Moving – K-drama Episode 19 Recap & Review

Final Battle 

Moving Episode 19 starts with Jae-man running and flying with all his might towards Jeongwon High School. The only thought in his mind is to save his beloved son, Gang-hoon. In the control room, which observes people on probation, they are surprised by how fast Jae-man is moving and think it is a computer error. After checking Jae-man’s file, the boss decides to alert the police and the NIS team about the breach.

Meanwhile, at the school, Gang-hoon is still fighting for his life. Even though one of his arms is broken, Gang-hoon is not giving up. At the same time, Deok-yoon finds Ki-soo and Han-byul hiding in the staff room. He advises them to stay hidden once he is sure they are only students. This means he is not willing to kill students, at least not the gifted ones. 

The scene cuts back to Park Chan-Il and Gang-hoon. Park Chan-Il is about to kill the student when Il-hwan shows up with his gun blazing. He, however, is no match for Park Chan-Il. The assassin demands to know where the files are, but Il-hwan refuses to tell him.

Park Chan-Il loses his patience and threatens to kill Gang-hoon if the teacher doesn’t speak up. He starts choking Gang-hoon, and Il-hwan is on the verge of spilling the truth when Jae-man shows up. 

Phew! We thought Gang-hoon was about to meet his maker! Jae-man charges in with a fury like no other, Park Chan-Il dared to mess with his kid, and there shall be blood to pay!

A fierce and exhilarating fight ensues between Park Chan-Il and Jae-man. Jae-man deals with his enemy ruthlessly and asks Gang-hoon to leave along with Il-hwan.  As the fierce fight continues, Yong-deuk arrives on the scene as well. He is soon joined by Ju-won, who attacks him. 

Ju-won and Yong-deuk engage in another battle as if to test each other’s strength. Sorry, but has no one taught Ju-won something about dodging a punch?  This was one weird fight since no one was dodging the punches. Ultimately, Ju-won manages to knock out Yong-deuk and joins Jae-man, who is done with Park Chan-Il.

He checks on Gang-hoon and is taken back to the night he first saw Ju-won. The night, he went back home to keep his promise to his son, who was scared. Once again, we see Jae-man’s love for his son is unmatched. Someone give him the Father of the Year award! Gang-hoon thanks him and says he no longer wants to be apart from him. 

On the other hand, Jae-man apologizes for being late. Ju-won checks on Il-hwan, who claims he has a plan and asks them to leave. Unfortunately, Ju-won spots Lim Jae-Seok, the man with the sunglasses. Deok-yoon’s final card against Team South.

Gang-hoon simultaneously spots him as well and moves to protect his father. It turns out Jae-seok has the ability to create a massive power cycle through his hands. He uses his hands to siphon energy and direct it against his enemies. He is almost like Gye-do, but he doesn’t siphon electricity.

Through a flashback, we learn Jae-sook’s deeply sad story. We meet a young Jae-sook living in Yodok concentration camp in 1984. His parents were killed while trying to flee to South Korea. Jae-sook spent all his life locked up in a cave. He never saw the sunlight or got to live a normal life. His only connection to a living being was his cellmate next door.

The cellmate turns out to be Yong-deuk, and they would communicate and encourage each other to stay alive. 
Initially, Jae-sook didn’t want to leave the camp. He was comfortable there and found the sunlight painful to his eyes. Yong-deuk was the only one he trusted, and Deok-yoon promised to always return him to the cave at the end of a mission.

At present, Jae-sook launches his first attack on Team South, and Jae-man, Gang-hoon and Il-hwan end up being caught under rocks as the roof caves in. Jae-man manages to hold the heavy stones above them to save the two. Gang-hoon does his best to punch through a wall and find an escape route. 

Ju-won rushes towards Jae-sook and tries to take him down. He is joined by Jae-man, who sends Il-hwan and Gang-hoon out before coming to help.  

In the meantime, Deok-yoon calls Joo-hwa, who is still recovering from Hui-soo’s knockout. Bong-seok and Hui-soo are impressed with themselves, and suddenly, Bong-seok confesses his feelings. Hui-soo teases him, asking what kind of a confession that is. She, however, tells him that she likes him too. Trust these two to make us smile and give us butterflies even in the middle of an intense battle! 

As Joon-hwa wakes up and picks up his phone, Bong-seok listens to his conversation. He hears Deok-yoon ordering Joon-hwa to return to the school. He says their plan went awry, and the parents are there. He hears them mention his mom and that she killed two of them. They can use all the help they need.

Joon-hwa gets up to leave and asks Bong-seok and Hui-soo not to follow him. However, Bong-seok demands to know what is going on, and Joon-hwa pulls his trigger; Hui-soo quickly moves to protect Bong-seok and gets shot in her arm. 

Back at the school, Ju-won, Jaeman and Jae-sook are still engaged in a fight, and Yong-deuk finally wakes up.  As they fight alongside each other,  Ju-won thanks Jae-man since Gang-hoon saved his daughter and reckoned he grew up to be a good man. This makes Jae-man proud, and he smiles.  Jae-man lunges for Jae-sook and breaks his arm. Concurrently, Yong-deuk wakes up and comes to his friend’s aid. 

Elsewhere, Gye-do spots Joon-hwa flying to the school. He finds the item Hui-soo left on his bus and uses it to learn more about them. On the other hand, Hui-soo asks Bong-seok to hurry and save his mom. She assures him she is fine and promises to catch up with him. Bong-seok immediately leaves for the school. It is a proud moment to see him flying to rescue his mom. 

Speaking of Mi-hyun, she finds Park Chan-Il lying on the ground, clinging to life after Jae-man threw him off the window. Park Chan-Il is somewhat content that his sad life is ending. He tries to attack Mi-hyun, but she kills him, destroying one of her chances of discovering  what happened to Doo-sik. 

Outside the school, Gye-do nearly hits Hui-soo, who is running toward the school. He decides to follow her out of concern since she is all bloody and seems distressed.

At the school, the battle rages on, with Jae-man laying hard punches on Yong-deuk. To save his friend, Jae-sook jumps out of the window and smacks his hand on the ground. He asks Yong-deuk to live. As soon as Jae-sook lands on the ground, the school’s foundation is shaken, and the building starts falling.  The police see this from afar and rush there.  

Meanwhile, we see Ki-soo and Han-byul crying outside the school. Gang-hoon and Il-hwan join them. Thank God they are safe! Ju-won is holding on to Jae-man, who is passed out. Ju-won is pinned to a piece of metal and throws Jae-man to a high ground first. Once Jae-man wakes up, Ju-won sends him to escort Gang-hoon. 

The episode ends with Ju-won freeing himself and crawling to high ground when Joon-hwa shoots him from above. 

The Episode Review

What an intense episode that had us at the edge of our seats. The stakes are so high you won’t believe the anxiety these last two episodes have given us. Thankfully, we know Gang-hoon, Jae-man, Il-hwan, Ki-soo and Han-byul are safe. The fate of Mi-hyun, Ju-won, Bong-seok and Hui-soo hangs in the balance.

Once again, Moving has done a great job humanising the villains. Our hearts break for Jae-sook as well as Yong-deuk. This is the only life they know; it is the only option they are given. As we head to the finale, one question remains. What happened to Doo-sik?

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