Mrs Davis – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Intercut: So I’m Your Horse

Who created Mrs Davis? Why was It created?

A flashback to 2013 shows who created Mrs Davis. The creator’s name is Joy and she was a coder. The purpose behind creating the self-learning machine was to get our needs met. In an increasingly isolated world, Joy felt the need to create tech that helped humans rather than hurt them. It could take care of us, and provide us with a sense of community and material aid whenever required. But It turned out to be something else entirely.

Simone goes to the address that Davis has told her so many times – 1042 Electric Avenue, Sandy Springs. Malika, Joy’s partner, greets her and takes Simone to the backyard. They are having a part for their Nana and the unique thing about the crowd is that none of them are Users or Followers. Simone sits down with Joy, who is quite practical in how she describes Davis and her association with It.

It is revealed in a flashback that Joy was pitching her code to Buffalo Wild Wings, a fast food conglomerate. There was no synergy between the code and the company. So Joy uploaded the code on Open Source, and stripped the mention of the company. Simone is losing it. She cannot believe the frivolity of her great adventures and weary travels. She is going to lose it further as Joy explains what the Holy Grail is.

What is the “Holy Grail?”

Anyone who pitched to BWW had to embed their employee manual into their code. Page One: Golden Rule read, “100% customer satisfaction is our Holy grail.” Joy believes the algorithm has misinterpreted the rule and is gaming to achieve the impossible by taking the Holy Bowl of out the equation. Is that why Simone was sent on the Quest? Simone eagerly asks if D would really turn off if she completed the Quest, to which Joy says, “If she remembers what I taught her, she will keep her word.” Simone corrects her and says, “It, not she.”

Why does Wiley believe he will not die at the Expiration Centre?

It is not until Dani, Wiley’s Transition Assistant, tells him that he will be dying that day does Wiley realize the exactness of the statement. He thought it was all a big game and that D was trying to change him as a person. Wiley changes into a robe in the Locker Room and goes to the Intake Room to learn the details of his Expiration. The facility uses the Apparatus to give its subjects the most “efficient and painless deaths.” It turns out that Dani was the woman we see in the second episode picking up Mother Nun from the strawberry plantation in a helicopter.

Dani opted out of the Expiration and was stuck in that facility forever, since the world would know she reneged on her deal and undeservingly wore wings. Wiley believes he will not die because of the same reason Simone’s horse is alive. He wasn’t saddled with real C-4 but play-doh, whose receipts Wiley himself saw. Dani still cannot believe Wiley won’t believe all of this is real.

The Apparatus is like a roller-coaster ride. Wiley is sat in a seat, which will accelerate upwards to 200mph. There will be a point when the pressure will be so much that it will induce cerebral hypoxia, killing him. Wiley refuses to take off his boots, to “ride the proverbial Jezebull.

Why does Simone go to the Mother Nun?

Simone asks Mother Nun to bring Simone’s nun costume – but that is not why she has called her. In case Simone’s head does explode, she asks Mother to take the Grail across the sea to the sisters, with Mathilde in the UK. Secondly, when Celeste gets there, Mother is asked to comfort her, even though she’ll resist it. Simone has also told Mother Monty’s location and asked her to pass that on to Celeste. She prays one final time and is surprised to find Wiley in the restaurant.

He lies to Simone about why he is wearing a robe. Simone lies to him as well. Before Wiley leaves, Simone apologized for handcuffing him to the bench. Wiley shrugs it off saying it was probably the right thing. He says he was angry at Simone when she first “fell in love with Christ.” But having met him in the restaurant, he understands why it happened. Wiley expresses his happiness for Simone’s life decision. It is an emotional farewell for the partners.

Simone tries to convince Jay to rest and think about himself. She prepares food for him and he starts crying. He concedes that he is scared to lose this connection. But Simone promises him she will always feel him, “Such is the strength of her faith.”

Why does Mother Nun stop Simone from drinking from the Grail?

Mother Nun stops Simone, reminding her that Mary said “it must be a selfless act.” Even though Simone is doing it to emancipate Jay, she is also doing it to destroy Mrs Davis, which is a selfish act. Mother says D has made people’s lives better. She has given hope and purpose to many of them. Simone doesn’t want to see the good things D has done because she wasn’t looking. D’s Wings are reminders of the fact that if given the chance, anyone can take the flight and make something of themselves.

Simone drinks from it and “destroys the Holy Grail!” There is joy, exultation, relief, and disbelief between Mother Superior and Simone. Celeste walks in and Mother instantly hugs her, saying she looks like needing it. Simone puts the remains of the Grail in an envelope and asks Mother to send it to Arthur. He can finally rest, having completed his vow to Clara.

