Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Season 1 Episode 7 “Infidelity” Recap & Review


Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 7 starts with Jane and John sleeping in separate rooms. When John heads out, Jane goes to the house of a woman named Bev. When Bev gets a cup of tea, Jane gets her gun out and points it at her. She asks Bev how long she’s been seeing her husband. Bev says she hasn’t. But they did meet at a bar and she called him over.

They usually watch movies or drink but no sex. Although, she knows he’s a spy. From what Bev says, John feels like his life has become too enmeshed with Jane’s. He wonders if they’re incompatible but he also wants to be with Jane, even if incompatibly.

Then the doorbell rings and John is here. Jane hides and tells Bev to not let him know she’s here. John enters and brings out ice-creams from the fridge for both of them. They put on a movie. All of a sudden, John asks Bev where his wife is. Bev reacts quickly, leaping up and attacking John. They fight and soon Jane realises what’s happening and joins in fighting Bev. However, she escapes.

Turns out, John’s put a tracker on Bev. They chase her to a train station but end up losing her. And John’s phone dies so they can’t track her. They get into an argument and Jane reveals she figured out his passwords, so she knows he had a month to kill Bev. John claims he had a plan and they argue again.

They manage to charge his phone at a store. They bring up Bev again and we learn that now they’re allowed to have sex for their missions. Jane blames John because he kissed Bev but didn’t have sex with her, which for her signifies that Bev is more important to John. In turn, John argues that Bev worked for a rival company so he could have found out more about the Mr and Mrs Smith program.

John’s phone comes on and they follow the tracker to Flatbush. They figure that Bev is inside an apartment that can only be accessed through a locked white door. So they have to wait till she leaves. They argue about John’s emotional involvement with Bev again but soon, the tracker starts moving. It leads them to the theatre where they had their first mission. Turns out, John told Bev about it. He finds a note from Bev stuck on the window with the tracker on it.

They head back in a taxi, with Jane feeling unwell from her allergies. At home, John throws the soup the neighbour made for Jane and makes fresh soup. He chats with his mother while cooking and then takes the soup upstairs.

Jane reveals that Hihi was the one who told her to intervene in John’s case and John says that Hihi told him that Jane was at Bev’s house. Why would Hihi do that? When John texts Hihi that Bev escaped, they say the Smiths have had three fails now. John says he’s done and tells Jane he’ll leave in the morning. Jane, frustrated, throws her laptop on the ground.

A mid-credit scene shows a woman dropping off a package with Jane. Jane opens it to find a brand new laptop at the end of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 7.

The Episode Review

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 7 takes the conflict between Jane and John to a head. They argue and argue and neither seems to cede any ground to the other. It starts off on an interesting note and Bev being a target of John’s mission is a really good twist. It’s a testament to the writing still being able to surprise its viewer even 7 episodes in. However, while John and Jane’s problems seem like real-world couple problems, it does get a bit monotonous towards the end of the episode.

Nevertheless, the episode tackles an intriguing topic of how a mission can bleed into their personal lives. The dialogue is written well and Erskine and Glover do a good job of playing two people who are incredibly frustrated with each other but also care about each other. Michaela Coel makes a lovely appearance as Bev. Meanwhile, the mystery about Hihi has not been explored at all so I’m hoping the last episode fills in some of those gaps.

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