Mrs Davis – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Beautiful Things That Come with Madness

We pick up Mrs Davis in episode 4 right after Simone fell in love with Jay, a.k.a. “Jesus Christ.” She wants to marry him but He says it might not be feasible for her to be His wife. To give Jay “complete obedience”, Simone goes to the plantation where she later became a nun. Mother gleefully accepts her and Simone devotes herself to Christ. Her story of becoming a nun and “marrying Christ” was quite an unbelievable moment otherwise. But given the show’s slew of incredulous twists and turns, this montage has a unique, humane beauty about it.

In the present day, Simone goes off after the red-haired banker. She visits a local hospital and asks for Mathilde LaFleur. Before she can talk to Mathilde, Jay sends a white dove to give Simone a message. She sees an army of menacing bankers come to the room before Simone can get in and block her way. Simone goes off to talk to Jay, who gives her a special task. She must go to Rome and buy a cake from a bakery for the Pope.

Simone has no choice but to listen to Jay as she gave him her “complete obedience.” When Simone returns to Mathilde’s room, she finds the room empty. An attendant says she died and asks Simone to stay away if she wants to stay alive.  Simone updates JQR about Wiley’s status. He gets very animated and instantly hatches a plan to retrieve Wiley back. When JQR says that the Algorithm cannot plan kidnappings, she instantly recognizes that her kidnapping was carried out by Wiley and his men.

Wiley’s men have analyzed CCTV footage and come to the conclusion that the ambulance was fake by running the driver’s face through the database. Wiley wakes up in a prison with the Father sitting outside. He seems to think it is a setup by the Algorithm and that the Father is an actor. Why does he keep repeating “Where did you get those shoes?”

Anyway, the man’s name is Hans Ziegler and he also mentions a “mysterious tape.” He tells them they are in the Vatican but Wiley still does not believe him. Felipe Ortega, a.k.a. Pope Leo XI, speaks from the shadows and confirms Ziegler’s story. He claims that Ziegler has planted a double of the Pope in the Vatican.

Simone finds the bakery and Maria, who runs it, offers the King’s Cake to Simone. When she says it is for the Pope, Maria destroys it. Knowing that Jay instructed her to pick up that cake exclusively, she desperately asks for a new one. Maria demands 1 million euros to make it. When Ziegler is called out, the Pope asks Wiley for the “Escape plan.” With every minute passing by, his story seems even more real to Wiley. The Pope thinks Wiley is sent to rescue him as he did a Quest for her.

Wiley believes his crew will not come to rescue him as they know this is a ploy. JQR bravely leads his men in an aircraft to a Black Site in France; over 200 acres of land that Ziegler owns. Simone calls him again and learns that Wiley did not give away his inheritance and is using it to fund the Resistance. Simone requests Davis to give her the cash. She accepts without asking questions. Soon enough, Simone gets the required amount and Maria starts baking the cake.

Pope tells Wiley the time he met Jesus when he was elected the Holy Father. And due to his behaviour, he shifted his alliances and joined forces with Davis. When the Pope mentions the restaurant and the woman, Wiley is convinced he is telling the truth. Simone told Wiley the truth about falling out of love with Wiley and in with Jesus. The Pope says he saw Clara in the restaurant and mentions the tape again. Davis sent the Pope to find the tape and upload it on Ziegler’s computer.

It turns out that Ziegler was exiled by fellow clergy and wants to find the Grail to win their confidence back. The Pope knocks Ziegler unconscious, and He then requests Wiley’s help to lasso the keys and escape. Wiley unwillingly becomes a part of the plan, and he shows the Pope he has an expiration date; just 8 more days left to live. The Pope says the truth beyond the walls will set Wiley free and they escape.

Simone asks Maria why she hates the Pope. She says she wanted to become the Pope when she was a child. But because of her gender, she could not. Then Simone learns an explosive truth that angers her. Every day for the past week, a girl came in for the cake to take to the Pope. She takes the cake to the gates but then turns back as Simone is offended by the fact that she is “Jesus’ errand girl.”

JQR and the others try to open a trap door and Wiley tries to get beyond one. Anticlimactically, it turns out that they are not in the same place. JQR discovers a room full of sneakers like the ones Wiley is wearing. Wiley comes out to the duplicate Pope addressing the public, and there is a frenzy when the real Pope shows his face. Simone chokes on the Jesus baby she swallowed from the cake and ends up at Jay’s place. She berates him for seeing Simone as his errand girl.

She wakes up in the hospital with Wiley and the Pope standing near her bed. Wiley tells her the truth about the Germans and says he did it to be around Simone again. Finally, we get to the bottom of the mystery tape when the Pope plays it for Simone and Wiley.

It’s here where we pick up from the first scene in the series – Clara taking the grail and running away across the ocean. But, there is a catch – a big one. When she was on the cliff, Clara breaks the iron boots from the pyre she collected, and she sees a pair of sneakers – The British Knights Miracle sneakers that Wiley was wearing. That clip is actually an advert for the shoes and the girl is an actress. She sounds a warning to Ziegler: if he tries to find her, she will tell the world his secrets.

The Episode Review

At what point do we stop and take a breath? According to Lindelof and Hernandez, none. Because Mrs Davis just cannot stop unravelling like barbed wire on a fence (ironic, huh?). Mrs Davis is bonkers and there is no subtle way of saying it except saying it.

Episode 4 has further brought up the mystery behind the sneakers with another mystery about the tape. None of it makes sense and half the season has just flown by. Every time we seem to be getting closer to an answer, we are confronted with another moving part in the storytelling that takes us in another direction. This is such a new feeling as a viewer, given how saturated modern television is in terms of taking bold creative dives. We will stick till the end – even if we do not get any answers – because this sh*t is addictive.

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