Moving – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

What is Your Secret?

Moving episode 3 starts with Bong-seok and Hui-soo stopping by the convenience store and getting some late-night snacks. Hui-soo also buys some band-aids for Bong-seok. They talk about their parents’ restaurants as they enjoy their snacks. Hui-soo is worried about her dad’s chicken restaurant since this is his first time running a business.

Bong-seok encourages her, saying his mom also did it alone and it will all be fine. He has an adorable, positive outlook on life – I hope he doesn’t lose it. 

Hui-soo asks about his dad and Bong-seok says he doesn’t remember meeting him. As they talk, Bong-seok spots a bloody Ki-soo walking home. He wonders what happens and stands up to go ask him but Hui-soo finds this weird. By the time Bong-seok explains why he wants to check on Ki-soo, the young man is gone. They both found it strange that Gang-hoon said Ki-soo went home while he clearly didn’t. 

Bong-seok explains to Hui-soo that Ki-soo didn’t used to be such a troubled kid. He wanted to join P.E. but suffered a leg injury. After that, he changed and started getting into lots of fights. The conversation turns to why Bong-seok has no friends and he admits to being a loner. Hui-soo confesses that she is an introvert too, which Bong-seok finds hard to believe. He questions how a nice, kind, beautiful girl like her has no friends.

Meanwhile, Mi-hyun finds herself dealing with some raucous clients at her restaurant. Thankfully, the butcher’s son arrives just in time to de-escalate the matter. On the other hand, Ju-won officially opens his chicken restaurant. He prepares a lot but is disappointed when he doesn’t sell as much.

After their late-night snacks, Bong-seok tries to cheer Hui-soo. He advises her to be open with her dad and stop worrying about him too much. Once they get back to school, Hui-soo asks Gang-hoon about Ki-soo. Gang-hoon lies and questions why the two of them skipped class but Hui-soo reminds him after-school classes are voluntary. Gang-hoon claims the two of them have gotten too close and Hui-soo agrees that Bong-seok is her friend. 

While the other students leave for their homes, Hui-soo and Bong-seok remain behind to clean the toilets as punishment for being late.  Hui-soo notices that Bong-seok’s wound is still bleeding and give him first aid. This is a surprise to Bong-seok and he tries to hold himself together. He manages to keep his feet on the ground until she leaves. After that, the excitement from the encounter is too much and he starts to elevate as he cleans the toilets.

Later, Hui-soo returns home and shows her dad the new uniforms she bought. She reconsiders Bong-seok’s advice and decides to talk to her dad. She asks for his support and tells him that she is switching from Humanities to P.E.

Her dad asks her to explain and she tells him that he won’t have to worry about the finances. Humanities are expensive but P.E is more affordable for them. Her dad is left speechless and a new customer arrives so the conversation ends there.

The next morning, Bong-seok is surprised to see a new bus driver. What happened to Gye-do? As usual, Hui-soo runs to school and Bong-seok happily watches her from the bus. Unfortunately, Bong-seok is late again and will have to be punished. 

Once they get to class, Choi Il-hwan asks about Ki-soo. Hui-soo warns Bong-seok about speaking up about what he saw. Gang-hoon overhears them and asks what they are talking about. Hui-soo asks him what he knows because it is clear he lied. Gang-hoon acts like he knows nothing. He continues to keep his eyes on Hui-soo and Bong-seok. 

Bong-seok is sticking around to motivate Hui-soo as she trains. He ends up getting home late and Mi-hyun is not pleased. She, however, softens when she hears he has a new friend. 

Elsewhere, Frank visits Jeongwon High School to follow up on the lead he found after killing Young-seok. The security guard, Ji-sung, finds the late-night visit odd and sends Frank off. Ji-sung then makes a call to report the strange visit to someone. 

The next day, Ju-won researches the cost of P.E. classes. Hui-soo starts her official training with Choi II-hwan but is not impressed with her stamina. She keeps training and nearly misses lunch. Thankfully, Bong-seok is willing to share his side dishes with her.

In the meantime, Ji-sung puts up security cameras around the school. Later, Choi II-hwan asks Gang-hoon to turn the fans in the auditorium. Gang-hoon does as instructed but stays behind to secretly watch Hui-soo train. Bong-seok soon joins her and is taken aback when he sees her stumble and fall. To reach her quickly, he drops his heavy bag and flies to her. Gang-hoon secretly watches them and realizes Bong-seok has gifts too. 

Huio-soo finds it strange how quickly Bong-seok got to her but he claims she must have seen her won things. Hui-soo recruits Bong-seok to help her train but he gets distracted by her proximity and tries to stay grounded. In the end, he loses the battle and flies across the room.  Once again, he acts like nothing happened and claims he is fine.

The custodian disrupts them and Bong-seok quickly leaves. Gang-hoon stays back and smashes his hands on the wall. He has great body strength, is that his superpower? 

The next morning, Hui-soo is touched to see her dad bought her new shoes. She decides to carry them to school. She trains as usual but she can’t stop thinking about Bong-seok flying. She finds it strange to believe she imagined what happened.

After training, she finds Bong-seok and invites him to grab some snacks. Bong-seok texts his mom to let her know he will be late as he is hanging out with a friend. He tells Hui-soo his mom won’t scold him if she learns he is eating with a friend. 

As they talk, Hui-soo remembers she left her new shoes at school. Bong-seok offers to run and get them for her. Hui-soo secretly follows him probably to see if he will fly again. There is no one at school and Hui-soo gets scared. She, however, wants to discover his secret. Out of fear, she calls out to him and he responds. 

They end up sitting on the stairs and she asks about what she saw and the chant he keeps muttering. Bong-seok laughs it off saying it is the PI formula and she drops the matter. As they sit, Bong-seok takes off his bag to get the noodles he bought for her. She realizes the bandage on his elbow is getting loose and tries to fix it.

With nothing to hold him down, Bong-seok gets excited at her touch and starts to elevate. She watches him in awe as he tries to grab onto something. Unfortunately, there is nothing to grab, and he elevates towards the ceiling.

The Episode Review

The cat is out of the bag, and Bong-seok can’t hide the truth from Hui-soo any longer. Will she tell him her secret in return? 

It turns out the school guard is not a bad person but who did he call? Maybe he called Ryae-hyuk, who is never at school even though he is the principal. Why is this? What else is keeping him busy? 

We would also like to know where Gye-do ran off to. Maybe, he is in hiding or looking into the killer. Either way, we hope he is okay.

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