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Moving episode 15 starts with Woon-kyu informing Yong-jun that Ju-won is gone. He left everything behind, took his daughter and ran for the hills. Rae-hyuk is in the meeting and insists he will be able to trace Ju-won. He believes in his skills as an investigator. 

However, Yong-jun’s concern is verifying if Hui-soo has the ability just like her dad. Rae-hyuk is adamant that she survived the accident because she is capable of regenerating. It turns out he was at the scene of the accident, watching from a distance. Did he play a part in the accident that took Ji-hee’s life, and why?

He also proposes a new idea to Yong-jun. He suggests they focus on the kids of the current agents by starting the National Talent Development Project (NTDP).  Through this project, they will be able to secure the next generation. They already have Gang-hoon after placing Jae-man on house arrest. He is sure Doo-sik’s son, our cute Bong-seok, has the ability to fly. He only has to find Hui-soo and Bong-seok; voila, they have their next Black team. He is sure he can find other kids with different abilities and recruit them. 

Rae-hyuk has big plans; he believes if they find Bong-seok and start a school in his area, he will join.  He argues this is a long-term plan and urges Yong-jun to think about the future. Woon-kyu is against the idea, but Yong-jun’s greediness has been awakened.  There is no stopping him now; he authorizes Rae-hyuk to start the project. This is how Jeongwon High School came to be. 

We go back to the present and meet our young love birds, Hui-soo and Bong-seok, along with Gang-hoon. It is great to see them again; we had certainly missed them. There is also the new assassin sent from North Korea. Basically, this is where we left off things in episode 7.

At Jeongwon High School, Ki-soo remembers his accident at the gym. In an alarming twist of events, Sung-Wook was there but did nothing to help. Gang-hoon approaches him and asks if he is the one who loosened the bolts on the basketball hoop. Ki-soo denies any involvement and angrily leaves.

Later, Hui-soo takes Gang-hoon to the convenience store and buys him some ramyeon to thank him for saving her. She asks if he has superpowers and tells him it is okay if he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

They also talk about their plans for the future, and Gang-hoon says he is done with his test. He intends to work for the government. He fails to mention that he made a deal with Rae-hyuk before joining high school. Gang-hoon wanted to save his dad, he feels sad seeing his father locked up in the house. He blames himself; this is probably why he apologised before.

He intentionally joined Jeongwon High School to do Rae-hyuk’s bidding and save his dad. He is a filial son! After eating their meal, he asks Hui-soo to keep their conversation between themselves.

Elsewhere, Sung-wook confiscates Han-byul’s camera. She is frustrated as her account was getting more views. She also wonders why Sung-wook decided to take the camera now of all times. She is also concerned, given that her video of the incident was taken down.  She vows to steal back her camera. Later, II-hwan asks Sung-wook about his opinion on the incident, but the latter plays it down. Is he the one who loosened the bolts? What is his end game? He and the cleaning lady are giving suspicious vibes!

Meanwhile, our cute bong-seok is listening to music class. He keeps thinking about his conversation with his mom. He seems sad as he stares absentmindedly outside. Hui-soo and Gang-hoon come. As they walk in, the other students wonder why she and Gang-hoon have been acting so close lately. II-hwan also comes in and announces there will be no after-school classes and asks the students to go home. They are relieved and excitedly start leaving. However, II-hwan asks Hui-soo to see him in his office. 

The other students leave, but Bong-seok remains behind. Meanwhile, II-hwan asks Hui-soo to continue her practice at the sports centre at Dunchon-dong. He gives her a pass and cautions her not to miss a day of training if she wants to go to college. On her way out, she runs into Ki-soo, who wants to know what II-hwan said to her. He warns her not to trust anyone and to be careful.

She heads back to the class and finds Bong-seok. She notices he is sad and asks if he is waiting for her. She notices that Bong-seok seems sad and didn’t bring his water bag. He informs her that he won’t be wearing his weight anymore. He tells her that he had a talk with Mi-hyun, and they came to the conclusion that it is time to do away with them. 

Hui-soo asks if this has anything to do with the incident at the gym. Bong-seok doesn’t confirm or deny it. He simply says he will be fine as long as she is not around. Of course, Hui-soo takes this as an opportunity to tease him and gets close. He starts elevating, so she holds him down and makes him wear her bag, too.  She invites him to join him at Dunchon-dong, and he happily agrees. 

In the meantime, Ki-soo is still on the school grounds and seems to be up to no good. Sung-wook is also acting more suspiciously as he enters the principal’s office. 

Back to Hui-soo and Bong-seok, he worries she might be getting cold and offers his jacket. However, Hui-soo tells him she never feels cold or gets sick and refuses to wear his jacket. He gives her a warmer instead. They fail to notice a strange man following them as they walk to the bus stop. 

