends. Mr Villain thinks to himself that he would touch pandas once they are much more in number. He wonders if the young kid will become a vet, but he reminds himself that humanity would still need to be wiped out.

At the workplace, Mr Villain is thinking about persuading the authorities to get some rabbits but the rookie thinks he is thinking about ways to wipe out humanity.

It is raining at night and Mr Villain is heading home when he spots the Red Ranger. The Red Ranger invites him for a  battle but Mr Villain refuses citing it is his day off and also that he is carrying home some eggs to make hot spring eggs. Mr Villain asks Red Ranger to wait and heads his way.

The Red Ranger wonders if Mr Villain gave him the slip. He thinks that maybe Mr Villain will be back with an army but although he does return, he brings an umbrella and some snacks for the Red Ranger. He also guides the Ranger to the station too and he’s stunned as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In episode 2 of Mr Villain’s Day Off we see that Mr Villain has got a really soft side to him. Pandas, and now rabbits, have taken over his thoughts. Even the toughest of villains fall weak in the knees for these cute furballs.

This episode also introduced a new character, the rookie recruit. He is the typical rookie employee who lives and breathes the glory of seeing a legendary senior. His interactions with Mr Villain are quite interesting to see.

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