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The Awakening

Moving Episode 17 starts with a flashback to one of Doo-sik and Mi-hyun’s dates. As they walked home, Mi-hyun was curious about how Doo-sik learned to fly. Doo-sik found this question amusing but tried his best to explain. He tells her that he could float from the moment he was born. He started learning how to fly after overcoming the fear of falling. He taught himself how to fall well; he claims that is the secret of flying. As Mi-hyun watches him explain, she grabs his hand, and they continue to walk holding hands. 

We circle back to our cute Bong-seok and determined Hui-soo. They are on their way to the sports centre and still as chirper as ever. Unfortunately, Joon-hwa is watching them from above. The two are excited to see the well-equipped sports centre, and Hui-soo admits she likes studying at Jeongwon High School. She smoothly confesses she likes Bong-seok. As always, Bong-seok promises to cheer for her and goes out to grab some drinks. Bong-seok’s smile is so disarming you can’t help but fall for his charms!

As he rushes to the vending machine outside, Hui-soo warms up by running a few laps. This is when Joon-hwa makes his move and approaches her. He locks the door and asks her how many laps she has done. Hui-soo tries to explain she has permission to use the centre, but Joon-hwa is not concerned about that. He compliments her running skill and says he wants to check something. He grabs her and hurls the girl from the second floor of the building. Hui-soo falls on a tennis table, breaking it.

Bong-seok returns and notices the door is closed; he calls out to Hui-soo and hears her screaming as she tries to take on Joon-hwa. Bong-seok rushes outside and drops his bag and leg lifts. He remembers his mom’s advice on learning to fly, which she learnt from Doo-sik. They had a heart-to-heart conversation after Bong-seok confessed to his mom that he wished he could fly to save Hui-soo as Gang-hoon did. He braces himself before launching himself in the air.

Inside, Joon-hwa grabs Hui-soo and flies to the room’s highest point. He plans to check her powers. Bong-sek breaks through the window just in time to catch her before she lands on the floor. In an amazing move, he flies across the room with Hui-soo dearly holding on to him. Realizing he flew for the first time feels fantastic for both of them. Doo-sik would be proud! However, they don’t have time to celebrate as Joon-hwa is still watching them and is intrigued by Bong-seok’s flying powers. 

Meanwhile, things are also getting heavy at the school. Mi-hyun and the cleaning lady get into an intense fight while they question each other’s motives. Mi-hyun hears the steps of the other spies and escapes through the window. She makes it look like she ran away, but she is still on the school grounds. The cleaning lady meets with Jae-hak, and she explains Mi-hyun got away. She insists on finding Mi-hyun and killing her, which is part of their orders. Mi-hyun listens to their conversation and plans her next move. 

The cleaning lady sends Jae-hak to handle Ki-soo, who is snooping around looking for the files on the gifted. She stays behind to go over the CCTV camera feed and find Mi-hyun. In the meantime, Mi-hyun covers the cameras outside with snow and heads to the power control room. The cleaning lady finally spots her and moves in the same direction. 

Elsewhere, Ju-won and Il-hwan’s conversation is interrupted by Deok-yoon. By the look of it, he is the head of the North -Korean team. His orders are to get the files on the students and eliminate everyone involved in the N.T.D.P. project. North Korea is happy to finally have a pinned location for the South Korean secret training program. It took them a long time to find it, and the cleaning lady found out more than they expected. Deok-yoon and one of his goons demand to see the files on the gifted. 

As the action continues to heat up at the school, a clueless Han-byul finds the front gate open and enters the school. In the meantime, Mi-hyun switches off the power, and darkness engulfs the whole school. The guard is taken aback and wonders what is going wrong. 

Back to Gye-do, his superior wonders how the battery malfunctioned, given his powers. He promises to handle the complaints and insurance. He asks Gye-do to drive the bus back to the station once it is repaired. 

On the other hand, Il-hwan pretends to get the files while Ju-won threatens the second goon waiting outside the room. Il-hwan grabs a baton and launches forward to attack the spies.

The scene then cuts to Gang-hoon, who’s studying at the library. He is on his way out after the lights go off. He runs into Park Chan-Il, who immediately recognizes him. At home, his dad begins to worry, so his wife calls Gang-hoon and hears him groaning in pain. She alerts Jae-man, who takes off running to the school. Ankle monitor be damned!

Still roaming at school is Ki-soo, who fails to get the files. He runs into Jae-hak, who is curious about what the former is looking for. Ki-soo hits Jae-hak, making his second mistake of the night. One slap from Jae-hak is enough to humble him. 

Elsewhere, the cleaning lady finally makes it to the power room and turns the power on. Mi-hyun waits for her and puts a bullet through her brain. She uses a can of industrial oil filter as a silence so no one hears the gunshot. As expected, she is a smart one. No surprise, she was the best agent in her class.

Another fight ensues as Ju-won takes on the second goon while giving II-hwan time to take care of the students in the school. Surprisingly, Deok-yoon sits silent, watching Ju-won go to town on his man. He seems somewhat amused and looking forward to seeing Juwon’s abilities. He even has time to casually receive a call from Joon-hwa, updating him on the status of the kids. He orders Joon-hwa to check how good the kids are and report back.

Meanwhile, Il-hwan rushes to save Ki-soo. He quickly realizes he is no match for Jae-hak, who easily moves swiftly. Jae-hak draws his gun with a silencer and shoots Ki-soo’s phone as he is about to call the police. He also shoots Il-hwan’s baton right off his hands. Sensing the hopelessness of the situation, he begs Jae-hak to spare Ki-soo, claiming he is innocent.

Initially, it looks like Ju-won is winning, but the goon has healing powers. He recovers and comes at Ju-won with a vengeance. This is the first time we have seen Ju-won beaten to a pulp without fighting back. He lies there in a pool of his blood as Deok-yoon explains why they are looking for the files. He says North Korea has people with superpowers, too, and they didn’t come to South Korea without a plan. 

He blames it all on Doo-sik, and this gets Mi-hyun’s attention since she is still listening in through the phone she threw in the trash bin. With a resolved look in her eyes, she exits the power room and is probably on her way to Deok-yoon.

We circle back to Joon-hwa and our young love birds.  They are under the delusion that they can team up against him, but they are no match for Joon-hwa. Watching this painful scene felt like what it would look like if Goliath gave David the beating of a lifetime!

We go back to Ju-won, who is taking a pounding of his own. Deok-yoon is still explaining the root of their motives. He blames it all on Doo-sik, and this gets Mi-hyun’s attention since she is still listening in through the phone she threw in the trash bin. She calls Bong-seok, but he fails to pick up. He left his phone in his bag outside the sports centre.

With a resolved look in her eyes, she exits the power room and is probably on her way to Deok-yoon. She checks her gun and throws away her glasses as intense music plays in the background.

The Episode Review

To say the tension in this episode was pulsating in each scene is an understatement. We literally inhaled and exhaled throughout as the fate for some of our beloved characters hung in the balance. Moving has done it again; we have to wait seven days to find out what happens next. Argh! The torture!

Thankfully, we are three episodes to the end of season 1, and they will simultaneously drop next Wednesday. It will be a nail-biting affair as we find out who will live to see another day. 

We are also intrigued to know what happened to Doo-sik. If he really killed the leader of North Korea, it might explain the blowback as the superhumans from the warring countries come head to head. In the midst of all these, where is Doo-sik? Will he be the eleventh-hour hero that will save the day? 

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