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Moving Episode 11 is still focused on the events of 1990 that shaped Ju-wons’s life. After admitting he was lost, Ji-hee drives him back to the motel. There, Ju-won spends his time reading or mindlessly watching wrestling shows on TV. 

One late night, he finally decides to order coffee from the Umji cafe. This is unusual, and even the motel owner is shocked. Ju-won gets ready to welcome Ji-hee, but she doesn’t show up. He tries three times until he finally gets her. The other coffee ladies are shocked by his demeanour since he didn’t ask to sleep with them. 

Once Ji-hee arrives, she serves him his fourth cup of coffee. She is wary of him after seeing that three other ladies were there before her. He turns out to be different from what she thought. He tells her about his love for martial arts books, which he classifies as romance books. He loves them because the good guys win in the end. He later asks to get a ticket but insists he doesn’t want sex. He only wants to spend more time with Ji-hee. 

Ji-hee turns him down and takes the coffee payment only. She later tells her boss he is the kind of sappy man that she hates; the men who preach romance but ultimately just want intimacy. Her boss tells her she might be wrong since Ju-won is very different from the other ladies.

Elsewhere, Min-ki is hunting for Ju-won. Batta believes it is only a matter of time before they get him. He thinks it will be easy because Ju-won is a lone wolf. However, Min-ki asks him to stop underestimating Ju-won. 

Speaking of Ju-won, he continues to call Umji Cafe for coffee. The boss is aware that he calls for Ji-hee and only sends her. Ju-won and Ji-hee continue getting close. Each day, Ji-hee is surprised by his thoughtfulness. As days go by, Ju-won runs out of money. He starts running behind on his rent but promises to pay his tab soon. 

One day, Ji-hee gets into trouble after the men in room 403 try to rape her. She screams for help and does her best to save herself. She even breaks a bottle and threatens to kill her aggressors. Ju-won hears her cry for help and breaks the wall down to help her. He gives the men a good beating, and the motel owner helps him lock them in the storage room. 

She is shaken to her core after seeing what Ju-won did to those men. Ju-won promises to clean things and leave soon after paying her. He calls the cafe to check in on Ji-hee and is informed she is getting treatment at the hospital. He asks for Ji-hee’s full name and promises to wait for her call. 

As he waits for her call, one of the men he beat up sneaks out through the window. He goes to get his brother, who is a mafia leader. The dude shows up with a whole gang, ready to avenge his despicable young brother.

Ju-won proceeds to give the gang a beating of a lifetime. We must warn you these scenes are not for the weak-hearted! The number of times Ju-won is stabbed is record-breaking, to say the least. However, he survives thanks to his regenerating abilities.

On his way out, Batta and his gang show up. It turns out that word about Ju-won’s hiding spot got to Min-ki. Min-ki has brought at least 100 armed men to kill Ju-won. Ju-won jumps out of the window, dressed in Batta’s jacket. He sees Min-ki in the car and throws a bat through the window. Sadly, it misses Min-ki by mere inches.

Ju-won is about to walk to the car and finish the job when Min-ki summons his men outside, and they chase after Ju-won. Interestingly, Yong-jun is present to witness Ju-won’s ability; he wants Min-ki’s men to push Ju-won to the edge to see what he is made of. Yong-jun’s manipulative nature never ceases to amaze us . What a fiendish man he is!

Of course, Yong-jun is enjoying the drama as it unfolds. He orders Doo-sik to oversee the operation. He clearly doesn’t care whether Ju-won is a good person. He only wants to use him for the “monster” he is.  He also orders Doo-sik only to watch and not to interfere. He argues that Ju-won should die if he is not a monster.

On the other hand, Ji-hee returns from the hospital and tries to call Ju-won. As expected, he cannot pick up, given he is busy fighting over 100 men. Yong-jun has also closed off the roads to the area, and the police are everywhere. Min-ki gets a bad feeling, so she drives to the motel. She manages to get past the police barricade thanks to her bike.

She coincidentally runs into Ju-won, who is being chased by a car. The car has hit him multiple times, but he still survives. He keeps running, but the gangsters and police are everywhere. Ji-hee offers him a ride on her bike and they are about to make their sweet escape. 

Ju-won admits that he is being chased because of his past. He says he is not a good guy and is in hiding. Ji-hee blames herself for him being caught. He tries to let go of Ji-hee, but she pulls him closer and says he must have had a reason. As they drive, they get hit by a car which comes out of nowhere. This time, Ju-won does his best to save Ji-hee.

He drives the car off the road in order to protect Ji-hee, who passes out on the road from the impact of the accident. The vehicle falls on top of him, and he is too weak to lift it off. This is when the coward Min-ki decides to show up. Ju-won listens to him vent about how things were hard for him. Ju-won only says he can’t find his way. He may mean finding his way back to Ji-hee. He could also be implying a way to correct his wrongs. Min-ki is about to finish Ju-won off when Doo-sik intervenes and shoots him from the sky.

Later, Ji-hee is taken to the hospital, where she recovers. She shares her story with a fellow patient.

Six months later, Yong-jun introduces Ju-won and Doo-sik to each other. Ju-won is done with his training and looking forward to serving his country with his powers. There is a catch, though: he has to drop his accent, and he can be charged with murder if he leaves the National Security Planning agency.

Yong-jun is adamant that he is no longer a gangster and will always be supervised by Doo-sik. Yong-jun gives him the code name Guryongpo and insists they shouldn’t know each other’s name. They must also use the ranks within the agency. However, Doo-sik puts away the formalities and reveals his name. Yong-jun is not pleased, but what can he do? 

The episode ends with Ju-won visiting Ji-hee at the cafe shop. They catch up since it has been a while since they saw each other. He admits he is still bad at directions but manages to find his way to her. How romantic!

The Episode Review

This time, we sunk our teeth into Ju-won’s story, which is heartbreaking. Why are these writers putting us through the wringer?  In essence, Ju-won is a man who has lived his life trying to use his power to protect the people he holds close to his heart. Unfortunately, they betrayed him and caused him a lot of pain. 

He finds hope again through Ji-hee, a beautiful woman with scars of her own. It is a beautiful love story of two people who want to do better.  They don’t judge but simply embrace each other for who they are. Hui-soo took her mother’s warm-hearted nature. It is a pity she didn’t live to see the amazing woman her daughter grew up to be. 

As for Yong-jun, we can only figure out his intentions at the end. We still don’t know why he brought Ju-won to the agency. Trust and believe he has a twisted goal in his every move. This has to do with more than National Security. He always has an ulterior motive behind those glasses and diabolical smile!

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