Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Season 1 Episode 4 “Double Date” Recap & Review

Double Date

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 4 starts with Hihi telling the Smiths they have the day off. John and Jane go to a farmer’s market where John bumps into an old flame named Runi. Introductions are made with Runi and her six-year-old son, Benjamin. After she leaves, Jane says it’s nice that John is okay being with someone who has one hand.

He insists that she had two but Jane is positive she did. John then comes across another man named John Smith who is a fruit seller. As they chat, he sees the man’s credit card, which is the same one he has. John realises he’s one of them.

Later, the Other John describes how living as John Smith and being part of the company has been a good life. He’s been doing it for six or seven years. Jan is introduced to him as well and Other John suggests they all go on a double date, with his Jane as well. The double date is to be at the Smiths’ house, so our John and Jane go do some more shopping.

As they prep for their dinner, they realise they’re wearing the same turtleneck t-shirt. Other John and Jane arrive, with wine in hand. As they chat, the original Smiths realise that Other Smiths don’t really get messages from Hihi. Jane gives Other Jane a house tour, showing her even the panic room. In the office, Jane asks Other Jane about the company. Other Jane advises her to not think about it too much.

Dinner is served and amusing stories are shared. Turns out, Other John started work and then got rematched with Other Jane a few years in. The Other Smiths are super high-risk. They claim it’s not so different and the perks are great. The Smiths say they might consider levelling up.

The topic moves to intimacy and they talk about their rules and the pact to part ways after they make enough money. This makes the other two burst into laughter, implying it’s not that easy to just divorce and part ways.

Afterwards, they arm wrestle and talk about celebrities. The Other Smiths talk about one of their crazy missions — they had to get someone out of prison in Bali with no cover or ammunition. Other John then tells them that if they can control their breath, they can get out of any situation.

They also reveal they had to kill some other Smiths once but they don’t know the reason. All of a sudden, they get up to go on a mission, despite all the drinks. On a whim, they invite the Smiths on their super high-risk mission. Jane wants to go and so John also agrees.

On the way, Other Smiths give John and Jane location trackers to stick on their bodies. They get into a helicopter but at the last minute, the Other Smiths don’t get in, telling the Smiths to have fun on the mission. Hours later the helicopter drops John and Jane into a forest and the pilot says he’ll be back in thirty minutes. In the forest, they find themselves surrounded by men.

Their bags are taken and they are escorted to a shack where a bloodbath breaks out but not before John and Jane say “I love you” to each other. All bloodied up, the two make it back to the helicopter. On the way back, the Other Smiths give them a call and John tells them they had to kill the group of men’s captain with a machete in order to survive. The Other Smiths don’t seem too worried though. And the Smiths get a heft payment for their work.

Back home that night, John checks Runi’s Instagram account and checks that she has two hands. He uses Jane’s lie to prove that she does get a little jealous. Jane brings up what they said before the machete fight broke out. She says she meant it, she does love John. He says he does too. They then agree that they don’t like the Other Smiths and wonder why they were so into them during the dinner party at the end of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 4 is really well-written, which smoothly tracks from a coincidental meeting with the Other Smiths to a friendly dinner party to a bloodbath and the subsequent ‘I love you’s. The storytelling is deft and steadily takes you through the upward emotional arc.

Unlike other action-heavy episodes, this one is more of a character study of John and Jane as they are in the presence of people that they seem to admire. A lot of this character exploration comes through the dialogue of the dinner scene.

About the scene at the end of the episode, there is something incredibly domestic about John and Jane’s conversation — how they rethink why they were into the Other Smiths so much.

They make fun of them and their own earlier behaviour in the same way that a lot of couples who dined with other couples would do so, even in the regular world. The conversation is so personal and homely and shows how comfortable John and Jane have become, feeling like one whole instead of two.

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  1. I like the show but sometimes their lack of concern over danger and their lack of suspicion and ordinary fear/paranoia seems unrealistic.

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