Mr Queen – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Well

With Byeong-In seemingly figuring out that Cheoljong and Hong were behind the incident in the town square, episode 8 of Mr Queen begins with Cheoljong testing his fighting prowess during attack training. They conduct this in secret, of course, eventually sneaking back into the palace and pretending they went hunting… without a bow and arrow.

When Cheoljong learns about the Queen awakening again, he rushes up to see her while Bong-Hwan does his best to understand the memories she’s experiencing with Hong-Yeon.

On the way to the Palace, Kim Hwan sees Hong-Yeon walking and immediately takes a fancy to her. Only, it’s all just a vision and immediately sends him to Byeong-In where he claims to be in love with the Queen….despite only thinking of Hong-Yeon. Finally he realizes he’s in love with Hong-Yeon and gasps.

Hwa-Jin continues to try in vain to hide her jealousy as she learns the King has visited the Queen after she’s woken up. While she struggles to compose herself, a new squad of soldiers stand completely composed. They’re called the Alienated Unit, and they’re about to be sent onto the frontlines.

The Queen decides to consolidate power and try to stave off her own memories. To do that, she blocks her nose (believing her sense of smell is responsible) and speaks to Hong-Yeon about ways to grow more powerful. After hearing Hong-Yeon suggest she produce an heir (no chance!) Bong-Hwan is interrupted by the King who approaches with a bouquet of flowers.

As he shows up, more memories of So-Yong come flooding back. Cheoljong hands over the flowers as Bong-Hwan begins whacking himself, telling So-Yong to get out this body. Eventually he succumbs and heads back into his house to drink tea with her Father and Cheoljong.

Kim Jwa-Geun continues to scheme too, sending his scarred eunuch henchman out to steal something from a safe at the Queen’s residence. Only, they’re not the only one looking for it. Cheoljong talks casually to the Queen’s Father about his security (or lack thereof) at night.

On the way to the library, Cheoljong notices the well and immediately loses control, breathing heavily and shaking. From fragments of a flashback, we see him hiding inside as a child, trembling. It’s hard to tell but it seems like something happened with Hwa-Jin and So-Yong. As we soon learn, the King lost a lot of his memories in the past when he was in Hanyang.

While Cheoljong talks to the Queen’s Father, Hwa-Jin and Bong-Hwan come to blows over the incident in the past. This eventually leads to Hwa-Jin storming out when Bong-Hwan tells her she needs to tell the truth to him. Feeling threatened, she immediately speaks to Cheoljong and tells him to come back to the palace with him.

He refuses, glancing at the well and telling her there’s something he needs to check first. That checking is likely to uncover painful memories of the past, including how Cheoljong’s family were killed.

Byeong-In arrives at the palace with a handful of guards. Only, when Kim Hwan hurries there too, Cheoljong roundhouse kicks the kid in the face and knocks him to the ground. Cheoljong obviously sees him as a challenge against the Queen but really, Kim Hwan is just there to see Hong-Yeon. Unfortunately things don’t go to plan.

That evening, Byeong-In and Cheoljong square off again…this time with cups of soju as they take it in turns to drink. Bong-Hwan realizes this is going to turn into TDW (Time of Dogs and Wolves) and just like that, the two trade insults and pass out on the floor.

That evening, down by the lake, thee Queen Dowager arrives before Hwa-Jin and tells her she’s the one who should be with the King. With a brooch in hand, Hwa-Jin admits that she feels like she’s been submerged all her life and now is the time for her to seize control. As they stand together, Hwa-Jin decides to divulge a dark secret about the past.

As she does, Cheoljong predictably heads into the Queen’s house to try and find the secret documents. Only, the assassin shows too and the the duo wind up trading blows. Bong-Hwan sees their shadows and believes that they’re dancing rather than fighting… until a knife pierces the blinds. With a chamber pot in hand, he tries to hit the assassin but instead winds up hitting Cheoljong. Unfortunately, this causes the assassin to run away.

Cheeoljong grabs Bong-Hwan, sensing soldiers approaching, and begins kissing her… just as Byeong-In shows up and sees them together.

The Episode Review

Mr Queen returns with another decent episode this week, one that does well to continue the feud between Byeong-In and Cheoljong. Of course, this extends out further to the two different clans, locked in a biter feud for control of the throne.

With no Grand Queen Dowager this episode, the story instead turns to the jealous and bitter Hwa-Jin. It seems like something major happened in the past involving that well. This seems to be the tipping point that severed Hwa-Jin and So-Yong’s relationship forever.

Could it be that Hwa-Jin pushed Cheoljong in the well in a fit of jealous rage when she couldn’t have the King to herself? We shall see of course, especially given the preview next week seems to hint that we’ll be getting some answers.

In the meantime though, the comedy continues to thrive with some great moments dotted throughout. Hopefully Kim Hwan and Hong-Yeon will become an item soon too as this duo are way too cute!

After another great episode, Mr Queen is definitely shaping up to be one of the more memorable shows of 2021.

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