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402 Payment Required
403 Forbidden
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405 Method Not Allowed
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407 Proxy Authentication Required
408 Request Timeout
409 Conflict
410 Gone
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Mr Robot has always been a visually striking, technically impressive series. Coupled with an accurate depiction of hacking and a slow-burn thriller vibe throughout, Sam Esmail’s trippy series has always been one of the best shows of the year and the fourth season is no exception. The final push to stop Whiterose begins and Mr Robot ups its game to delivers one heck of a season, one that raises the stakes for every character whilst delivering some of the best television to grace the small screen.

If it has been a while since you watched Mr Robot I strongly recommend checking out some recaps online to get up to scratch on the story. (Or re-watch the whole three seasons of course!) Season 4 picks up where the last one left off, with Angela and Price face to face. When the Dark Army shows up, an ominous warning and photo message from Whiterose sends Elliot into a tailspin, hell bent on revenge and stopping the Deus Group once and for all. As the season progresses, a lot of the bubbling sub-plots interweave with Elliot’s journey, including a returning Vera and ghosts of the past threatening to destroy our hacker protagonist forever.

Running parallel to this main narrative are the aforementioned subplots, including Dom’s precarious situation, which reaches its shocking and heartbreaking conclusion toward the end of the season. There’s also a hint of romance early on here for Elliot too but the main plot builds up nicely despite these distractions to some really surprising and outstanding episodes. I won’t give too much away for fear of spoilers but suffice to say the final two episodes turn everything we’ve learnt up until this point completely on its head, delivering a shocking couple of plot twists to round out a thrilling and intense final season. These plot twists are so good, that it actually paints the entirety of Mr Robot’s early seasons in a completely different shade and I’m sure this will be a show that’s completely different to watch a second time through.

Along with the well-paced story, which notably takes a well-earned respite from the tension during episode 10, the show leans heavily on its technicality and here Mr Robot is in a league of its own. Zoom shots and overhead shots are regularly used throughout the show and both of these are utilized in really clever and creative ways across the 13 episodes. Whether it be a stunning plunge down the middle of a winding red staircase or a zoom out from Darlene’s face across a dark street to show a group playing cards in the distance, every shot is deliberate and handled to perfection.

Rami Malek has always owned his role in Mr Robot but this season in particular he really shows his diversity and range with an absolutely stunning performance. In one episode Elliot learns a shocking secret about his Father and this entire scene unfolds in the most excruciating, painful way as his eyes slowly fill up with tears and he begins shaking. In another Elliot plays off surprise, anger and then sadness in a blink of an eye, blending these together in a believable cocktail of emotion. That’s to say nothing of the other players either, including Price, Whiterose, Darlene and Dom, who all bring their A-game here and are given enough screen time to really flesh out their characters.

Mr Robot is not a show I like watching every week. I blasted through the first seven episodes back to back on Saturday, followed by the following four on Sunday, ready for the season finale tonight, which I watched as soon as it released. I have no regrets. Mr Robot is quite simply one of 2019’s best shows and I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best shows of all time too.

It’s one that deserves a lot of recognition for what its managed to achieve across all four seasons and the masterful execution and foresight to tie everything together at the end, with clever sprinklings of foreshadowing throughout, is testament to one man’s vision and a talented cast and crew being able to execute on this and see it through to the end. Mr Robot is fantastic television and a perfect example of what can be achieved on the small screen.


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  • Verdict - 10/10

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