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Moving – K-drama Episode 20 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Graduation Day

Moving episode 20 picks up where we left off, with Joon-hwa shooting Ju-won point blank in his left eye. Mi-hyun spots Joon-hwa and fires back. Joon-hwa follows and tries to pin her down, but she uses her ability and shoots him in his arms. 

Meanwhile, Yong-deuk tries to find his friend in the rumble. Jae-sook asks Yong-deuk to leave him and live as a human being should. He dies, and Yong-deuk is overcome with grief. It is sad and heartbreaking that Jae-sook wishes Yong-deuk could live a normal life. That was his dying wish.  

I hope Yong-deuk lives to fulfil his friend’s wish. He, too, deserves to find some semblance of peace in the chaotic world he found himself in. Yong-deuk climbs the rumble the same way he climbed up Mount Suri and leaves the school premises, crying his heart out.

Mi-hyun and Joon-hwa continue to shoot at each other. Joon-hwa is about to shoot Mi-hyun after she runs out of bullets, but Bong-seok arrives to save his mom.

Elsewhere, Ju-won remove his injured eye from the socket and gets back to the fight.

Does Bong-seok save Mi-hyun?

Against Mi-hyun’s wishes, Bong-seok fights Joon-hwa to save her. She rushes to the rooftop to help her son and finds Deok-yoon. With the help of Gye-do, Bong-seok gets the upper-hand over Joo-hwa. Sadly, Joon-hwa recovers quickly and holds Bong-seok at gunpoint. Mi-hyun threatens to shoot Deok-yoon, but she is out of bullets. Deok-yoon realises her hesitation to attack him means she is related to Bong-seok. Mi-hyun silently begs Bong-seok to fly away, but he refuses. 

Gye-do is forced to siphon the electricity from his bus battery to save Bong-seok. He hits Joon-hwa and cuts one of his arms out. Bungaeman saves the day! After seeing this, Deok-yoon urges Joon-hwa to flee since he has a family to return to in North Korea. 

What happens to Deok-yoon and Yong-deuk?

Yoon-deuk meets Hui-soo a few miles from the school. She rushes to help Bong-seok but feels terrible for the strange man crying in the street. She takes a few minutes to comfort him and assure him that he will be fine. She reminds us so much of her mom. 

On the other hand, Deok-yoon thinks back to the first time he was given this mission. He was adamantly against it but had no choice. Deok-yoon has no desire to kill the kids. He is sick of the unending cycle of violence between the two sides. He wants to save the kids and wishes they could have a different fate.

He feels too much blood has been senselessly shed. To him, the people are innocent; the guilty party is those who forced them to make such sacrifices. 

Even though Ju-won and Mi-hyun try to save him, he jumps to his death without telling them about Kim Doo-sik. Deok-yoon sacrificed his life to put an end to the bloody cycle.

How does the battle end?

Once the police arrive, Ji-sung contacts the commissioner and has the NIS take over. The police are denied entry to the school. Hui-soo also gets there and rushes to find her dad. Bongseok carries his mom, and she marvels at how far they have come. He is now the one who takes her. 

Soon after, the students hold their graduation, but Bong-seok is missing. Hui-soo misses him but understands why he is MIA. On the other hand, Ki-soo and Han-Byul made it alive. It looks like Ki-soo has a crush on Han-byul. Although Jae-man can’t attend the graduation, he is proud of his son. 

Upon graduation, Gang-hoon joins the NIS but asks Yong-jun to clear his father’s criminal record. Yong-jun promises to think about it. He is surprised to see Shin Hye-won and Ji-sung at the NIS headquarters. In a surprising twist of events, we learn Hye-won never ages and is actually the one pulling the strings. Yong-jun answers to her!

Il-hwan remains at the school as a teacher and hands Hui-soo’s files to Ju-won to thank him. Later, Ju-won finds Rae-hyuk and kills him.

What happens to Doo-sik?

After the battle and Joon-hwa returns home, we learn the fate of Doo-sik. Upon his capture, he was imprisoned in the North. However, to end it all, Joon-hwa kills his boss. Like Deo-yoon, he was sick of the unending cycle of violence and the fact he was being ordered to target kids. Joon-hwa is also a father, so he knows they will come for his child eventually. 

He frees Doo-sik and informs him of Yong-jun’s plan to use his son. Doo-sik returns to South Korea and kills Yong-jun. Yong-jun argues killing him is foolish; is he right? Given that Sang-Gu takes over, we can’t help but wonder if the devil we know would have been a better choice. 

Doo-sik returns home to his wife and son. Mi-hyun relocated, but as expected Doo-sik always had a way to find them. It is a moving scene as he embraces his wife and son after all these years. 

What happens to Ju-won and Hui-soo?

The father-daughter duo remains as close-knit as ever. Yong-deuk ends up staying with them and helping them in their restaurant. Ju-won also accepts him into their home, and though he teases him, he clearly holds no grudge against the man.

It is a good thing Yong-deuk was able to fulfil Jae-sook’s dying wish and live as a normal human. I think it is endearing that Hui-soo calls him uncle. 

How does Moving end?

Season 1 ends with Frank returning from the dead. What is he up to? Is he planning to kill Mark? We see Mark filing Frank as missing and ordering someone to call Elias, one of the kids he trained. Who is Elias? He seems integral to the plot.

The Episode Review

We did get a happy ending, and we are grateful for it. However, we also have questions. First, what did San-gu mean when he said they would protect the country? Is he planning to continue where Yong-jun and Rae-hyuk left off?  

Secondly, what is Frank planning, and who is Elias? Is it a good thing that Frank is alive? We also want to know if Joon-hwa and his family fled to South Korea; it is doubtful he would stay in North Korea. 

It seems that they all think the danger is over, but by the looks of it, we are just getting started. 

I was hoping to see the conversation between Doo-sik and Bong-seok. It would have also been nice to get one more scene of Bong-seok and Hui-soo. Our lovebirds are thriving on their own, but we need them to get back together. Hopefully, in due time, we will see them in the next season.

Well, that is a wrap for the show; please let us know your favourite moments and which character resonated with you. We always look forward to your comments.

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