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Moving episode 12 takes us back to 1992 when Doo-sik and Ju-won still worked for ANSP. This time, they had a mission in Russia, and Doo-sik flew them there. As expected, Ju-won was still not used to flying with Doo-sik. It’s funny watching him scream his lungs out though; he knows he is indestructible, right?  

Their mission was to rescue a North Korean man named Dr. Kang, whom the Russians had kidnapped. The Russians wanted Dr. Kang to give them a specific password, but he refused. When Ju-won and Doo-sik arrived to save him, he was about to be killed. Like always, they worked together and finished the mission successfully. Unfortunately, Doo-sik could only fly one of them, and Ju-won was left behind to find his way back. 

Flash forward to 1993; the pair is on another mission in Hong Kong. The mission is successful, but Ju-won has a problem removing a bullet from his arm. He tells Doo-sik that he has to take out bullets immediately, or it leaves a scar. Doo-sik helps him with his pocket knife, a heirloom from his dad, to carve out the bullet.

We then circle back to 1994, on the night Kim Doo-sik was arrested for allegedly betraying ANSP and going against protocol in his mission in North Korea. Yong-jun had already given Mi-hyun orders to help capture Doo-sik alive. He used her sick dad to threaten her into submission, and she had no choice but to cooperate. 

On that fateful night, Doo-sik was captured and brought to the ANSP headquarters. Yong-jun planned on questioning him to find out what happened in North Korea. Of course, Ju-won was there and wanted to stand by his partner, but Doo-sik sent him to get coffee instead. There, he met Mi-hyun, who was also anxious. She gives him Doo-sik’s pocket knife and says nothing.

Do-sik had just been arrested from her house, and he had asked her to act like she had betrayed him. His main concern was to protect Mi-hyun even in this uncertain moment. Mi-hyun then grabbed his gun and helped the officers take him in. While Doo-sik was brought for questioning, he gave Ju-won a signal by sending him to the coffee stand by saying,” Like we always do.”

As Mi-hyun and Ju-won worry about Doo-sik’s arrest, Jong-yun starts his interrogation of Doo-sik. Doo-sik insists nothing could have changed the outcome of the mission. Yong-jun demands to be given a full report, and Doo-sik requests to report to the Blue House. He is aware that Yong-jun didn’t follow protocol when appointing him for the mission.

Yong-jun takes this as an indication that Doo-sik is willing to betray ANSP. However, Doo-sik clarifies that he was the one whom the agency betrayed. 

He promises he will deal with Mi-hyun and immediately launches an attack on Yong-jun. He takes out his guards and flies with him out of the window. Outside, the officers stand on guard, shining their lights on Doo-sik and Yong-jun. Young-jun orders them not to shoot since he fears getting hit. Everyone, including Ju-won and Mi-hyun, watch with bated breath to see what will happen next. 

Mi-hyun is aware that he is trying to prove her betrayal hurt him. He returned to save her from the prison Yong-jun had put her in. He wanted to make sure no one went after her once he disappeared. Doo-sik calls out her name before shooting at her. However, Ju-won remembers the signal given by Doo-sik in the elevator. He gets shot in her stead, and Doo-sik flies off with Yong-jun. 

Yong-jun is later found near the Blue House, and an investigation is launched into what happened in ANSP.  Yong-jun couldn’t fully explain the incident and was demoted. A few years later, ANSP was shut down. This set Mi-hyun free; her father soon died, and she became more lonely after his burial. 

She hoped Doo-sik would return and find her. She got a new government job but kept looking at the sky, waiting for Doo-sik to return. Days gave way to months, and she never gave up hope. She continued with her life, thinking it was only a matter of time until he came to her.

One snowy evening, Doo-sik come to her to fulfil his promise to show her how beautiful the sky is when it snows. Mi-hyun was happy to have him back in his life. They soon settled in a remote area and became apple farmers. During this time, Bong-seok was convinced, and they led a quiet life. 

They soon discovered that Bong-seok took after his dad and started fly-proofing the house. They were aware that  Jong-yun was still looking for Doo-sik and tried to live off-grid as much as they could. One day, Bong-seok flew away while his parents were working on the farm. Mi-hyun was hysterical, and Doo-sik later found him flying in the clouds. This is the recurring dream Bong-seok has even in his teenage years.

Mi-hyun was scared that Jong-yun had taken Bong-seok and was relieved when  Doo-sik brough him back. It was the first time Doo-sik saw her so scared, and he swore to protect them.  They talked about moving to the outskirts of Seoul and opening a Donkatsu restaurant once Bong-seok grows older and made plans for the future.

In the meantime, Yong-jun managed to rise to the ranks again. He was given a job at the National Intelligence Services and started working on getting the old gang together. He hired new talents, such as Sang-jin, Young-seok and Sung-hwa.  With the help of Principal Jo Rae-hyuk, the team closes in on Doo-sik and Mi-hyun. 

Doo-sik offers to distract the agents, allowing Mi-hyun to escape with their son. He makes her promise never to reveal Bong-seok’s powers to Jong-yun. He gives her hope, telling her he will meet them soon. The plan works, and Mi-hyun gets away while Doo-sik is arrested. Mi-hyun follows the plan and moves to the outskirts of Seoul, but she is unaware that Principal Jo Rae-hyuk is watching her from afar.

The Episode Review

The more we learn about the parents, the sadder the story gets. They fought so hard to live away from Yong-jun and the agency, but somehow, they never truly escaped. However, we are happy we got to see more of Doo-sik and Mi-hyun’s relationship. They really loved each other and were happy together until Jong-yun interfered again. 

We also learn more about the relationship between Doo-sik and Ju-won. They were loyal and willing to protect each other, whatever the cost. They understood each other, and that is what made them a good team. This is why Doo-sik trusted Ju-won to protect Mi-hyun and take the bullet in her stead.  Mi-hyun giving Ju-won the pocket knife was the symbol of his trust and a message to his partner. In some ways, it is also Doo-sik’s final goodbye to his beloved friend and partner.

We also know why Principal Jo Rae-hyuk is never at school. That is his side hustle; his real job is tracking people with powers for Jong-yun. Does he have abilities as well? 

Lastly, isn’t young Bong-seok so cute? In some ways, he has not changed; he is still adorable and flies every time he gets excited!

As we move on to the next episode, we can’t help but wonder what awaits Doo-sik after his arrest . Why did he never return?

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