On the other hand, Mi-hyun prepares herself to go somewhere and closes her restaurant for the rest of the day. She doesn’t think it is a coincidence that two children who have superpowers ended up at  Jeongwon High School.  She wonders if there are other students and how they all ended up at the same high school. She takes her gun and one of her burner phones and leaves. Ju-won also puts on his combat boots and gets ready. He then fries his hands and watches as it heals. This is the second time we have seen Ju-won practise self-harming. Is this his way of coping with his pain? 

Concurrently, Bong-seok and Hui-soo are on their way to the bus stop. They are pleasantly surprised to see Gye-do is back as a bus driver. They excitedly get on the bus, and Gye-do informs them he also went to Jeongwon High School.  The strange man, who’s probably a North Korean soldier, Joon-hwa, gets on the bus too. 

He has a problem making the payment, so Gye-do asks to see his phone. Gye-do senses something is wrong when he holds the man’s phone. However, we are not shown the memories he saw when he held the phone. Gye-do hands the man the phone and allows him to get on, but he keeps his eyes on him. 

Blissfully unaware of the danger, Bong-seok excitedly tells Hui-soo about Gye-do being Bungaeman. Bungeaman is his favorite hero, and Bong-seok can’t stop talking about him. Hui-soo asks him to calm down as she doesn’t want him to start elevating. 

The scene cuts to Mi-hyun arriving at Jeongwon High School and asking to meet with II-hwan. Before that, she calls Bong-seok, and he lies that he is on his way home. She asks him to be careful and informs him she will be late. Hui-soo is surprised he lied to his mom and teases him. Ju-won also calls her and asks her whereabouts; she tells him she is going to the sports centre for training. 

He asks her to be careful and head home instead, as he is worried. However, Hui-soo has no intentions of skipping training and only lies she will head home. Ju-won sneaks into the school, and Ji-sung makes a phone call informing the other party that Ju-won and Mi-hyun are at the school. Given that he addressed Ju-won by his codename, Ji-sung must have previously worked for Jong-yun. We also see Jae-man anxiously wait for Gang-hoon, who opted to study at the library.

At the same time, Mi-hyun finds II-hwan and asks about the viral video. She asks about Gang-hoon and if he has superpowers. II-hwan denies such allegations and says the kids exaggerated the story. Mi-hyun then asks about college admission, and II-hwan mentions Bong-seok even though she never revealed her son’s name. She asks how II-hwan knew her identity, and he remains silent. 

The scene cuts to Ki-soo smoking in one of the school toilets. Sung-wook is about to find him when he is distracted by Ju-won. Ju-won asks to speak to the homeroom teacher, and Sung-wook tells him no other teacher is around. Ju-won asks to take a look around. At first, Sung-wook is hesitant but finally agrees. Sung-wook heads to the principal’s office and watches Ju-won from the surveillance cameras. 

Ju-won walks to the gym and starts inspecting it. He is curious about the accident; he spots the surveillance camera and stops.  In the interim, II-hwan lies to Mi-hyun about seeing her on Bong-seok’s social media account. He says he has shown more interest in Bong-seok because he comes from a single-parent family unit.

Mi-hyun thanks him and asks when he started teaching. Once again, II-hwan remains silent. Sung-wook is also listening in to this conversation and briefly loses sight of Ju-won. Ju-won is aware that someone is listening in; he approaches the camera and directly asks who is on the other side. Sung-wook is taken aback.

Outside the school, three North Korean men plan on stealing the files for the students with superpowers. They have also been ordered to kill everyone involved in training the kids, who they call the gifted. They have no qualms about killing the adults but are unsure about what to do with the kids. They soon get a call asking them to use the back door to gain access to the school. 

On the bus, Gye-do notices Joon-hwa is about to alight the bus at the same time as Bong-seok and Hui-soo. He realises they are in danger and swings into action. He ends the service and refuses to stop the bus. He starts driving faster as he keeps his eyes on Joon-hwa. There are several instances when he is about to cause a serious accident but somehow doesn’t. As the people panic, Joon-hwa starts to elevate as he watches Gye-do.

The Episode Review

Moving ended on a cliffhanger for the first time, and we are at the edge of our seats. This episode returned our attention to the present time, and although we are done with the parent’s story, now we get to see what they will do to save their kids. The stakes are amped so high, and we have at least four assassins on the loose. Did you notice that Park Chan-Il was one of the men waiting outside the school? Will he run into Ju-won? What will Mi-hyun do? She clearly sensed someone was listening in!

On the other hand, we are grateful that Gye-do survived his fight with Frank. We thought he was a goner, but a hero never truly dies. He shows up just in time to save Bong-seok and Hui-soo. Will he manage to bring the people on the bus to safety? Given that Joon-hwa can fly and Park Chan-Il has super strength, we can assume all assassins have superpowers. This means more epic fights are bound to come our way. Who will survive, and will we be mourning a beloved character next week?

As things go haywire around the students, we can’t help but wonder – what happened to Doo-sik? We still have no idea what Yong-jun did to our man. Will he show up to save his son? 

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