Mr Corman – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Mr Corman begins with Josh back at school, dressed up as a blue rabbit. Well, he’s actually Arrow from The Point. However, he’s being inspected by Perry. She mentions about masks and how they hide personas and honestly, this entire scene just makes me want to play Persona 5 again. Anyway, I digress.

When Josh heads home, he finds Victor bummed out about not having Gabi for Halloween. Dax messages though and asks if he wants to go out, and Josh hurriedly messages back and agrees.

There’s friction between Victor and Dax though, with the latter apparently knowing more about life than he does. Well, Victor does eventually tag along as the pair wind up going to a club, with Josh desperate to meet up with the art teacher whom he wants to date.

With her nowhere in sight, Dax and Victor wind up talking and following each other on social media. While they get chummy, Josh heads off to get drinks from the bar. He ironically ends up as the third wheel, stuck at the table texting his lady friend. Only, it’s clear he’s been stood up.

It’s here we get some more commentary regarding social media and its affect on people. Dax takes offence to Josh’s attitude and eventually this ends up in a big fight with a guy from the bar.

There’s fantastical addition of a street fight that feels like it’s been ripped right from a comic book. Only, this entire event was all in Dax’s mind, as he eventually regains consciousness after being knocked out. The trio hurry off, eating food and genuinely acting like friends. Is Josh’s life turning a corner?

Well, in the morning things take a really dark turn. Numerous messages on Josh’s phone confirm that Dax is dead. Apparently he was fine when they dropped him off but that blow to the head has done a serious number on him. Speaking of numbers, Victor’s phone pings as he realizes he’s broken 500 followers.

The Episode Review

Being stood up is the worst feeling in the world. Constantly checking your phone, that sinking dread and disappointment mixed with an entire night’s hope tumbling down into misery is just hard to stomach. This is pretty much what Mr Corman shoots for and it actually does a pretty good job of it.

However, the episode itself completely brushes over last week’s inclusion of Caroline and how she’s a friend of Josh’s, instead doubling down on this art teacher subplot instead.

The real meat of this episode though comes from what happens after. The final reveal that Dax is actually dead comes completely out of left-field and to be honest, it works well in the context of this story to actually add some drama.

Unlike last week’s chapter, this one at least has some drama and emotion injected into it. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.

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