Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Season 1 Episode 1 “First Date” Recap & Review

First Date

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 1 begins with a man and a woman, sitting on a porch, drinking wine. A car drives up to their home and both of them spring into action, grabbing money and guns from around the house. The woman says she can’t keep running away. They decide to face their adversaries instead. But not much later, a bullet hits the man, John, in the face. The woman walks out towards the car, shooting at them, but gets hit anyway.

We then see another young woman being called for an interview which is being conducted by a machine. She answers regular job interview questions and reveals she applied to the CIA but didn’t get in, apparently, she has antisocial tendencies. A man enters after her and takes the same interview. He says he has basic military training and has killed 13 people and one on accident. He’s said “I love you” to two women and his mother while the woman hasn’t said it at all.

Both interviewees enter a house. They meet in the elevator and introduce themselves as Jane and John, respectively. They find their first mission on a laptop through a similar chatbot as the interviewing machine. They have to pose as a married couple and follow a woman to a restaurant and then intercept a package. After some awkward conversation, they head to their rooms.

After dinner, John steps in to say goodnight to Jane. He takes a picture of her plant (with her in it) to supposedly check whether its overwatered or not. Actually, he uses the image to try to find information about her online but is unable to find any.

The next day, they head to the restaurant and spot the woman they’re looking for. They’re supposed to collect a package but they don’t know what it is. John asks Jane if she applied for high risk and she says she did, as did he. He says he was expecting something different for a first mission. They try to get to know each other. Jane refuses to tell him her real name and he lies, saying he’s never killed anybody.

The woman gets up and leaves and the two agents follow her outside. She meets a young man and they watch her. John keeps trying to get to know her and she agrees to share a few details about doing dishes and trash. The woman hands some money over to the young man and he passionately kisses her.

The woman goes on the move again and this time they follow her to a movie theatre. Right outside, John and Jane exchange numbers and wear earpieces. While John causes a distraction so Jane can sneak inside. The woman keeps watching the play and John chats with Jane, with her replying through text. Suddenly, the woman gets up and leaves. John says he saw her pick up a brown box at the coat check.

They follow the woman to a mall where she buys a phone and calls someone. Jane wants to grab the box but John runs around the shops till he finds a similar box. The woman leaves the mall and John hands the new box to Jane. Once again, John causes a distraction and Jane bumps into the woman, dropping both boxes. She picks up the other ones and runs away before the woman can figure it out.

On the train back home, John and Jane are high on their success. They don’t know much about the company they’re working for. They admit that they’re here because nowhere else would take them.

Flashbacks to the interview show that they both agreed to be legally married and also severe contact with their respective parents. At present, they reach their drop-off point which is a house in a luxurious neighbourhood. They are called to the kitchen where a woman in a dress receives the package from them. She opens it up to reveal a lavish…cake.

Utterly confused, the two take their leave. Just when they’re wondering why they were made to get a cake, the house explodes behind them. They break into a run but two security guards are already behind them. They run through tiny alleyways and over a wire fence till they enter a restaurant and rush into the bathroom. He heads out of the window while she leaves through the front door, taking separate routes back home.

They meet at home, finally able to rest. John talks about naming the cat and then realises that she’s the one who brought him. His name is Max. John then admits he lied in the café. He was actually involved in drone fighting in Afghanistan. Jane admits that during the pancake escapade from earlier, she was actually scared the whole time. They say goodnight to each other at the end of Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 1.

The Episode Review

Right off the bat, the most interesting thing about Mr. & Mrs. Smith is that John and Jane are both new agents. We see them test their waters in their first mission, often bumbling over things.

The way they openly stare at the woman and follow her, chasing her down the street, makes them seem unseasoned. The entire way the mission in Mr. & Mrs. Smith Episode 1 is carried out is amateur, with a lot of improvising, and it’s definitely now how we’re used to watching spies on screen.  

It’s clear that Mr. & Mrs. Smith is planning to set itself apart in the genre. The writing is deft and unconventional, making it stand out from other spy dramas, particularly during the moments when John and Jane are awkward or have regular, menial conversations — basically come across as genuinely real people as opposed to the god-like skills of a James Bond.

The twist with the cake was a total surprise and is a strong testament to how unexpected the writing is. Both Glover and Erskine, are doing a fabulous job as the main couple. Can’t wait to see where this one goes!


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