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Moving episode 5 starts with a flashback to the day Hui-soo’s mom died. They were involved in an accident but she didn’t make it.  

At present time, Hui-soo is at Jeongwon High School, where she spends her days studying and training hard. As usual, Bong-seok is by her side, helping and taking care of her. Even though he knows she can’t get hurt, he still insists on cleaning the floor so she doesn’t slip.

Hui-soo asks why he never asked what happened in the fight that led her to transfer. This prompts Bong-seok to tell her that he is being cautious since he doesn’t want her to relive the bad memory.

Hui-soo eventually becomes ready to talk about that fateful day. She starts by narrating how she moved a lot when she was a young girl. She felt like her dad was always running from something. They would stay at a place for no more than three years before moving.

Her dad worked hard to provide for the family though. Soon, her dad decided to settle down in one place to allow her to study and join college. Hui-soo was happy and Ju-won was pleased to see it.

The trouble started when a new girl joined the senior class. Her name was Hye-won, and she came from a rich family which caused some girls to be envious of her. A gang of bullies joined up and started bullying Hye-won constantly. The bullying was intense and varied from psychological to physical. 

Everyone in the classroom was scared to speak up against the bullying. Hui-soo decided to report the matter to the teacher but nothing much happened. The bullies only got reprimanded and doubled down on their actions.  Hye-won didn’t have the courage to speak up against the bullies so they only got a warning. Hui-soo felt like the teachers only wanted to give an appearance that they have handled the matter.

They later demanded to know who had the audacity to report them. The class president tried to step up but ended up beaten to a pulp. Hui-soo ended up feeling guilty for reporting the matter and the other student getting beaten up. She tried to apologize to him but didn’t know where to start.  Hui-soo tried to hold on longer but things continued to get worse for Hye-won. She tried to think of her dad and remained silent.

With 120 days to their final exams, Hui-soo was unable to stay calm and watch Hye-won get bullied. She confronted the bullies and they took the fight outside. It was a fierce battle as she fought against 17 other students. The other students stood by and watched, some recording the drama as it unfolds on their phones. 

One of the students even took out a razor knife and slashed Hui-soo’s throat. Another hit Hui-soo so hard on the head with a stone. However, Hui-soo regenerated and healed in seconds. The final bully left standing got scared after seeing Hui-soo immediately heal from the cut. It was the first time Hui-soo realized she is different. The fight continued and she ended up winning without a single wound on her body. 

After that incident, there was an investigation but there was no proof that Hui-soo was the victim. The other students involved in the fight were badly injured but she was okay. She ended up being expelled for using violence on school grounds. The other students were too scared to approach her.  

Hui-soo was also scared of herself so she asked her dad what is wrong with her. Ju-won explained that she takes after him and her mom must have died happy knowing this. Ju-won used all the money he had to pay for the settlement and keep the other party from pressing charges. No school wanted to admit Hui-soo until Jeongwon High School came along. 

Away from Hui-soo’s flashback, we see Ju-won return to the rude customer from the previous night and puts him in his place. The customer pays his bills and on his way out Ju-won notes there is heavy police presence in the building. He is particularly interested in the presence of the National intelligence agents. He creates a minor accident to bring out the NIS agents so he can see who they are. 

Meanwhile, Mi-hyun learns of a murder nearby on the internet and decides to check out the scene from afar.  She watches Ju-won’s little prank and watches him leave. She, however, fails to see his face, only the logo of his restaurant.

On the other side of town, Bong-seok and Hui-soo head out for lunch. Bong-seok brings up how memories work since he is fascinated by the science behind them. Hui-soo tells him about the memories of her mom’s accident, which is the only memory she has of her mom. She is not sure if her mom was crying or smiling at her. After lunch, they go back to the auditorium and Hui-soo thanks him for keeping her company. Of course, our boy Bong-seok tries to deny that he came for her. 

Back at the NIS headquarters, Woon-kyu updates Yong-jun on the recent developments. So far, they have closed all the murder cases as robberies and deleted any evidence of the incidents online. They also got the bodies of the victims and had NFS process them before the funerals. Yong-jun believes that the US sent a ‘cleaner’ to get rid of NIS retired agents. It turns out that back in the day all agents were vetted by the US. 

Woon-kyu asks why they are not taking any action to protect the retired agents. Yong-jun argues that retirees pose a threat because they know a lot of secrets. He, however, asks Woon-kyu to find out who the cleaner is without reaching out to the US headquarters. 

In the meantime, Frank shows up at the salonist’s funeral service to check out if she had any kids. It turns out she had one biological kid who died many years ago. She then adopted many kids and raised them with all the love she could muster. Hearing this seems to have immensely affected Frank. 

We circle back to the NIS headquarters, and we see Principal Jo Rae-hyuk reporting to Yong-jun. It is revealed that he agreed to take Hui-soo in after learning she has regenerating abilities. He personally interviewed the bullies Hui-soo beat up to verify the information. Another twist is that  Jeongwon High School is part of the NIS secret project. 

Rae-hyuk is in charge of overseeing it. He is hopeful they will get results this year with the graduates they had admitted. Yong-jun is doubtful and reminds Ryae-hyuk that the project has to be kept a secret. The files need to be protected too. 

Elsewhere, Bong-seok and Hui-soo head home. Bong-seok tells her about how his mom has always been protective. He mentions that he believes that Hui-soo’s mom smiled in her final moments because she was sure Hui-soo was not hurt. This deeply moves Hui-soo, who starts crying and remembers the final moments of her mom.  

Ju-won watches the news to follow the murder case. He can’t stop thinking about the NIS agents. In the meantime, Frank visits Young-seok’s funeral but doesn’t see Gye-do. Gye-do is hurt and mourning his dad. He holds the last thing his dad held on to and sees his last moments. Gye-do’s power starts affecting the building’s electricity but Frank doesn’t think much of it and leaves. 

A new week approaches and the students are back to school. Our resident bully, Ki-soo, also makes a limping return. However, we are more shocked to see a new student, who happens to be none other than Hye-won. It seems this is a pleasant surprise for Hui-soo, who smiles when Hye-won introduces herself.

The Episode Review

The mystery deepens as we learn more about the past and how it all integrates with the present. The NIS has been making some silent moves by admitting special kids to Jeongwon High School and letting them meet. This was no coincidence as for all we know, they probably wanted Gang-hoon and Hui-soo to get close. However, it is still unclear if they know about Bong-seok. Then again, if Ji-sung knows then surely Rhae-hyuk must be aware of Bong-seok’s ability too. 

The scene where Bong-seok talks to Hui-soo, telling her she doesn’t have to hate the colour orange, seems to have a deeper meaning. It is possible that he is telling her that she can be whatever she wants, with no need to conform to one thing. Watching their friendship grow is endearing and they seem to know how to comfort each other. 

We are also curious about why Ju-won wanted to see the NIS agents up close. By now, it is safe to assume he is a retired agent as well as Mi-hyun. Frank might be coming for them next; they need to be prepared. 

Lastly, with the emergence of Hye-won and the return of Ki-soo, we can’t wait to see what happens next. 

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