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Moving episode 6 starts with a flashback narrating the life of Gye-do, also known as Bungaeman. He used to be an entertainer on a kids show. He was a beloved figure among the children.  

Gye-do realised his power at an early age during a science class on electricity. He went to Jengwon school where II-hwan taught him. He was looking to be an athlete but he didn’t have the skills. II-hwan suggested he try to be a journalist. This is what led Gye-do to audition on TV. 

At first, his chances to succeed in the audition were looking bleak. However, he wowed the judges with his electricity-generating talent. It only seemed logical that they would hire him for the role. 

The job was not easy but it was fun. He only hard to try and control his powers so he wore gloves. Unfortunately, accidents happened once in a while, and he ended up destroying some equipment. During this time, Gye-do lived a happy life. His mom helped take care of him and always stopped by his apartment, to bring him food. 

Sadly, things took a turn for the worst after Gye-do’s glove got a cut right before he took to the stage. He ended up electrocuting a fellow performer and nearly causing a major accident. The producers decided it was easier to fire him as the incident scared the kids too much. That same day, Gye-do arrived at his home to find his mom lying on his floor. He knew something bad had happened as soon as he touched his door lock. 

His mom didn’t make it. As expected, it was a tough time for him, This was also the first time he saw his father. Gye-do held no ill feelings towards his dad. Even though his dad was never present, he took care of him financially. It was a bitter-sweet meeting which left Gye-do crying. 

Soon after, he started looking for a new job. He filled out hundreds of resumes but nothing came out of them. He missed his job as an entertainer and occasionally visited the studio.  He also visited his dad to share his mom’s memories from the digital lock of his apartment. (Their ability allows them to see memories by touching objects). Gye-do found his power frustrating and thought it only led him to hurt people. However, his dad tried to assure him differently. 

One night, Gye-do went out for drinks. He spotted a bus having some electrical trouble and used his power to fix it. This is how he ended up getting a job as a bus driver. It is a job he grew to love and cherish. He even had some favourite customers such as Bong-seok, who always had a smile and warm greetings for him. 

At present time, Gye-do takes a short leave to deal with his dad’s death. Remember, Young-Seok was the second person Frank killed.  Gye-do took an item from his dad’s shop and saw how brutally he was killed. It caused him great pain but he tried to resume his normal life. 

In the meantime, Frank questions why his targets are protective of their kids. It seems he practices self-harm by burning himself but then heals within seconds. 

On the other hand, Mi-hyun prepares Bong-seok for school and he seems down. Hui-soo also makes the same observation over lunch. Bong-seok assures her that he is fine but Hui-soo doesn’t believe it. Bong-seok is about to tell her what is stressing him when Hye-won joins them. Hui-soo gladly welcomes her and Bong-seok as usual is kind. They continue to eat their lunch and are joined by Han-byul. She has no friends because she is always recording stuff which makes them uncomfortable. They argue if they should sit with Gang-hoon who is alone but decides to let him be. 

Lunchtime flows smoothly until Gang-hoon is embarrassed by Ki-soo. Ki-soo is on a mission to get Gang-hoon to reveal his powers. Luckily, Gang-hoon holds back and endures the humiliation. Ki-soo ends up taking his glasses and dumping them in food. Gang-hoon leaves and Hui-soo picks up the glasses for him. She promises Bong-seok that she is not being nosy, she just wants to help. 

On the other hand, Sung-wook reports the incident to II-hwan and asks him to do something about it. He points out that Ki-soo has been bothering Gang-hoon a lot lately and II-hwan asks him to mind his business. Although II-hwan acts nonchalantly, this news greatly worries him. After lunch, he asks to meet privately with Ki-soo but, the latter rudely walks out of class

Hui-soo runs into Gang-hoon at the auditorium and gives him his glasses back. She commends him for holding back and not opting to use violence. She says it is a lesson she learnt the hard way. Gang-hoon is touched by her words and thanks her for the glasses. He is, however, disappointed to hear that Bong-seok was the one who cleaned them. Hui-soo asks him to turn on the air conditioner before he leaves. He quickly tells her that his dad has a shop too before shyly scurrying away.

