Mrs Davis – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Zwei Sie Piel mit Seitung Sie Wirtschaftung

We turn the clock back to 2001 in Lizzie’s past as episode 2 of Mrs Davis begins. The year is 2001 and glimpses from her troubled childhood are quite devastating to look at.

Her parents, Celeste and Montgomery, are magicians who deploy Lizzie in the crowd every night to sell tickets doing the same acts. Their friends, Tina and Larry, look after Lizzie while her parents set up shop.

Each night, Lizzie has dinner alone in anonymity outside a diner waiting to be picked up. Celeste and Montgomery have difficulties in their marriage. The former has become possessive in designing the acts for their shows. Montgomery is the showman in front of the stage but struggles for approval, and he is not allowed inside Celeste’s workshop as she’s kept it strictly out of bounds for him.

One night, when she isn’t around, Montgomery manipulates Lizzie into going in. When she opens the door, an arrow shoots right into her abdomen and the door handle is booby-trapped. She ends up in the hospital, the arrow still inside her as she awaits a liver transplant. Wiley lies next to her in bed and that is how the two met in the past.

In the present, Simone holds the Queen of Hearts card – which Montgomery used as the final piece in the magic acts –  and finds a number on its back.

JDC and JDF (Wiley’s men) are still following Simone and she knows it so she sends Mrs Ross, the elementary teacher, in her getup and in Ross’ car to dupe the guys. It is too late before they realize it but Simone finds a strange man in Jay’s place.

Jay is behind the mystery door with the Boss when Simone leaves a message for Jay, her husband. Simone uses Wiley’s water bill in his bike to track down his secret headquarters, which happens to be a World War I museum. Wiley’s HQs are hidden behind the secret wall and given how they interact, there is definitely some tension and history between them.

She walks into a room full of people and meets the members of the Resistance. Wiley explains to Simone that “It” pre-motivated her for the Quest by sending the Germans and killing her horse. He rightly guesses what Simone is after.

JQR, from the Resistance, greets Simone and discusses how “It” lies to people and simply creates a facade for its “users.” By the way, “it’s” name is Mrs Davis, the title of the show. JQR talks in unfathomable riddles but the gist of his presentation is that Mrs Davis is using her “users” and pings Simone’s photo to find her.

He feels Simone has been “Chosen-Oned” by Mrs Davis. She is a special person in her reckoning who will be among the few who will maintain Mrs Davis’ servers at a mystery farm, and that is where the motherload really is. Davis chooses the people to maintain the servers using this Holy Grail side-quest. She locates the farm and the Resistance takes care of the rest, saving the planet by shutting it down. To prove their point, JQR and Wiley take Simone to the German actors.

When JQR inadvertently kills one of them by throwing him over, the other accepts the truth. Davis promised them “Wings”, a souvenir of sorts that signals you have “levelled up” in the world through merit, to complete the quest. Simone is now convinced she needs to work with the Resistance to shut down Mrs Davis.

Out of nowhere, Tina and Larry show up to find Simone the next morning. They accept Davis has sent them and take Simone in the car to an unknown location. Davis speaks through Tina and confirms what the Resistance said last night – Simone is the “chosen one.”

Their destination is a field full of pianos – a nod to an earlier scene in the episode which showed an old gentleman looking for her dead wife’s piano at the elementary school. Simone finds the old man there, sitting playing it. She comes back to the workplace and finds Jay outside. He gives her a picture of the last person to hold the Grail – Clara, the mysterious red-haired woman.

Jay wishes Simone on her journey to find the Grail. Since she has taken the quest, she cannot turn back now, and he promises to look out for her wherever she goes.

Simone asks Wiley to trace the number on the back of the card and she calls it. An old man picks it up, and Simone introduces herself as Clara and he is pleasantly surprised. However, he turns sceptical when she asks his location and cuts the call.

The location in question happens to be Hackney, London, and Simone asks Wiley to come with her. We learn at the end of the episode that the German guy JQR threw down is actually JDR, who works for Wiley. He staged it all to get Simone to take the phone and be included in their plan. What is Wiley planning, though?

The Episode Review

Mrs Davis took a dark turn at the end of episode 2. The fantastical possibilities in the narrative make every new turn an exciting one. The show is really unpredictable and that is certainly a big strength.

Everything about the show points towards a cultural icon in the making. The bizarre reality of Mrs Davis has a very real, puzzling connotation of the human condition at its core. We will get there but not before at least a handful of red herrings to confuse us. Simone’s Quest to find the Holy Grail is beset with opportunity and threats. It would be fair to say that Wiley is not on her side but there is something vindictive about a childhood romance that you just cannot shrug off.

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