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Moving episode 7 picks up where we left off with Mi-hyun cautious of Frank being in her restaurant. Her fears are escalated when Bong-sok arrives home, unaware she sent him a warning not to come.

She welcomes Bong-seok like any other client and offers to serve him food. Frank strikes up a conversation with Bong-seok while this is going on. He mentions he is from Iowa and Bong-seok slips up and tells him that he lives there and goes to Jeongwon High School. Mi-hyun carefully picks up her gun and guardedly approaches Frank. 

Elsewhere, Yong-jun has cornered Mark where he wants him. He is pressuring him to call off the mission. It is a tense moment as the scene keeps interchanging from Frank at Mi-hyun’s restaurant, ready to pounce and Mark trying to keep his cards to his chest at the NIS headquarters. Yong-jun is still on call with China’s Ministry of State Security. 

Ultimately, Mark texts Frank and asks him to stand down. Frank sees the message just in time. He pays his bill, thanks Bong-seok for the casual conversation and walks out. Mi-hyun quickly follows behind him and closes the restaurant.

Meanwhile, at the NIS headquarters, Yong-jun puts China’s Ministry of State Security on hold. Mark asks to speak off the record and asks about the development of the next generation. Yong-jun finds this question ironic given that Mark’s agency is also doing the same thing. Mark’s agency is training these young children with abilities and selling them to other countries to make deals.

It is despicable what both agencies are doing, they are only using these people to their advantage. Yong-jun advises Mark to try and keep their project low-key given the advanced technology in this era. He argues if they found out about Frank, anyone else with the right skills, resources and motivation can find him too.

Back at Mi-hyun’s restaurant, she harshly scolds Bong-seok for missing her message. He tries to explain what happened but, she is not having it. She starts crying asking him why he won’t listen to simple instructions. Bong-seok loses his appetite and heads to his room. He asks why Mi-hyun is so on edge and who Frank is. Mi-hyun opts not to answer his question. 

We also learn more about the woman Frank keeps remembering in a Jazz club. It turns out to be his mom, someone who watched as soldiers dragged him out of the club. He was taken to America where he was trained to be an assassin along with other boys. It was a kill or be killed situation and Frank’s survival instincts kept him going. He vividly remembers running in a huge maize field, soldiers shooting at him and losing another boy close to him. 

As Frank drives to his hiding spot, Mark texts him to take out the next target which happens to be Ju-won. Mark sure is a diabolical -twisted liar.  Frank gets distracted from reading the message and nearly gets into an accident with Gye-do’s bus. Gye-do sees his face and quickly brings the bus to the stop. He kicks out his passengers and embarks on a wild, reckless car chase with Frank. A few accidents are caused during this whole car chase.

Frank ends up driving to an open field in the middle of nowhere and Gye-do follows him. You see, Gye-do recognized Frank as the man who killed his dad and is bent on getting revenge. Frank is confused as to why Gye-do is following him and attacking him. Gye-do demands to know why Frank killed his dad. They get into a fight but unfortunately he is no match for Frank and ends up dying.

After killing Gye-do, Frank makes his way to Ju-won’s restaurant. Ju-won is on a delivery and Frank sees the receipt hanging near the cooker and decides to pursue him. He dangerously manoeuvres around the area using a shortcut and spots Ju-won on his bike. He proceeds to run him over and return to his hiding spot. 

Luckily, Ju-won managed to hold on to the truck and comes out from beneath it, once Frank parks it. What ensues is one of the best fighting scenes in this show so far. Ju-won knows how to kick butt and Frank didn’t see it coming. By the end of the fight, Ju-won kills Frank and gets rid of the files on the agents by burning the truck. 

He didn’t manage to get much out of Frank other than he is also looking into Jeongwon High School.  Even in his last moments, Frank was tormented by what he endured as a child during his training in America.  A bloody Ju-won returns home and his concern for Hui-soo’s safety grows.

The next morning, Mi-hyun prepares Bong-seok for school. She reminds him to keep his phone close and respond immediately after she contacts him. She also asks him to return home immediately after school closes. Bong-seok says nothing and he seems to be in a mood since his mom won’t tell him anything. 