Concurrently, Gye-do returns to work and explains to his boss that he needs to keep himself busy. Elsewhere, Frank has flashbacks of running in a cornfield in Iowa when he was young. He also remembers a woman singing at what looks like a Jazz club. 

Back at the NIS headquarters, Woon-kyu has finally gotten the identity of the ‘cleaner.’ It turns out that Frank is a Korean native, who was forcefully adopted in the US. He grew up in America and based on his code name, he is the sixth child that underwent this forced adoption and training. He was brought in by a CIA agent when he was a child and after that, all his records were deleted. After hearing the report, Yong-jun decides to summon the US Counselor.

Evening rolls by, and Bong-seok creates a playlist to cheer Hui-soo as she trains. She doesn’t have a phone so he lets her use his. Hui-soo gets close to thank him and our boy nearly floats again. He quickly leaves but she remains with his phone. 

As the night deepens, Frank gets a text about his next target and it is none other than our beloved Mi-hyun. Frank stops drinking and heads over to her restaurant. Meanwhile, the students at Jeongwon start leaving for home. As usual, Gang-hoon arrives to find his dad waiting for him outside their shop. He apologizes to his dad out of the blue but we don’t know why. His dad only smiles and carries on with what he was doing.

Bong-seok drops by the auditorium to pick up his phone and notices it is about to die. He quickly leaves since he is scared his mom will worry if he is unreachable. On his way, he is glad to see Gye-do back at his job. He warmly greets him and shares that it is great to have him back. He admits he was worried and Gye-do is moved by his words.

Hui-soo also makes it home and is surprised to see her dad got her a phone. Ju-won managed to buy her a phone by subtly threatening that rude customer who owned a phone store. Ju-won asks Hui-soo to make sure she always has her phone just in case. It seems Ju-won is worried about the assassin and wants to protect Hui-soo. He, however, doesn’t tell her this because he doesn’t want her to worry.

Back at the NIS headquarters, Yong-jun meets with the US Counsellor, Mark, and calls him out on the discourtesy. He points out that it is rude to carry out a mission in a country without informing the necessary authorities. Mark remarks that Yong-jun’s department is also a secret disguised as a regular government agency. 

Yong-jun cuts to the point and reveals he knows Mark is a CIA agent working undercover as Counselor. The confident smile on Mark’s face drops and we know Yong-jun has him where he wants him. Yong-jun threatens to make the issue an international diplomatic matter if Mark refuses to call off his hound dog.

He argues both countries have a lot to lose if things go public. He suggests they make a deal and says the agency is not interested in the past generation. Yong-jun dictates that if they are to make a deal, Mark has to terminate the operation. Mark tries to play hardball, so Yong-jun asks to be connected to China’s Ministry of State Security.

Meanwhile, Frank shows up at Mi-hyun’s restaurant and orders food. Mi-hyun is quick to sense danger and tries to text Bong-seok not to come home. Unfortunately, his phone is dead and he doesn’t get the message. He casually asks what second-string means and Mi-hyun explains it is not something good.

Bong-seok gets home and Mi-hyun quickly tries to treat him like any other customer and refers to him as sir. 

The Episode Review

This episode ended with quite a big cliffhanger. The fate of Bong-seok and Mi-hyun lies in the hands of Yong-jun. Will Frank be asked to stand down before he kills them? 

This chapter also had a lot of moving parts. We started with Gye-do’s story, which is sad and one would never have imagined he went through all that. By the end, we learned more about Frank and he seems to have been through a lot. The agents took advantage of his ability and trained him to be a killing machine. 

We are also curious about Gang-hoon’s history. What happened to his dad and why is Gang-hoon sorry? Let us see if it is covered in the next episode!

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