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We are in a port of Spain to set sail for the “sea monster” as episode 7 of Mrs Davis begins. Arthur Schrodinger has shed all of his facial hair to reveal a smart-looking and charming science nerd. The whale is codenamed “PC-220” for some reason, as Simone and Wiley arrive at the ship.

Arthur’s urgency to start their journey stems from PC-220’s calamitous behaviour. The whale has destroyed almost 12 sea ships (is theirs fated to be the unlucky 13th?) and the crew wants to back off.

Celeste arrives with her Shroud as well, while Simone takes Wiley off and, under the guise of telling him about the tracker in his shoe, handcuffs him to a bench.

She feels he has been putting himself in dangerous situations because he doesn’t think he is worth saving. When the time comes to go into the whale, he would jump ahead and take the mantle and Simone cannot let that happen.

Ziegler and Mathilde are after the Grail as well and are already on a boat. Their spy has placed a transmitter on Arthur’s ship and tells them about the “sea monster,” which is a surprise. Davis asks Wiley, through Selene Fernandez, the PM of Spain, to “Franchise” his Resistance idea. Not for more groups, but for power.

The Server Farm the Resistance has been looking for is their own location. Davis taunts Wiley with the prospect that her 4 billion strong user base will see him as a coward and worthless man when he won’t report for his Expiration Date and redeem a reward he did not earn (like his grandfather’s inheritance).

She asks him to instruct his friends to set up more off-grid servers in new locations, and after Simone and Arthur have explained their daring plan to infiltrate the whale and retrieve the Grail, Celeste, who is standing in the back listening incredulously, says her piece.

She asserts Simone is falling back into her old habits of believing in delusional men and their magic tricks. But Simone ignores her negativity and prays to Jay. She finds the restaurant in bad condition and a leak starts the moment He sends Simone on the Quest. He asks her to stop and says that there are places in the world Davis hasn’t penetrated. Simone is insistent on completing it and says she underestimated Davis before but not again.

Wiley is back in Reno. At first, it seems like he is executing Davis’ plan by announcing expansion plans. But when he embraces a disappointed JQ, he tells them Davis is watching them. This is pretence on his part and he asks JQ to meet him where they first met.

Wiley reveals to JQ that Davis is in their servers and mainframe. And that is why they need to blow up their HQs and win this war against Her. Back at the sea, Mathilde and Ziegler reach closer to Arthur’s ship. He also picks up PC-220 on the sonar radar.

He warns Mathilde to turn off the engines but she instead puts her foot further down on the throttle. The whale changes its course and destroys their boat. Arthur finds Mathilde freezing in the water but she is alive. He tells her about Clara and Mathile goes into shock.

Celeste says that Clara died due to “Arthur’s absurd obsession.” He counters by saying Simone choses the Shroud for protection to get her attention, which Celeste does not agree with.

We see her sowing vulnerability when Simone gets ready to go into the sea. Celeste’s voice breaks but she regains her hardened exterior appearance and can’t go through with asking Simone to stay because she loves her.

Simone is thrown into the sea with the Shroud, lubricant, and artificial whale calf noises. It successfully attracts the whale, and as Simone is eaten, she is transported to Jay’s restaurant, showing her fear and indicating she is praying. But surprisingly, she sees the whale’s stomach covering the entire thing, so maybe it is not real. She sees the Boss’ door is open (which is never open) and she goes inside.

Navigating down a long passageway, she fears Jay is the one under the sheet laying still in front of her. But her umbilical cord, which tethers Simone to the ship, falls short. Out comes Mary, mother of Jesus, Simone’s “mother-in-law” (because Simone “married” Jesus for life when she became a nun). She asserts Simone can destroy the Grail because of her love for Jay an the place is actually his tomb, where Mary sat for her full days after Jesus died.

She took Jay’s skull and turned it into a bowl – the Holy Grail. But he feels trapped in that place. He is unhappy and suffering in the chasm between life and death. Destroying the Grail will set him free and once it is gone, Simone will never see Jay again.

She is definitely caught between a rock and a hard place. Mary says the Grail has been in front of her the whole time nut she must untether her umbilical cord to drink from it. People on the ship panic when they see Simone has taken off her helmet and they start pulling her out, but Simone has already detached the cord.

JQ reproduces the speech from the 2004 film Miracle to declare his love for the Resistance, before pressing the button and exploding the HQs. As the boys revel in their victory, it turns out that Mrs Davis is still online. And that Wiley is gone.

Wiley talks to Davis through a proxy and tells her his reason for blowing up the HQs. Wiley did not want his “brothers” and “friends” to stay enslaved to this idea to destroy Davis when it would never work. He set them “free” by taking away their playground.

Wiley gives himself up to die and get his Wings. Simone washes up ashore, alive and well. More importantly, she also has the Grail with her! She exults in jubilation but suddenly, everyone on the beach starts walking toward her with an earpiece in. They sing Ed Grant’s “Electric Avenue” in unison as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Damon Lindelof and Tara Hernandez’s unconventional and eccentric approach to storytelling in Mrs Davis will surely have a telling impact on popular culture. Lindelof’s unique style often surpasses the usual level of creativity and results in the creation of unforgettable television episodes that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

While the term “masterpiece” is frequently overused in popular culture, Lindelof’s work is undoubtedly deserving of such recognition.

His contributions to popular television shows such as Lost, The Leftovers, and Watchmen have left an indelible mark on the industry. Episode 7 of Mrs Davis saw Simone dive into the whale without remorse or thinking twice to destroy the AI. It is becoming clearer that her issues with Celeste have urged her Quest. The episode also features another bizarre instance when we saw Mother Mary is Jay’s boss.

Although Lindelof’s influence on the series is apparent, its exceptional originality distinguishes it from other shows. The episode deals with the consistent theme of parental love and the unresolved issues between Celeste and Simone that resurface. While not as subtly disguised as other episodes, the show’s creative approach effectively conveys its thematic core.

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