At school. II-hwan tries to motivate the students to dream of a better future and work hard. Bong-seok insists on staying with his phone and Hui-soo backs him up. Gang-hoon is left with no choice but to leave them be. He remarks that she always takes Bong-seok’s side.  He also continues to endure Ki-soo’s antagonistic behaviour towards him. Bong-seok returns home immediately after school, this time there is a new bus driver.

As days go by, Bong-seok keeps his distance from Hui-soo and he seems downtrodden. He no longer stays after class to watch her train. He barely talks to her and she gives him his space. On the outside, it looks like the students are busy preparing for their finals. The parents, especially Ju-won and Mi-hyun remain on high alert. Jong-jun is also unable to rest easy, as the media focus their attention on whether the North and South have ceased hostile action.

It comes down to one day before finals and Hui-soo decides to reach out to Bong-seok. She sends him a text asking what he is up to. Bong-seok is happy to see her message and responds he is about to sleep. She wishes him the best on his test the next day and a good night. In his excitement to reply, he texts her a love heart emoji and freaks out. She points out that his lights are still on and he realizes she is nearby.  He opens his window and spots her walking away. He asks her to wait and flies to her. 

They talk about why they seem to be growing apart. It turns out Hui-soo thought he wanted to focus on his studies and gave him space. He, on the other hand, was simply trying to follow his mom’s rules and be home early. She grabs a large stone and puts it on his legs before telling him that she missed him. Bong-seok admits that he missed her too but she is distracted by the first snow of the season.

The next day, the students sit for their CSATs, all that is left is the graduation ceremony. Sung-wook worries if II-hwan needs help securing the students’ files but the latter asks him to stop being nosy. Later that night, someone sneaks into the gym and acts a bit suspicious as they look around before fixating on the basketball goalpost. 

The following morning, the senior students gather at the gym to start their fitness test. II-hwan asks the students to give Hui-soo time to practice by herself on one side of the gym. As the students play, the basketball post loosens up and starts flying towards Hui-soo. Bong-seok tries to fly to her but is weighed down by his lift. Gang-hoon manages to get to her at supersonic speed and save her. Han-byul gets everything on camera and Ki-soo is pleased that Gang-hoon slipped.

Han-byul shares the video online and it goes viral. This poses quite the problem for the NIS and they try to delete the video online. However, Yong-jun argues their effort is useless as the project has been exposed. All their hard work has gone down the drain. Ju-won also hears his customers talk about the viral video. Mi-hyun sees it on her timeline and the parents start to worry about what the exposure means for their kids.

In the meantime, Bong-seok feels disappointed that he failed to save Hui-soo. He starts practising his flying at night and Mi-hyun finds him. She confronts him about not being cautious. Bong-seok argues that she has been tying him down and that is what led to him being incapable of saving Hui-soo. It is a tearful confrontation and Mi-hyun loses her cool and screams at her son, asking if he wants to end up like his dad. 

The scene cuts to Bong-seok narrating how his mom has never spoken about his dad. He also never told her that the recurring dreams he has are a memory. It is a memory of him flying to the sky when he was young and his dad congratulating him.

The episode ends with a soldier walking towards what looks like North Korea’s Security headquarters. He salutes his superior who is watching the viral video of Jeongwon high school. He is then given orders to go to South Korea.

The Episode Review

This was an intense episode and a lot happened. The highlight of this episode has to be the fight between Ju-won and Frank. Unfortunately, based on the ending we celebrated Frank’s death a little too quickly. Our curiosity is piqued over will happen next though and whether the new soldier will be the next assassin.

We also have questions about who Mark will send in next after he learns of Frank’s demise. Does this mean we will have two new enemies in the next part, and will they work together?

Based on Frank’s story, he didn’t choose to be a killer. He had no choice, it is a tragic fate that he was forced into and probably the only thing he knew. He is a tragic villain of circumstances. It is a pity that the world chewed and spat him out like that. What a cold world!

As for the kids, their parents ought to stop keeping them in the dark. They are sitting ducks and they will stand no chance if they are not trained to survive. Sometimes, teaching the kids to fend for themselves is the best protection a parent can give to their child. A war is coming and these kids are worried about CSATs when they should be worrying about seeing the next day. If they are to survive, their parents must prioritize their training.

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