Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Breakup

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 8 starts with Jane waking up and getting dressed alone in the house. She opens up her laptop to see Hi’s latest order: ‘Take out your Smith’. She goes out for breakfast and then returns home. Jane is feeding Max when somebody begins to shoot at her. She drives behind the kitchen counter but Max gets hit.

John is walking alongside his mother. When they get home, John notices the toilet seat in the nearest toilet is up. Noticing something wrong, he tells his mother, Denise, to go to the salon till he checks things out. He even finds a trip wire by the front door. He messages Jane and they decide to talk.

They meet at an art museum. Each assumes the other was responsible for the attacks on them. Jane says they should speak outside but as they leave the museum, she drops a knife in order to jam the revolving door. With John inside. He finds an explosive inside her bag, which she also left inside. It blows up but John manages to get out unscathed.

He chases her and they get into a fight in public. Jane has to be pulled off John but then they both get into a fight with those men. The police arrive and John creates a distraction which lets them escape through the crowd. John calls Jane and tells her he thought she was the prettiest lonely girl he’d ever met when he first saw her in the elevator at their house. He wants to know if any of it was real for her and she, of course, denies it.

They see each other across the street and the chase begins again. Jane runs home and locks the front door. However, Denise is waiting for her inside. She says she’s Michael’s mother and she had an emergency key. Outside, John meets the neighbour and asks if he can go through his house to get to the backdoor. Denise tells Jane that if Michael feels safe, he’ll be able to truly be himself. But Jane says she’s the kind of person who pushes people away.

At the neighbour’s, John realises that he’s been inside the house to give Jane a book. John snoops through his house and finds pictures of himself and Jane. The man catches him snooping though. John holds him at gunpoint and he says his name is Harris and he’s a real estate agent.

He’s really just after their house, which he claims is too nice and worth too much for the Smiths to afford. John takes the gun off Harris, figuring that he’s harmless. They talk about relationships and divorce instead.

After finishing his drink, John goes through the background and to his and Jane’s apartment. He inches through the rooms and Jane steps out, suddenly shooting at him. The fight continues with each person bringing guns and knives to attack the other with. Ultimately, John knocks Jane out and ties her up. He then injects her as well as himself with the truth serum they used in Episode 2. He then unties her and the serum kicks in, turning both of them woozy.

She reveals the CIA thought she had sociopathic tendencies. She then says her father never wanted to know her. John admits he’s ashamed of his asthma. Jane admits she never slept with her targets, she only said that to hurt him. John says he wants children more than anything. They admit they each had clear shots of each other while fighting but they didn’t take it.

They laugh and then they kiss and talk about what they love or hate. That’s when they realise that they didn’t attack each other that first time. It was someone else.

Just then, Other John and Other Jane enter the house. They reveal that their entire job is killing other Smiths. That guy the Smiths killed in El Salvador was also a Smith. They talk about Hihi like he’s a god. He knew John was going to the juice stand before John even knew he’d be there. It was a setup. Other John then sneezes and our Smiths use the opportunity to make their escape. Other John’s gets hit in the eye but the Smiths manage to enter their elevator and get to the house’s panic room.

Inside, Jane realises John’s been hit by a bullet. Plus, they have only one bullet left. Other Jane stands right outside the panic room door. As John bleeds out, Jane says they can have one kid. John gets her to negotiate to two. John is close to passing out. Other Jane keeps trying to enter the right passcode to the room. Jane decides she’s going to open the door and try and shoot Other Jane. She counts to three. We see the gunshot’s light flash through the window of the house.

A mid-credit scene of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 8 shows the neighbour, Harris, coming to their house to give Jane a book. He sees the house in a mess and calls his colleague, saying the house will probably be ready for sale soon.

The Episode Review

The finale of Mr. & Mrs. Smith is definitely one of its better episodes. The scene of the shootout at the Smiths’ home is probably the most reminiscent of the original Mr and Mrs Smith (2005), which has a parallel scene. While most of the action sequences in the show have been decent, this one was standout and had great choreography. It was a delight to watch Jane hide behind a fridge door and John pull out guns taped underneath the stairs. This is the joy of watching spy dramas.

Turns out, in the end, all John and Jane needed was an honest and vulnerable conversation for them to find their way back to each other. It’s just that they needed truth serum to do it. The reveal about the Other Smiths killing Smiths as part of their job was another really good twist offered by the show.

However, the cliffhanger ending of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 8 is definitely just meant to be a hook for the next season. And it doesn’t leave you satisfied at all. Additionally, we still don’t know enough about Hihi. How could they possibly predict how people will behave? Can they really see the future? That would move the show into sci-fi territory and I’m not sure it should be going there.

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