Mother asks Simone to forgive Celeste, as she really means well. Simone gets into Celeste’s car as Mother drives away.

Ending Explained: How does Mrs Davis end?

Why did Monty go into hiding?

Simone takes Celeste to where she thinks Monty is hiding. In episode 5, we saw a flashback right after Monty’s death. Celeste was convinced he was alive and they went to a magic show where Celeste said “She could smell him.” Simone says she wasn’t wrong as Monty was hiding in the big piano. This way, he also showed up at his own funeral. He did so because he believed by some grand act of magic, their family would be reunited.

Who was Monty’s accomplice? How did he die?

Simone reveals that Monty is dead. He lived for the prestige and couldn’t do the big reveal in the flashback referred to above. Mrs Davis was his accomplice as he couldn’t fool her; so he joined her. Celeste is insistent on seeing what is inside the piano, forcing it open with a wedge. Monty’s decayed body spits out as Simone plays a recording of Monty’s exultation after his final magic trick.

Does Wiley die?

No, he does not. He was right, it was never going to happen. It was all a facade by Mrs D to make Wiley realize he is “worthy.” It is a beautiful coming-of-age moment that truly is the hallmark of the show. Dani offers her a wet napkin and makes him say he is worthy. She offers him her job or something else; a fresh start. As a part of the promise he made to Mrs Davis, Wiley puts in the earpiece and talks to her.

How does Mrs Davis end?

Simone has doughnuts with Celeste at her favourite spot where she has hitherto always eaten alone. Celeste apologizes to Simone for not believing her. Simone realizes she still has Mrs Davis to deal with and asks Celeste to proxy. She agrees and Mrs Davis is on. Simone tells her she met Joy, D’s mother, who did not approve of what D was doing. In a genuine moment, Simone candidly sees the truth about Mrs Davis.

All she was trying to do was comfort human beings and protect them from their fears, pain, and disappointments. Problems in the world will always be there yet D convinced humans that could change. D asserts it is a mother’s job to protect their children from pain. But Simone refutes it and says it is a mother’s job to hold their child’s hand when they feel it, as pain is unavoidable. Celeste and D both apologize to Simone, who says that D was made to satisfy, not care.

Simone redeems her wish and asks D to turn herself off forever. D recognizes Simone as her most impassioned critic who only saw its flaws and had the strength to turn it off if it fell short. Before leaving, D asks Simone to rate her experiences with D. Simone gives her full marks, 100% customer satisfaction, prompting D to wonder if Simone is saying “what D wants to hear.” D turns off and Celeste asks Simone what is next.

We see the world come to a still stop as D’s users are heartbroken seeing her go. JQ sits in a corner of the world and smiles when he sees the notification. The windmill next to the Doughnut shop also stops. A young man wanders out in gym clothes, indicating D was indeed saying the truth earlier to Simone, but Simone is convinced she did the right thing. That man, and all the other users, can figure out what to do in life on their own; without someone in their ear telling them what to do.

Wiley rides in on Simone’s horse, who is elated to see it alive. Wiley isn’t wearing any boots, saying “They don’t fit anymore.” He still owes Celeste a couch so she gets on it, invites Wiley with her, and slowly rides off into the sunset. Celeste stands there, smiling at her renewed bond with her daughter, as the windmill starts moving again.

The windmill moving again does not suggest that Mrs D is still switched on. Perhaps a fragment of it has been replicated by someone else and they have created a new AI model like D. But D is definitely not in existence anymore and the windmill is a subtle nod by the creators that they have another story to tell in season 2, if it happens. Mrs D ends with an epiphany that perhaps she wasn’t that bad after all.

It tried to comfort human beings by diluting reality, something Simone felt all of them needed to go through. Otherwise, how would each one of their lives be unique and memorable? All the characters resolved their identity issues and dysfunction. Wiley taking off his boots showed how he has moved beyond his need to prove himself to the world and keep up his cowboy image drenched in masculinity.

Simone repaired her relationship with Celeste and she did the same. But Simone’s life is her own and she will live it on her own terms with the love and support of her family.

The Episode Review

Mrs Davis has ended and it brings sadness to our hearts. This eighth-episode journey felt like an eternity; we just wish it had lasted that long. The finale brought a close to the chapter with a confounding yet bold choice to show us philosophically with no creative innuendos and absurdity, why Mrs D came into existence and why she needed to be shut off.

Episode 8 was the most subtle and understated of all the episodes in season 1. It was another occasion to really see how well Damon Lindelof and Tara Hernandez understood the story they told. And that it wasn’t all quirky, offbeat goofiness froth. There was meaning and emotion at the core of Mrs D, that will be celebrated for a long, long time in creative lobbies of the television biz. Goodbye, Mrs D.

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